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My Minnow Order + Other Recent Children’s Buys/Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the links below, I may receive compensation. Above: my son enjoying a picnic lunch on the Weezie x Katie Ridder picnic blanket.

I just placed a big order for my children at Minnow. We’re going to a casual Derby party with them on Saturday and I thought this terry shorts and polo set would be cute for my son, and either this terry set or this terry dress would be perfect for my girl (I’ll let her pick which she’d prefer). Regardless of what they pick, I know all of these items will be heavily worn this summer. I’d also been eyeing these pink stripe boardies for weeks and added them to the order. Honestly, I wanted one of everything for my kids this summer! They have the best patterns, fabrics, and wearable pieces — they somehow please both my children and


My son is beginning to read! Such an exciting time. He loves when I point to a word while I’m reading to him at bedtime and invite him to sound it out. I usually pick three or four letter words that are easy to sound out phonetically, and he nails them and beams with pride! I placed a big order of first reader books for him — some Mercer Mayer, some of these award-winning fox books, some of the Biscuit series, and a box set of Pete the Cat. Last night, I went into his room after his lights were out to replace his water bottle with a fresh one, and he had two of them laid on his pillow, and was sitting there sounding out the words in one. He looked up at me in alarm, knowing it was “past his bedtime.” Of course I reassured him he can and should read! I was ecstatic. How special to welcome someone I love into my favorite lifetime hobby. I immediately ordered him one of these little book lights, which my daughter also has and uses heavily each night before bed. They are rechargeable and easy to use but difficult to break. I like that this enables them to read a bit before bed without running the risk of falling asleep with the overhead lights on, or needing to rouse to get out of bed and switch them off.

(By the way, my favorite bedtime books here, and great books for early readers here.)

I feel like I mention this every few weeks and then make no decisions/progress, but we’re still planning to order some furniture for my children’s rooms. They currently have a hodge podge of pieces we’ve inherited or bought for different rooms that don’t necessarily go together but get the job done. It’s been totally fine for the past few years but I’d love to replace or upgrade some of their pieces. My daughter specifically needs a desk now that she has nightly homework. She often does it downstairs, which I like, too, as we can keep an eye on her work and be present for questions, but I know it’d be nice for her to have a dedicated space. I like this one (I would probably replace the knobs with something else), this one, and this one. I’m interested in something simple that won’t look too babyish as she grows up. I also found this cute lamp for her dresser, and think this linen side table in sage or cream would be cute. I also keep coming back to this spindle bed for my son’s room. I love the look!

Switching gears, my daughter’s little sports outfit from Azarhia arrived (I got her some of these Lilly Pulitzer-esque shorts and a tank) and she lost her mind with excitement and has promptly worn it three days in a row. How cute are these bow shorts, these rose shorts, and this skort?!

Last but not least, mentioned this in passing elsewhere, but Macy’s is currently offering 30% off RL classics for kids, including their iconic oxfords (I ordered in the stripe and the white), polos (in good colors!), and twill shorts. My son has worn these items heavily in his five years! Great time to get them on sale. And for the itty bitty kids: these cable-knit cardigans are such a great staple, and make a great baby gift, too. You always need a cardigan!

P.S. My son and his jupiter-sized heart.

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