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Finds for Mr. Magpies.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. This new mens skincare line caught my attention (the founder started it after surviving cancer and looking for cleaner options for himself!). I’m always looking for new men-focused skincare options. Recently, Mr. Magpie has been using this face mask. We both apply at night before bed and think we wake up with the brightest, happiest skin. Historically, he’s been a wash-face-brush-teeth-and-get-into-bed guy, but I’ve got him hooked on this new routine.

02. I’m ordering Mr. Magpie a few new pairs of his favorite Rhone golf shorts — they’re marketed as “lifestyle shorts” but these are a performance-y material, and he prefers them for golf. I like the 7″ length. While we’re talking golf: a half-zip in a great color and my favorite brand of golf polo on Mr. Magpie (really nice material and good, lean fit — plus sophisticated stripes/patterns). I’m eyeing this red/blue/white stripe for him. We’ve also been adding to his head cover collection. He has a few from Stitch and Smathers & Branson.

03. Mr. Magpie recently bought us this collapsible Thule trunk organizer. Per usual, he did lots of research on options and even measured standard shopping bags to make sure his pick would accommodate our needs. Surprisingly, some of the cheaper options are not well-designed — have weird dividers or dimensions that do not work well with a standard Whole Foods style paper bag. Anyway, we’re both obsessed with the organizer. It’s sturdy and keeps everything in place. I literally sent him this text this week. Are we losers or what?! Haha!

04. I mentioned this over the weekend, but picked up a few things for Mr. Magpie from Sezane, seen above! My exact order here.

05. Mr. Magpie loves these terry cloth polos in the summer. He owns in navy and white and they’re perfect for throwing on with swim trunks when going to/from pool. Love the striped option, too.

06. For weeked wear, he also really likes the Weekend Short from Todd Snyder. He has a few pairs, including one in a lightweight cord material that he likes. If those are a bit too leggy for your man, you might consider these from Faherty (6.5″).

07. A very handsome loafer. Love the logo-less-ness and clean lines.

08. If your gent is into cocktails, I found this cool company that sells fancy ice. Ice really does make a difference — the shape, the quality — if you’re serious about cocktailing! TBH, if anyone served juleps for the Derby, you know how annoying it is to hand-crush ice (we use a Viski Lewis bag, but it’s hard work if you’re doing more than two cocktails), and very few of us have pebble ice machines (#goals)…but that ice is kind of essential to the outcome of a good julep. You can buy bags of pebble ice, too. Filing that idea away for any future Derby or Tiki-centric parties.

09. Mr. Magpie absolutely swears by this deodorant. He speaks in exclamation points about it. A tube lasts a very long time, and it does not have that overpowering drug store scent. It can be weirdly hard to find, going in and out of stock, so he always buys in multiples.

10. Mr. Magpie bought himself and his father these crab-emblazoned “grandpa hats” from Duck Camp. Both are blue crab enthusiasts! I also like the lived-in, outdoorsy vibe of this Tom Beckbe hat, and I recently had custom hats ordered from here for Lan and I that read MAGPIE BIRDING CLUB on the front. You can have this company embroider anything you want on a hat! One of my friends recently had something sweet embroidered on a hat for her dad — I think it was “John’s Home Improvement Crew, Est. 1985” — as she and her Dad do a lot of home repair projects together. Cute idea for father’s day.

11. Topo Chico in glass bottles. Mr. Magpie loses his mind over this. Everyone loves the big fizziness of Topo Chico, but it’s extra dynamic and delicious out of a long-neck glass bottle.

12. Mr. Magpie keeps Supergoop sunscreen in his golf bag, and he constantly raves about it — it goes on so smoothly and invisibly, and it really provides coverage in spite of these qualities.

P.S. That time he handed me an envelope containing the universe.

P.P.S. Falling in love with Mr. Magpie at UVA.

P.P.P.S. A recent love note to Mr. Magpie: “I love the way you echo through my daily chores and counterspaces.”

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