Children's Finds

Cute Spring/Summer Finds for Girls.

By: Jen Shoop

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I’m deep in my recon phase for the children’s warm weather wardrobes. I usually spend a good week scouting out options and then prioritize my favorites and order. I used to be much more scattershot about this, but have learned the hard way that this is how you end up with six adorable smocked dresses and no everyday shorts.

A few items I’m seriously considering…

01. Everyday dresses: gingham TBBC Polly Play dress (my daughter has lived in these for several summers and counting); strawberry Little English dress; this Minnow; polo dress; this Pink Chicken.

02. Dressier dresses: this Smockingbird, this Little English, this Minnow, this Pink Chicken, this J. Crew.

03. Lounge sets: H&M, Minnow.

04. Shorts: CPC Kids! My daughter has lived in these every summer since she was two. I like to pair with the polos from Lacoste (<<on sale here; love the scalloped collar detail) and RL. (BTW, Macy’s and Dillard’s consistently have the best run of sizes and colors in RL and Lacoste polos. I frequently order from these outlets because of this. Macy’s is running a Friends and Family sale and it’s a good time to stock up on staples like this that rarely go on sale.) NB: I find Lacoste runs small and short (I size up) and RL runs a bit slim for girls and TTS for boys. For more casual wear, my daughter loves denim shorts from Zara and Gap. Of course she loves a graphic tee, and the ones I don’t mind come from J. Crew and Danrie! And since she’s hot on the tank top, I’m eyeing some of the patterns here.

05. Sports/camp: I’ll have to do a separate post on this as I’ve not yet adequately dug into this shopping area for my daughter, but I did just buy her a few of the performance tanks and shorts from new-to-me brand Azarhia. Apparently they outfit various summer camps! I liked the patterns — a bit more interesting than Adidas — and my daughter had been begging me for “tank tops” (!!). I also loved their tennis skirts but our tennis court has a strict all-white policy (down to the soles of the shoe). Also like this tennis dress, and we’ve had really good luck with J. Crew Kids’s activewear collection. I think we own nearly all of the pieces from it, mostly in white. The fit is good, and I like the restraint on the styling (just a white tank; just a white skirt). I also just discovered the brand Set Athleisure, which seems to have more polished sportswear, and of course I love this iconic tennis dress from Lacoste and the simple, unfussy performance-wear separates from H&M.

06. For footwear, mini has already been living in her Natives (purple because it’s Taylor Swift’s favorite color), and she’s been begging for some flip flops. I think I’m going to buy her a pair of Tkees. I love these for myself. Zara also has a really fun, fashion-y take on the Teva here and here. (For littler feet, I love a jelly sandal! So practical for kids who splash through everything. I used to buy mini Igor jellies — it’s a European brand and the colors and quality are fantastic — but also love this Gap style, and mini owned this $20 pair a season or two ago and loved them, too.) For a classic, timeless look: Salt Water Sandals!

P.S. The night my daughter returned to me in all of her ages. Still find this moment so moving, and think of it often.

P.P.S. Long days of parenting.

P.P.P.S. Motherhood multiplies.

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