Dream Nursery.

By: Jen Shoop

I cannot get the vision of this ultra-chic nursery designed by Dina Bandman out of my mind.  It is complete perfection, and a reminder that lucite/acrylic can be a fresh and surprisingly sophisticated material to incorporate into any room.  That De Gournay wallpaper though!  Be still my heart.

The Fashion Magpie Nursery 3

The Fashion Magpie Nursery 6

The Fashion Magpie Nursery 4

The Fashion Magpie Nursery 2

Literal perfection.  The crib is NUTS (in a good way) — and you can replicate the look with this pricey style (get a slightly milder look for less with this).  Alternately, you could go for a straight forward white crib and add acrylic/lucite statements elsewhere in the form of this UNBELIEVABLE book case (I really need this for mini).  Get the nursery look with this and the other gorgeous pieces below.  Click on images to access product details OR see links below (along with some alternates!)

+Well-priced yellow sconces!  They come in a few other fab colors, too — I love that blue!  These from C+B also nail the vibe.

+My friend Inslee designed these gorgeous lemon-print pillows.  Love the whimsy in her artwork.  You might also consider this lemon-print crib bedding, or this affordable set from Etsy.

+Acrylic crib!  (Get the look for less with this.)

+Acrylic hangers.  People rave about this brand.

+Pvol Kjer rocking sheep.  Epic and highly prized.  Get the look for less with this.

+I absolutely adore this tasseled ottoman.  I know I’ve featured it before.  It’s just so retro perfect.

+Melissa + Doug giraffe.  Mini has one of these — such a fun statement.

+Lemon wallpaper.  (I would die for that De Gournay, but…!)  There’s also this repositionable wallpaper from Chasing Paper if you’re in a rental!

+Acrylic and metallic diaper storage.  I am in love with the acrylic drawer organizers, too — you could replicate with a few of these, though I use these in mini’s dresser drawers to keep her socks, ointments, diapers, etc stowed neatly.

+Little Unicorn lemon quilt.

+Acrylic house bookcase.  I’m dying over this!

+Biscuit Home embroidered sham.

+Mongolian fur stool.

P.S.  For some reason, Jonathan Adler’s needlepoint baby pillows are 50% off — a GREAT gift for a baby or a new mama!

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8 thoughts on “Dream Nursery.

  1. I’ve seen photos of this nursery around the internet, and I can’t get past the crib bumpers. Great interior design for me always presents the aspiration of the life lived within it. My own baby and life as a mother is far too messy and chaotic to find this image realistic, but I love the fantasy of the room. Putting a crib bumper for a newborn able to fit those clothes is perhaps no more unreal than an Hermes blanket and perfectly styled shelves for that same newborn. And yet — can’t we at least expect a showroom of a baby’s nursery to not flout SIDS guidelines?

    1. I hear you, Holly! I had that same thought. This was for a showroom so I think the whole vibe was more oriented toward aesthetics than function but it still caught my eye! xo

    2. Your words help me to think through why this bothers me so much. I agree that it’s aesthetics instead of function, and I think that gets at the heart of what bugs me — that interior design is meant to create spaces to be lived in, and great design to me can’t, or maybe shouldn’t, be divorced from function, even for a showroom. Or perhaps the other way around — that the greatness of design is exactly in blending the two, in the ability to find ways of creating aesthetic spaces that are functional, that allow us to imagine the full life lived within. Thanks for the food for thought, as ever.

      1. I totally hear where you’re coming from on this front! We want interior design to inspire us and yet be somehow achievable/practical, or it’s just a pretty picture! xo

  2. Ahhh yes, this nursery has had me in heart eyes recently, and I don’t even have a need for one yet! Love, love, love. I love your suggestions for how to recreate it! xo

    1. OMG – early congrats! You are my hero! I have been dreamily swooning over this room for weeks on end…

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