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Micropost: H&M New Arrivals + How I’d Style.

By: Jen Shoop

WOW — some of the new arrivals at H&M are insanely chic!

h&m new arrivals

+This $40 quilted coat is a dead-ringer for Ganni. Love the collar! Love the length! This would even be cute thrown on over a pair of fall-colored aligns, chic sneaks, and tote bag for drop-off.

+This wool blend coat is SO chic — love the built-in scarf situation to throw over your shoulder. TDF! Pair with these shades in oatmeal.

+Not usually an all-black gal, but this shacket with trim pixie pants and pointed-toe flats, black shades, and a smart crossbody.

+For a chic at-home date-night…knit tank, matching sweater, and joggers paired with statement slippers like these or these or these.

+More Ganni vibes, for $50! Tuck into on-trend denim and finish with suede kitten heels and statement bag.

+Absolutely LOVE this minimalist chic canvas tote! Could be Celine, could be H&M.

+This Horror Vacui-inspired mini with tall suede boots and crossbody. This is also major Horror Vacui vibes but a bit more of a statement. Is she wearing a nightgown? Is she a Victorian ghost? We can’t be sure. I feel I’d need to pair this with Hermes Orans and a headband to ground it a bit, but I give major props to the chic pea who goes for it. Also would be a good maternity dress for everyday lounging at home!

And, not H&M, but a few other finds that majorly channel higher-end designers:

+This Mango (and the maxi variation) is a dead-ringer for SEA.

+This dramatic blouse reminds me of Kika Vargas!

+This ladylike burgundy midi is GORGEOUS and reminds me of a style from Emilia Wickstead! Another great Thanksgiving option. So chic!

P.S. My favorite recent finds (and how I’d style) from Loft and Madewell.

P.P.S. The loft born of experience.

P.P.P.S. I consider myself a pragmatic cook. How about you?

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4 thoughts on “Micropost: H&M New Arrivals + How I’d Style.

  1. Oh my I’m excited I love coats. I must have well, way to many. I love peacoats, and faux fur. Burberry is my favorite brand and have several coats and purses.

  2. Okay I am SHOCKED at how luxe all of these look! Will definitely be adding H&M into my store rotation – I love the quilted coat!

    PSA to other magpie readers who are students: you can get 15% off H&M if you’re a student, you just have to fill out the verification on their website! Learned this today while perusing the site after reading this post.

    1. I agree – such a good batch of new arrivals!!! That quilted coat especially — chef’s kiss!

      Thanks for the tip on the student discount! J. Crew used to do the same but not sure if they still offer it.


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