The Only Margarita Recipe You’ll Ever Need.

By: Jen Shoop

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It’s a bold headline, but I’m willing to risk my reputation on this: below, the only margarita recipe you’ll ever need. I think this at-home marg is better than about 90% of the margs you’ll find out on the town, and at least in the same register as the elite, top 10% percentile. I’ve had friends write to me out of the blue saying “just thinking about one of your margs,” and once, we had friends over for a taco dinner, and one of them asked me to demonstrate how to make it twice in a row, mainly because he wanted seconds, and then thirds.

Magpie Margarita

2 oz blanco tequila (I like G4, but Espolon is another favorite, and less expensive — has a vegetal pepperiness I like)

3/4 oz Cointreau

1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice (non-negotiable, must be fresh squeezed; for best results, strain the lime juice through a fine mesh sieve to remove all pulp)

1/4 oz agave (I go a hair over the 1/4 oz line when measuring because it’s difficult to get every last drip of agave out of the jigger)

1/8 cup salt mixed with a pinch of sugar

Pour the salt-sugar mixture onto a small, flat plate. While squeezing the limes, reserve one juiced lime and rub it around the rim of your rocks glasses. Then invert the glass onto the salt-sugar plate to rim it. Fill with ice and place glasses in the freezer.

Pour tequila, cointreau, lime juice, and agave into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously for 13-15 seconds. The shaker should be frosty on the outside, and your hands should be very cold. Strain into frosted, salt-rimmed glasses.


*Note: A standard set of cocktail tins can easily make these in batches of two at a time. Just double all ingredients. I shared all my favorite cocktail gear here, but we like the weighted cocktail tins from Koriko (large, small); the angled jigger from OXO; and the OXO strainer.

**Above, I’m serving our margaritas in Half Past Seven’s starry night rocks glasses. They just released in a bunch of fun colors. These are the perfect marg class IMO — I love the heft and the thick lip!


+More great cocktail recipes here, here, here, here.

+Kitchen gadgets and gizmos we love.

+The stove works for you, and other lessons learned from cooking and entertaining.

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+Metier’s tote bags are beyond gorgeous, and so unexpected. I’ve never seen one “out in the wild”!

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7 thoughts on “The Only Margarita Recipe You’ll Ever Need.

  1. So much to add here! First: don’t sleep on Dolce Vita for affordable, comfortable, and still trend-adjacent styles! I wore a pair of platforms from them for our wedding earlier this month (!) and they lasted all night with NO pain! The best part is that they were literally $75 from a small boutique in Alabama! The best EVER. I was so amused that my shoes were nearly $1K less than my husband’s wedding shoes

    Also — bike shorts! I love these (my main form of exercise is cycling) and my all-time favorites are from Beyond Yoga in their classic spacedye fabric. I love the softness of the fabric and while they are not proper compression shorts by any means, I like the feel of them more than my Aligns (though I also have found it tough to nail my size in the Aligns — I think I need to size down for the best fit.) I also have 3 pairs from Outdoor Voices in a spacedye fabric they probably don’t make anymore (I think I got mine in 2017 or so.)

    Finally! LOVE Crown Affair’s dry shampoo, which I originally picked for the format (I avoid aerosols because I travel so much and find that the powder format is much more easy for air travel.) I have the OG option which doesn’t have a cover for the powder — it’s a bit annoying because SO much product gets into the brush, and I feel like I’m wasting it — but I believe they have addressed this with recent batches of stock! Def worth a try if you want to test after Vegamour 🙂


    1. Oo thanks for all of these upvotes and detailed reviews! Definitely want to try Crown Affair next 🙂


  2. Totally agree – most margaritas out are just not worth it, and they’re pricey! The best I’ve had out in DC and am willing to pay for are at Amparo Fondita and Republic Cantina. Otherwise we make them at home!

    1. Agree, especially since they aren’t particularly complex to make and don’t require special infusions / difficult-to-procure ingredients!


  3. I love a margarita on a warm evening! Do any Magpies have recs for a good nonalcoholic tequila (or whiskey)?

    1. I haven’t ever used them at home, but I’ve had excellent mocktails at bars that used the brand Lyre’s. I think they make a tequila-ish NA spirit.

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