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Prime Big Deal Days 2023.

By: Jen Shoop

An early morning post because Amazon is running a “Big Deal Day” promotion today and tomorrow, with some deals highly anticipated to sell out (especially this Philips Air Fryer — Amazon is limiting one purchase per household). Magpies, I spent a lot of time trying to sleuth out what would be included ahead of launch, but Amazon made it a wee bit difficult to discern exactly what would be on sale, and on which day — and it is generally challenging to navigate their sale promotions. Still, I persisted, hoping to identify the best deals for us in advance, and am sharing some amazing finds that I am 90% confident will be included below. The Picasso Tiles seen above are a no-brainer. Buy a few sets to keep as gift back-ups / to surprise your children with on a rainy day. (You can always use expansion packs! These are compatible with Magnatiles, FYI!) The other gift I wanted to mention (not seen in collage below) are Squishmallows. My daughter and her little friends adore these compulsively huggable stuffies — they’ve become quite the hot gift among girls her age. I am hoping to buy one or two for the gift closet, too. I believe the otter and possum will be discounted.

I’ll check back here later today to update, and will also keep all my favorite finds in this Amazon List for easy finding.

amazon big deal day finds 2023

01. SHOKZ OPEN RUN PRO HEADPHONES — A few Magpies recommended these bone conduction headphones as a better way to listen to music without totally blotting out the noise around you (safer!). I’ve had these in my Amazon wishlist for months now, as my *very old* running headphones are on their last legs. (The sound quality on those badboys is terrible, too.) Thinking I’ll snag a set of these for myself as a part of Big Deal day. These would also make a great gift if you have a parent/sibling/significant other who runs outdoors.

02. BOSE NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES — I want a pair of these so badly! I find my ears bother me if I have my AirPods in for a long time, and yet I’m easily distracted by noise and need virtual silence when I’m writing seriously. My parents, who are avid travelers, also swear by these for flights/trains. Color me tempted…

03. ELEMIS CLEANSING BALM — Such a luxurious way to end your day. Removes all makeup and something about using a warm wash cloth to do so feels deeply comforting and peaceful. I loved this so much, I gifted one to my mother! I find we both use it as a “special luxury wind down” product versus an every night of the week makeup remover.

04. LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO — I just wrote a veritable sonnet extolling the virtues of this incredible dry shampoo. It’s the only I’ve used that actually prolongs a blowout. In this case, Prime has made the jumbo size (9.9 oz) the same price as the regular size (5.5 oz). Stocking up while on sale!

06. CHILDREN’S CROCS — A good time to buy for the spring/summer season ahead. Mini was just begging me for a new pair (her heels are hanging off the back of her summer pair), but I said we’d need to wait until warmer weather — it seems foolish to buy a pair now! — and yet she might just get her wish with this promotion.

06. PICASSO TILES — A classic gift. My children play with these constantly. We mix and match sets from different brands — these are totally compatible with Magnatiles!

07. BENTGO LUNCHBOX — Have heard such good things about this brand. I love the slim silhouette and compartment arrangement.

08. PHILIPS AIR FRYER — One of my girlfriends was just raving about her air fryer. She said it totally changed the game with reheating leftovers, serving children’s chicken nuggets / fries. This one is such a good deal (over 50% off) and from a reputable electronics company. A good gadgety gift for your tech/gear/cooking/grill guy. I anticipate this will be a highly sought after deal because they’ve already restricted purchases to one per household.

09. HOT TOOLZ CURLING IRONS — These are the absolute best. I have these in several barrel widths that I bought before I was married and am still using to this day. They conduct heat really well and hold up beautifully. I use the 1″ and 1.5″ widths the most frequently.

10. RIBBED TURTLENECK SWEATER — Great to throw on over leggings for casual Saturday / soccer mom / etc.

11. MARSHALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER — A non-ugly speaker for your audiophile! Another handsome gift.

12. SOJOS SUNGLASSES — A friend of mine calls these “car sunglasses,” meaning she leaves them in her glovebox for sunny days and doesn’t fret about losing / crushing / leaving her fancy ones in the car / etc. Such a good everyday shape — and they’re unisex so your husband can borrow if he’s in a pinch behind the wheel, too.

13. NIPPIES — An absolute must-have for summer / swimwear / formal occasion wear with weird straps. Could not live without these and fashion tape!

14. BECKHAM COLLECTION SLEEPING PILLOWS — I’m a broken record at this point, but these are our favorite inexpensive sleeping pillows. We use in children’s rooms, guest rooms, etc!

15. APPLE AIRPODS PROThe time to buy them if you need them! I use them daily for walking the dog and any phone calls I take. Love being hands-free so I can take notes or doodle or walk around my room.

16. IT COSMETICS SUPERHERO MASCARA — One of my favorites, alongside Giorgio Armani and Ilia. Gives a really great, inky lash line.

17. COLORFULKOALA LEGGINGS — My absolute favorite “inexpensive” leggings. Great for rainy days, running around with kids, etc. Supremely comfortable (closer to Aligns than most other brands I’ve tried). I own in five colors.

P.S. My favorite fall fitness gear.

P.P.S. Getting in the mood for fall.

P.P.P.S. Nocturnes.

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2 thoughts on “Prime Big Deal Days 2023.

  1. I recently bought the “advanced” dry shampoo version of that Living Proof shampoo and it’s really great, though I still can’t really figure out what the difference between the two is…I guess the one you linked is supposed to give more texture while the one I bought is supposed to be more neutral in the texturizing department? Either way, I’m impressed, I just wish it was cheaper because I’ve literally been using Johnson and Johnson baby powder for years and the price difference is harder to swallow.

    1. I totally get that – I felt that way after switching from Pantene Pro V (which I still maintain is an excellent drugstore shampoo/conditioner) to pricier brands. The price change was shocking. Same with floss – switching to Cocofloss felt like a sin but it REALLY makes a difference. Anyway,I totally get the price shock.

      Interesting re: advanced formula. Good to know it works just as well!


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