Magpie by Jen Shoop (formerly known as TheFashionMagpie) is a literary lifestyle publication. We exist to inspire and politely provoke women to live thoughtful, well-curated, stylish lives. We lean into the vision that “a woman contains multitudes”: we can be intellectual, style-conscious, highbrow, lowbrow, ambitious, exhausted (and, and, and – !) all at the same time. Ultimately, we aspire to invite self-discovery and encourage women to see their entire selves.

Magpie covers a wide range of lifestyle topics, including serious essays on grief, motherhood, and literature, while also providing fashion and product recommendations. This is a masthead that goes to the hard places – death, gender norms, mom guilt – but also confesses an obsession with fashion.

A woman can be all of those things and is often all of those things at once.


Jen Shoop is the founder and author of this blog. She holds an advanced degree in literature from Georgetown University and has enjoyed a varied career in non-profit management, technology, and product design. She considers writing her vocation. Jen is an adoring wife to her husband, Landon (styled as Mr. Magpie on this blog), and a loving mother to two young children. She resides in Bethesda, Maryland.
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