What You’re Shopping For, January Edition, Vol I.

By: Jen Shoop

I received so many shopping inquiries this go around, I will need to split this up into a series. As always, feel free to shoot me a DM or email if you’re on the hunt for something specific! (Sadly, none of us appear to be shopping for sequined frocks like the ones above, but they’re pretty to look at nonetheless. In case you are, though, there are still some great glittery little things to consider here.)

Q: Eye cream.

A: To be honest, I’ve never used an eye cream that has blown my mind or lived up to the expectation of actually treating/erasing dark under-eye circles. For that reason, I’m skipping the prestige beauty here and using Olay — relatively inexpensive, widely available, and the consistency is nice. (Thick but absorbs easily.) Does it do anything magical? No. Does it keep the area well-hydrated? Yes. Wrote a full review of this here.

Q: Sugar container.

A: If you mean for the pantry, go with this set by Progressive International, which has specialized containers for brown sugar, powdered sugar, etc. I originally bought all of those OXO Pop containers for my sugars and while they look pretty, I do not believe the seal works well. I’ve purchased several packages and none of them are airtight, which means that brown sugar dries out in an instant. I replaced with this brown sugar keeper and was CRAZY impressed. It actually keeps brown sugar soft — you just re-wet the ceramic insert every few months. If I could go back, I’d buy only the Progressive International pieces for flours and sugars. (I label all bins with my handy labelmaker.)

If you’re talking more for decorative countertop, my mom has a beautiful set of copper canisters in her kitchen that I’ve long admired. (Or maybe marble is more your vibe?)

And if you’re talking a sugar pot for serving sugar with tea/coffee, I love Juliska, a splurge-y one from a high-end china label like Raynaud or Wedgewood, or a trinket-y vintage score like this set.

P.S. More great home gear and great gear for small apartments.

Q: House shoes/slippers.

A: Cannot rave enough about these ones from Birdies, which unfortunately keep selling out (but they have restocked a few times, so sign up if interested!) I also love these ritzy ones from Olivia Morris, these on-trend shearling ones, and some of the furlane styles popping up here and there, like these and these.

Q: Chic puffer.

A: I shared some ultra-chic puffers here and here, but the short-list: this reversible one, this chic budget pick, or this Moncler (on my lust list for next winter). I also never bought one of the “Upper East Side Mom” jackets that were so trendy last year or the year before, but I do like the recently redesigned style in the fun pastel lilac.

Q: Baptismal gown.

A: Feltman Brothers is timeless and traditional, and I always love everything Kissy Kissy does. For a total splurge, Pepa & Co.

P.S. Great gifts for a Baptism: personalized cross; a Bible and/or couple of children’s prayer books; or a personalized Baptismal bowl (I gave this to my first godson).

Q: Your Todd Snyder recommendation was a hit. Any other men’s clothing recommendations?

A: My most recent clothing purchase for Mr. Magpie was very trendy Maison Kitsune sweatshirt that he’s been wearing quite a bit. It’s smart enough to put over a collared shirt or wear with nice jeans — it has a tailored look. A few other brands I have my eye on for his next clothing infusion:

Alex Mill — some of the shapes are way too hipster for Mr. Magpie, but I like pieces like this fair isle and this corduroy field cap.

Buck Mason — elevated basics like this for everyday wear. Mr. Magpie has a few of their pieces and they last forever.

Taylor Stitch — Rugged but refined. I like this sweater and some of their shirts have really interesting textures.

Q: A nice ottoman tray for corralling junk in a chic way.

A: Love this and applaud the motivation. I shared some very chic tray options at all price points here! This one is inexpensive and frequently sells out; this one is just straight up fun; and I’m lusting after this splurge from House of Cardoon!

Q: Waste bin for office.

A: Fun! Depending on your style…





Q: Blue and white pillow shams — standard/king/lumbar combos please?

A: Check out Schweitzer Linen — love the Portland and Block Island collections for blue and white, but they have many more options. Biscuit Home also does fun whimsical prints! And a greek key style never goes out of vogue!

Q: Easy tops to wear with jeans (nothing cropped).

A: I swear by turtlenecks and cardigans at the moment, an easy and comfortable way to look like you have a perspective on life, but a few other vibes I’ve owned over the past year or two: striped tees from Kule (a bit more streamlined/less boxy than the bretons from St. James), chambray (love denim on denim; also currently eyeing this ruffle-trim style), a crisp white tee (<<this $14.50 style is my favorite, but Uniqlo u-necks are also worth a gander), and RL oxfords (I’ve owned some of mine since college!). All of these have a timelessly chic vibe and can be worn with anything from Golden Goose sneakers (gah! why do I want these?) to snakeskin flats without missing a beat.

Alternately, lean into the shacket trend! (Still love this under-$100 style.)

Q: An outfit for mama for newborn photos when body may be looking questionable.

A: Ahh! It pains me to hear you talk about your body that way. It will have just given birth to a human — what?!?! You and your body are amazing. Still, I totally relate to the sentiment. I remember days of looking at my postpartum body and not recognizing myself at all. But I digress. For a newborn photo — I love several of the Sleeper styles for postpartum! I owned and loved their Brigitte dress, but this one is also super sweet. Both are flattering, loose-fit in the right spots, and nursing-friendly. Also love all of the Hill House nap dressesthis one would be super pretty in either the pink or blue toile depending on baby’s gender/your color reference!

