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My Favorite Sweaters for Fall.

By: Jen Shoop

+KILTE MARLEE CARDIGAN. ($50 off if you sign up for emails.) I love the punchy color and melange yarn, which you can see close-up in the above snap. It’s a wool blend but far less itchy than most of my other wool pieces — I can even wear it with a short-sleeved tee beneath without it bothering me. When I’m in my studio, my favorite/go-to everyday uniform is jeans, a tee, and a cardigan, and this one has come into heavy rotation because the color is an instant mood elevator — this look is basically what I’m wearing most days at my desk. I took a size 1. I love their entire autumn collection, especially this marigold pullover. Wearing above with my most-worn everyday jeans, the Riley crops and the best $15 tee. I bought this a size up from my true size and they’ve really stretched out. I think I’m going to buy a second pair in my true size and just wear them in, because now these are a tad baggy. Just FYI!

+QUINCE MONGOLIAN CASHMERE FISHERMAN SWEATER. Probably my most-worn sweater so far this season? I actually really liked pairing it with tone-on-tone brown leggings for soccer mom duties recently — it made me realize I’m not a head-to-toe athleisure kind of girl. I always need something to be more “everyday dressing,” e.g. a sweater instead of a sweatshirt, a denim overshirt instead of a jacket, etc. I’ve also been loving pairing the Quince sweater with off-white denim, around my shoulders with patterned fall blouses, etc. Size up one size in this — runs small and I think this looks better with a slouchy fit. I took a small in this and I’m a true XS. If you want a really slouchy/oversized fit, go two sizes up.

+G LABEL MORGAN PUFF SLEEVE. An investment, but this is perfection, especially if you are a petite like me. It has a shrunken fit and the cuffs fit me perfectly at my wrists (most sweaters require me to roll up / push up the sleeves). I adore the puff sleeved detail and the chunky ribbed collar/cuffs, and the dimensions are straight up divine. I throw this on with utility pants (these are my favorites) or jeans (per note above, these are my most-worn) and immediately feel polished. It’s a forever piece I know I will wear season after season. I took an XS in this, but honestly it wears like a petite size.

+SEZANE PIERRE CARDIGAN. This was such a fun discovery for me. I have nothing else like this in my closet, but it’s the kind of thing that makes an everyday outfit feel really special / interesting? Like, you throw it on and it becomes your personality. Ha! I took an XXS, and it runs big. I will say this is a tad itchy. You need a LS shirt beneath.

+QUINCE ORGANIC COTTON FISHERMAN SWEATER. Sorry to be a broken record here, but Quince really has been a favorite discovery this year. (Where have I been?). I love this classic navy color and find I wear it a ton.

+LA LIGNE MINI MARINA SWEATER. I have a few La Ligne sweaters, but find this is my most versatile/most-worn. I love the cropped length, the soft brushed cotton feel, the retro rollneck, etc! It’s jut a timeless piece that feels fresh every time I put it on.

+ALICE WALK ALPACA SWEATER. I normally run in the opposite direction of “basics,” preferring the statement detail, the bright color, etc, but this ivory alpaca knit is a true workhorse. I love throwing it on around my shoulders — the texture offers such great contrast — and of course it goes with everything. I especially like the look of this paired with natural or ecru denim.

+JENNI KAYNE EVERYDAY SWEATER. I love this well-priced staple sweater. It’s easy to throw on with jeans for a casual Saturday moment. I love the silhouettes/fits from this brand — they nail the cool, unfussy, Cali-chic vibe with their proportions. I will say that I also bought their cruise cocoon sweater and decided to return it. The shape is great, but the color just…felt blah? I felt boring in that one. I know people love their fishermen sweaters, but now that I know about Quince, I’m not sure I need?

A few other sweaters I love from this season:









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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Sweaters for Fall.

  1. the quince sweater looks great and maybe I’m missing something in terms of how they can offer it at such a low price point, but it raises red flags for me. Huge swaths of Mongolia’s landscape (upwards of 70%) have gone full lunar because of the increased demand for cheap cashmere. I think a cashmere sweater is one of those items where buying secondhand is the way to go if you can’t stomach paying at least $400 for a new one (which I typically can’t — but the real real has an excellent La Ligne selection and I recently found a gorgeous Bruno Cucinelli at my hometown consignment shop!).

    1. I appreciate this perspective – thank you. Agree with you on buying second-hand — the Real Real is also a goldmine for buying items like this gently used.


  2. Yess I love Quince as well! Some of their items are misses (I’ve found their bottoms don’t fit my body type?) but I LOVE their Mongolian cashmere sweater you have noted above–it’s the perfect travel piece! Great for airplane, casual wear, a nicer dinner, etc. I’ve also really loved their solid gold jewelry! And I wear their silk dress as a nightgown (not sold as pjs but it’s so lux and I love the bit of stretch that it has compared to their washable silk pajama line). I pair with their silk robe and it’s amazing. Anyways, I’ve probably got 15 pieces from them but have tried 30 items? Big fan.

    Cannot wait to try that Sezane cardigan! And on the sweater note…any good de-piller recs? I have tried the Quince one (of course) and it kind of worked but wasn’t amazing.

    1. Hi! This is so good to know re: Quince. Keep us posted on any other “hits” you try and love — and the misses too! I just got one of their silk skirts in and am impressed. Color, quality, fit are great. I generally find pants difficult to shop for since I’m petite but curvy, so will proceed with caution there, but it’s nice that they offer free returns.

      For de-piller: I just use this Conair one —

      It’s fine (inexpensive) and gets the job done but also sounds very rickety, like an old fan or something? — I might upgrade to something more powerful this year.


  3. Re: Jenni Kayne vs Quince – I have both versions of the cotton and cashmere fishermans, and love them almost equally. I will say that I think JK has better – or at least more – colors, and they’re a little thicker – I’m always, always cold so this speaks to me. But beyond that, I think the Quince ones are incredible for the cost, and I haven’t had any issues with pilling aside from what just will happen naturally. I do dryclean them all, though, so I’m not sure how much that plays into the non-pilling situation.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! This is such helpful intel. Very compelling for those of us looking for an under-$100 staple version!


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