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Eyeing + Buying: May Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

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A digest of cheerful items I am in love with at the moment —

01. Thanks to Khaite, woven circle bags have been very popular the past season or two, and I couldn’t resist this cute pink one, seen above with a Julia Amory pareo worn as a skirt (and the matching husband shirt tucked in).

02. Stanley pint cups! Especially love the pink stripe and citron yellow. Great for summer / outdoor / pool. I was chatting with a Magpie about how these would be a cute end of year teacher gift with those vinyl stickers to personalize, and a gift card tucked inside.

03. I just ordered a few different weights and resistance bands for a new at-home fitness series by Heather Robertson I’ve started. I’ll share more thoughts after I’ve made more progress on it, but I really like the pace and approach. She doesn’t speak through the workout — she’s doing it live, too! — and instead has quick-paced music, a progress bar on the right hand side so you know how far you are, beeps and countdowns to let you know when you’re getting ready to transition to a new move, and icons so you know whether you need light/medium/heavy weights (and other equipment). It’s hard to get bored, as the videos move quickly and there’s a new video for each day of the challenge. I also ordered a new Beyond Yoga set (this bra, these leggings) as a treat to myself once I’d made it through three consecutive days.

04. Julia Berolzheimer just launched a beautiful collab with jewelry/accessory brand Jennifer Behr, and I’m obsessed with these earrings!

05. This hiking fleece is in my cart for our Colorado trip. On sale!

06. This mini dress from Alemais is also in my cart. So fun and unexpected. A Palm Royale vibe?

07. I am loving the parfait stripe pieces from Thierry Colson and Zimmermann!

08. The chicest tennis dress, on sale.

09. I can’t believe the price tag on this lamp. It’s in my cart for my daughter’s dresser.

10. I just placed an order from Minnow for my children, but now I’m back eyeing this swimsuit for myself.

11. The Loewe flows in the punchiest new color!

12. Absolutely hooked on this rosewater spray. I use it morning, afternoon, and night! Morning to prime and then set makeup; afternoon as a little refresh; evening as the penultimate skincare step before a moisturizer.

13. Worn these sandals all week long.

14. Next up in my reading queue. A perfect aperitif-read before summer. After that: something heavier, the heavily hyped and Pulitzer-nominated James. (People have been likening it to Demon Copperhead, and you know how I feel about that book.)

15. White teeth for summer! I do love this brand. I’ve used on and off for several years. They are the only ones that don’t make my teeth hurt.

16. Mr. Magpie bought me this recipe book because I love smoothies but can’t seem to get my act together about making them at home, and we’re determined to get into a rhythm this summer. A smoothie is my ideal breakfast most days. Anyway, I bought these glass straws for the smoothie habit, and I now drink my water out of them, too, and what is it about them that just makes water taste better?

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