A few other long, loose-fit dresses that I would have considered as well: I own and LOVE this caftan, which is super loose-fit but packs a powerful fashion punch; I lived in SZ Blockprints caftans this past summer and they are comfortable and loose-fit; Mi Golondrina does some spectacular embroidered styles; and this Sister Jane looks like a dream.

Q: Clothes for my 25th anniversary trip to Bermuda!

A: Congratulations! How fun?! I would probably pick one spectacular LWD (or white-with-bridal-leaning-pattern) to wear to a big celebration dinner — there are several phenomenal ones linked here (splurge: Markarian or Brock Collection; save: Knot Sisters or En Saison) — and then pack some great outfits that can be worn from beach to cocktails, like the aforementioned SZ Blockprint caftans, J. Crew coverups, and Juliet Dunn sundresses. Maybe also invest in a fun bathing suit? I love and own several of the ones from Marysia and Solid & Striped, but have been eyeing the ones from Agua Bendita, and Eres is timeless, Grace-Kelly-type perfection.

Q: High-waisted, no-compression leggings for lounging.

A: There aren’t zero-compression, but these Lululemons are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. (I basically wrote an entire post singing their praises.) Do not cinch. Like butter. The best the best the best.

Q: Running shoes.

A: These Nikes are my favorite pair. I’ve purchased a few pairs since easing back into running last year and those are my favorites! More of my favorite running gear here, and don’t miss the Lululemon sale!

Q: A diaper bag.

A: Can’t say enough good things about my M.Z. Wallace Metro tote. It’s not actually a diaper bag, but it’s great for so many reasons. However, before I had two children, I used a Tote Savvy organizer inside my Goyard bag and it worked great!

Q: Birthday gifts for a two-year-old.

A: Happy birthday, little one! My top picks would be Maileg mice, a Micro scooter, or magnetic tiles. A roundup of more excellent slow-burn toys for this age group here, and some other great gift ideas here.

Q: Big storage baskets for toys.

A: These ones are fantastic (attractive, sturdy, well-made) and I’ve always loved these stackable ones from Ballard Designs.

Q: Kitchen cabinet organizers.

A: I love these ones (even more sizes here). They are all in all of my cabinets! They are sturdy, stackable, and thoughtfully-dimensioned to fit standard grocery cans/boxes very well.

P.S. More home and pantry org gear here.

Q: Men’s winter hats? Something that doesn’t make my husband look like a bank robber.

A: I had a good laugh over this one. I so know what you mean. I think the key is picking a color that isn’t black or navy? Mr. Magpie owns this Filson beanie in the red (it’s actually a brighter red than shown online) and it is SO attractive.

Q: A bookshelf to display kids’ books so they can see them.

A: I wrote about how much I love our Ikea Kallax shelving unit here — part of the reason is because it makes all of the spines easy to see and reach. A cart like this or this would also be good in a smaller room, and I have a friend who raves about this book caddy, which presents all the spines at a good angle for little eyes.

Q: So random, but absorbent dish/hand towels for the kitchen.

A: Not random at all — I wrote about these here, but I’m obsessed with our new and unfussy kitchen mops. We try to avoid using paper towels and instead go through a stack of these each day. They are SO absorbent! They aren’t the most attractive things, though, so we also keep some Williams-Sonoma ones out by the sink for hand drying. (More of my favorite kitchen gear here.)

P.S. More of what you might be shopping for here.

P.P.S. Wishing you sisu for the new year.

P.P.P.S. How do you handle interruptions?

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5 thoughts on “What You’re Shopping For, January Edition, Vol I.

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the question I submitted! I really appreciate it. I was the one who asked about the maternity photo outfit suggestions and just wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean my body would look questionable in a negative way, more so that it’s hard to plan ahead for an outfit when you’re not sure how you’ll be feeling, what might fit, what will feel comfortable, etc. I have given birth once already and truly LOVE and honor my body during pregnancy as well as postpartum, so I wanted to clarify the intent behind my poorly worded question, and also thank you for encouraging all your readers to appreciate their bodies.

    1. Hi Bayley! I am SO sure it was my own projection/memory of my own insecurities that led me to write all of that! So glad you have this perspective and congratulations again! Thanks for your readership, my friend!


  2. Living vicariously through the magpie who’s going to Bermuda!!

    A request for a future installment of this series: I’ve recently decided to intentionally buy American made when possible. First up, our bath linens need a refresh. So far, the only towels I’ve found that are made in the USA from USA cotton are the BHG line at Walmart. Haven’t ruled these out yet, but it’s not my favorite place to shop! Will also be replacing our everyday dishes soon, looking for white with some interesting detail (current dishes have beading around edges). And the big ask…kids clothes! The girls got a lot of clothes for Christmas so this is not an immediate need. But I anticipate it will be HARD to find kids clothes made in the USA that fit my style and don’t cost a fortune! May need to hold this intention loosely in the kid department…

    1. Hi Stephanie – OH, me too on the Bermuda-bound Magpie! Take us with you…

      On USA-manufactured items: I’ll have to do some research here! One children’s brand that immediately jumped to mind was Les Gamins, which is an NY-based company whose simple, chic, unfussy, and surprisingly well-priced items I have bought for both Emory and Hill. (It is also a female-founded business!) I love their smock dresses and pinafores in particular:


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