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In the Trenches.

By: Jen Shoop

Like a Chanel bag or a leather watch, the trench coat never goes out of style.  It can be dressed up or down, can read “uptown” or “downtown,” and, in my opinion, is the perfect piece for these in-between months where winter lingers around just a little too long, but it’s warmed up enough to retire your Canada Goose.

The Fashion Magpie Trench Coat Street Style

The Fashion Magpie Trench Coat Street Style 1 The Fashion Magpie Trench Coat Street Style 2

It’s no secret that Burberry’s version ($1,995) is the gold standard for trench coats.  My father owns one, Mr. Magpie owns one, my mom owns one — and they all look so damn dapper in them when they wears them.  It’s been on my lust list for years, but every time I intend to save up for one, something else flashier catches my eye (in true Magpie style) — the latest shoe I never knew I always needed, the gown of my dreams for a special event, etc.  But one day I’ll get there…

The Fashion Magpie Burberry Trench Coat


Until then, I’ve been wearing this Banana Republic trench coat ($198) for the past few years and it has held up beautifully.  I like that it’s a straight-forward trench style and in a great khaki hue — not too light, not too dark. (Although that pink!  I love it in the pink, too!)  I get a lot of compliments on it; people always think I’m wearing a much higher-end label.  I tend to pack it when traveling since it’s super lightweight, but works in any weather.

I’m contemplating buying a second style, though, because I am LOVING so many of the styles out there right now.  My top picks for trench coats for this season:

+I love (!!!) the bow on the sleeve of this Club Monaco beauty ($298) in the vanilla color.  So on point right now.

+Love this soft, more feminine twist on the trench — the neckline is amazing and the color so yummy ($155).

+Madewell has a great, straight-forward style on offer and on sale for $98.

+Love this petal pink style from Kate Spade ($298).

+Tory Burch has a beautiful one ($525) — love that gleaming gold buckle!

+Love the styling on this $98 “dusty rose” steal.

+I also love this dusty pink style ($150) — the length is dramatic and statement-making.

+For my minimalistas: this collarless style caught my eye (on sale for $54!)

+Really like this off-white stone color ($158).

+And, finally: not a trench coat, but this scallop-trim jacket is so Jackie O. and I loveeee it.

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8 thoughts on “In the Trenches.

  1. I snagged a black burberry one at the outlet near Seattle for $599 that retailed for $1795 at the regular store… Still hoping to catch the perfect khaki color in my size on a future outlet trip.

  2. Great picks! Any suggestions for waterproof/water repellent trench coats or is that not the intention of them?

    1. Thanks! A lot of these picks do have water-repellent fabric, but some of them are pure fashion statements. For a true “slicker,” my top pick is definitely Petit Bateau’s classic yellow raincoat: I noticed you can get 30% off your first purchase if you sign up for their emails!! xoxo

  3. A Burberry trench was on my fashion bucket list for a while, but I’ve kind of moved on. I bought a very cute one from Aritzia (this one: and it really scratched my itch. And look at all of the good ones out there — I might need a second, too! I will always admire good Burberry models on others, but like you I can always find something else I’d rather do with a big chunk of change.

    1. Love that trench!! Cool fabric. Supah chic, Alison. It also led me down a dark hole of investigating other cool finds at Aritzia!

  4. Love all your trenches. I’m not sure how you get the collarless one for $54, bc the site has it for $64. I love these, but I’m looking for one with a hood. No carrying an umbrella for the day when you have a hood. Could you do a post with hooded ones? Not jackets, something nicer for errands. Also, when are you going to show us your new baby? I can’t wait! Congrats!!!

    1. AH! Probably a typo on my end on the coat, sorry about that! I’ll keep my eye out for a good hooded trench situation. Good point — I like a woman who thinks about function as much as form 🙂 I will be doing a MiniMagpie update post soon!! Thanks for the well wishes 🙂 xoxo

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