By: Jen Shoop

In the wee small hours, when there are tiny voices at our door,

or I am twisting the bedsheets with anxious thoughts,

you are there,

as predictable as the moon.

When our son was a few days old,

everything hurt in the middle of the night: the garish light from the bedside lamp,

the incision stinging across my belly, my aching arms and breasts,

my heart, stretched and misshapen,

and I remember looking out the window of our Manhattan apartment, and noticing the lit squares of a handful of windows in the building across our caliginous courtyard,

and I wrote stories into those midnight sills,

of other parents, rocking their own babies, in the still of the night.

When I was febrile and weak that March of 2020,

sweating and convulsing in our bed, begging for daybreak, and fever-break, and a break from the pandemic,

our airedale leapt onto the bed and curled her body against mine,

her chocolate drop eyes seeking nothing in exchange for her company,

and I thought how impossible the night can be,

without these twilight talismans.


+The whole sky is yours.

+3 a.m. parties. (Not what you think!)

+On the female friendships of my youth.

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Shopping Break.

+Wow. I am obsessed with this coat from Sezane.

+This brand makes the BEST puzzles — we love to set out a puzzle in the cooler weather months, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas — and I just bought this one for the fall season. These also make pretty gifts!

+Lululemon Aligns, restocked in fresh colors for fall! They also brought back their wildly popular sherpa belt bags, although I got the look for less last season with this $20 Amazon score. I love it! Will wear a lot this season, too. Great for walks with girlfriends / casual athleisure moments.

+Cooler weather calls for a new mug for morning coffee. Love these from TB and these from Juliska.

+I know many people are devoted to Nili Lotan’s Shon pant — if you want the look for a little less, try Velvet’s Brylie pants. They already sold out at Saks and Shopbop but are still available on Velvet’s site. I think I’m going to order to try!

+Also contemplating ordering these cords and these.

+Ordered this oversized tunic sweatshirt in brown!

+This sherpa zip-up for kids is currently under $20.

+These baskets remind me (in shape) of my beloved beachcomber baskets but cost much, much less. Good for toys!

+True Celine vibes for $200.

+These coupes spark joy.

+Gorgeous dress from Tuckernuck.

+I’ve been looking for a reading arm chair for my son’s room. It’s tricky because I know he will destroy it so I don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Currently contemplating this one from The Inside. Does anyone have any other recs?

+Such a cheerful cardigan.

+Indulging my inner boho.

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8 thoughts on “Nocturnes.

  1. Ooh, will be curious to hear what you think of the Velvet Brylies! I bought a pair at a ridiculous (and final sale) discount this summer, after having my eye on them for months, and I am not 100% sure if I love them. I wanted something more horseshoe-y (more exaggerated, like the Nili Lotan Shons!) and the Brylies are a little more conservative in how they fit, at least for me. They just look like relaxed chinos! I think it might be the inseam length, which is full-length on me — I might try to hem them to ankle-length and see if that helps.

    Have to endorse Nili Lotan overall, though — I have a few pairs of her pants and I LOVE THEM. I find her prices a bit higher than what I am normally comfortable to spend on a pair of pants, but I’ve had good luck finding deals on the Outnet and Shopbop. I also found a pair of my favorite Nili silhouette in my size at a consignment store in LA for $28! Such an epic score; my cost-per-wear on those pants is practically nothing!


    1. Hi MK! Stay tuned…I do review the Nili Lotan Shons in a post a few days after this one and they run tall and long and big — better for taller Magpies, IMO. But I can totally get the hype. They have a great, just-dramatic-enough shape that is surprisingly slimming on the leg? So fun. I didn’t try the Brylies yet. Honestly I have been getting so much wear out of my Joe’s Jeans wide-legs (Cleo is the name of the style) that I don’t know I need another utility pant??

      PS What an EPIC consignment store win!!!


      1. Ahhh thank you! I’ll look forward to hearing your take on the Shons. You know I read every post in order (but slowly!)


  2. Coley Home has some good reading chair options (and quick delivery.) I think something in a performance fabric would hold up well to a small child.

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