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Things I’ve Seen Other Women Wear That I Want: Poolside Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

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This summer, I’ve seen a number of well-dressed women in D.C. and Charlottesville (specifically at the Keswick Hall pool) that have inspired me to add new items to my shopping list. Below, sharing a few of the chicest finds I’ve seen out in the wild, the provenance of which I was either able to ferret out by context clues or by blunt “where did you get that?!” inquiry.



+So many of the women at my pool wear these Poupette St. Barths cover-ups and Jenni Kayne lifeguard hats (look for less here), and Julia Amory pareos (look for less here) and husband shirts are everywhere.

+Marysia and these Lorna Murray hats (also like this striped one) have also been a mainstay for the past few seasons, and are still kicking. I love both. I may be a little late to the game on the Lorna Murray but they really are charming. You can get the look for less here.

+For mom pool bags, Bogg, Paravel, and L.L Bean remain dominant.

+Eres swimsuits with the u-neck detail are peak chic in these parts.

+Summersalt suits seem to be fading out a little bit? I haven’t seen them as much this year, but last year, you couldn’t throw a stick without hitting a Sidestroke, and for good reason: they are incredibly flattering. I like the solid colored ones. I own in red and am packing for a kayaking trip in Colorado — everything stays put, good amount of coverage, extremely flattering no matter what weird maneuver you’re doing.

+I’ve seen a couple of gals wearing the Ancient Greek Iro ballet flat jellies and am now convinced I need them, too. I have to say I think I’ve personally influenced at least five or six women to buy the brand’s Eleftheria jellies (I own in blue, which works surprisingly well with most of my swim attire), as I’ve had lengthy conversations with several about them.

+At the Keswick pool, I saw a gorgeous gal in this Gucci hat with this Agua Bendita suit, and another was wearing this LMF one-piece with this Celine bag. The Keswick chickadees were bringing it! I had so much fun people watching / shopping off their looks!

+I’ve spotted a few of these Lola Hats with their tell-tale leather strap this summer. Tres chic. I love the curvy “party girl” brim.

+This Miu Miu is my favorite bag I’ve seen carried this summer. So much personality and I’d never seen it carried before. Lucky for us, Amazon has a similar style for $30.

+I’ve seen lots of sets of gold bangles inspired by Tubogas: I own these — 20% off with SHOOP20; look for less with these.

+For apres-pool, I’ve seen a ton of Tuckernuck dresses (predicting this – nearly sold out now! – will be popular on The Fourth), Julia Amory (including her sets, very chic — did you also see that Tuckernuck is getting into the set game with this?), Hill House (fewer of the Ellie this season though), and La Ligne. For dressier occasions, I’m routinely surprised by how much Staud (this dress is perfect — runs small, FYI), Ulla, and SEA (you’re bound to see a version of this dress at a D.C. event!) I see. I love all three brands, too, and keep coming back to them myself.

+I haven’t seen many of the netted and mesh shoes that seem to be trendy in New York / L.A. in these parts (I am happily wearing mine, though). The Hermes Orans and YSL Tributes are often-spotted — and their look-for-less cousins from French Sole. I’ve also seen some of the logo-ed, limited edition slides from various prestige brands, these Miu Mius and Guccis in particular.

+One thing I haven’t been able to figure out – I see lots of women, especially over 50, wearing freshly pressed, crisp shirtdresses in spectacular solid colors (cherry red, white, cerulean blue) and elegant prints. I’m not sure where these are coming from, or if they’re tailor-made, or from some small boutique in Italy I have no idea about, but some of them must be Evi Grintela? Will continue to analyze and report back.

Anything you’ve spotted in your neck of the woods that has turned your head?

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4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Seen Other Women Wear That I Want: Poolside Edition.

  1. As a person who is not allowed outside without a hat, per my dermatologist, I’m so glad wide-brim hats are back in style! Sunday Afternoons has a really wide range of styles ranging from sporty to chic and they’re very affordable. Highly recommend.

  2. I have three Lorna Murray hats and my family makes fun of me but I always get compliments and the sun protection is excellent! Could the crisp shirt dresses be custom Ann Mashburn? She has that fabulous boutique in Georgetown and I am thrilled with mine.

    1. Oo good call on the Ann Mashburn – you might be right there! I think I’ll follow suit on your LM hat habit!

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