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A Perfect Croc Loafer + Other Dreamy Fall Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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First: I can’t stop thinking about these perfect croc loafers from Emme Parsons. They’d look so good with the baggier denim options from this season — I love the friction between their refinement and polish and the slouch of the jeans. J. McLaughlin also has a fabulous pair very similar in style for a little less that comes in the most fetching atlantic green color, which I cannot get enough of, or you can get the look for less with these.

01. LAKE PAJAMAS RELAX SET — I’ve mentioned this a few times over the past week, but this lounge set is IT if you want the dreamiest, softest, most comfortable second-skin thing you’ve ever worn. I actually reserve these for days where I feel sick/tired/under-the-weather because it is such a dreamy luxury to crawl into bed with them on. I own in past-season sand color and repurchased in this delicious forest green for this season.

02. CARA CARA TURTLENECK — I am loving paisley and I’ve always loved printed turtlenecks. So great for achieving dimension in a look. I like them layered beneath cord dresses/shirtdresses for fall.

03. ORIBE VOLUMISTA MIST — OK, so I wrote a week or two ago that I was in need of some new blow dry products, and I purchased a set from Lolavie and then Oribe’s Royal Blowout and, well, Oribe blew the competition out of the water. The main distinction is that Oribe does not weigh hair down at all (and I have very fine hair) — it’s invisible and yet it detangles and coats the strands and delivers a great smooth result. My only remaining hair hurdle is that I’ve never been able to achieve much volume in my hair, and so I’m going to pair the blowout spray with their volumizing mist.

04. SALLY ROONEY SHORT FICTION — I couldn’t believe when I heard Rooney released a new short (48-page) story! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy, but right now, the only options have long (and pricey) shipping. You know how much Rooney means to me…!

05. ZIMMERMANN BLOUSE — More paisley. I ordered this set for a special occasion! You can see me styling the set with heels and boots here.


07. AMAZON MULE — Looks just like Manolo…I own the flat version from this exact brand in navy and adore it.


09. CARA CARA TROUSER — This would look beyond dreamy with the loafers.

10. APC GRACE BAG — The star of yesterday’s roundup on fall handbags appears again here because it’s sitting in my cart and I can’t stop thinking of it…

11. LAKE PAJAMAS HAMMOCK SET — This is nearly sold out and I don’t need more pajamas…or do I?! I actually would wear the top with jeans…


13. LITTLE ENGLISH DRESS — My daughter resists dresses at this phase of her life, but I cannot stop dreaming about this perfect fall floral for Thanksgiving dinner, with these darling velvet Mary Janes. Absolute perfection.


P.S. Fall coats for your little ones, and for us.

P.P.S. What makes you lean forward?

P.P.P.S. Some Mary Oliver words I love.

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    1. Hi Roslyn! I would say they run TTS. I took a 5.5 and they are a little big on me, as I’m usually a size 5 (smallest feet ever), but with a mule, the sizing is a bit more forgiving.


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