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Sale Snack: Lululemon.

By: Jen Shoop

Lululemon has added some additional styles to their sale section, including additional colors of align leggings (so many fans in this community), loose fit running tanks (also love these — both only $29 and ship free!), my favorite running shorts in a great ice blue color, and my new running vest.

Also: everyone’s favorite $25 leggings were restocked in fantastic colors here! I own several pairs of these already but added the pale pink to my collection. More of my favorite running gear here! I’m a newly-initiated fan of merino wool base layers for running in the cold, and have my eye on these $60 tops next.

P.S. My favorite home organization gear, in case you’re in cleaning mode this month.

P.P.S. And some chic recent home finds, in case you’re feeling like things need a facelift in one of your rooms.

P.P.P.S. A sweet party idea for a little one, and who is the bodega santa in your home?!

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4 thoughts on “Sale Snack: Lululemon.

  1. Thank you for the tip on the Amazon leggings! Ordered a pair to try and I have to say I’m impressed! While not quiiiite as good as Aligns, they are a great alternative. I have tried a couple different “dupes” from Amazon, and these seem closest in feel/fit so far. This will definitely curb my Align addiction! (though I’ve only allowed myself 2 pairs of the Align, so I have one to wear while the other is in the wash).

    Speaking of merino wool base layers — have you tried the brand Minus 33? My husband has one of their merino half zip tops that he swears by, and he is THE most picky when it comes to fabric. He’s had it for maybe 3 years now and he wears it frequently every winter, and it has held up very well. I tend to be sensitive to certain kinds of wool myself but I’m feeling inclined to try the women’s top based on his review.

    Re: other running gear: I’m not a runner, but I always have my Road ID on my shoe when going for walks. Have you heard of this company? They make laser-engraved IDs (for shoes, bracelet style, for adults, kids, and pets) on which you can include things like your emergency contacts, blood type, etc. I’ve had mine for 10+ years and it still looks new.

    1. Oo thanks for both of these recs!! Amazing. I am so bullish on the merino wool base layer — I honestly don’t know how I ran in the cold without it before (!!). Thank you manyyyy times over to the Magpies who recommended this. I’m such a running novice! I just added the Minus33 top to my wishlist, as I know feel fairly well-stocked between Tracksmith and the other Amazon merino layer I bought (which impressed me!)


    2. Hope you like the Minus33 merino! I realized too it’s about the same price as those long sleeve Lulu Swiftly tops (when they’re on sale, that is), with the latter not providing as much warmth.

      Oh another thing — have you heard of Aerie “offline” leggings? They seem to be another dupe for Aligns, according to a few bloggers/IGers (Jess Keys and I think Liz Denfeld). Love the side pocket — which is also what sold me on the Amazon ones. Great price point too.

      I might give their “warm” version a try, as I have a fleece-lined pair of leggings from Amazon (brand is Yogipace I think?) that is mid-rise so it doesn’t stay up as well. However the warmup ones don’t seem to be available in 7/8 length.

      1. So funny – someone else recently mentioned the AE leggings! I had to do a quadruple take as I hadn’t thought of the brand in like a decade! Intrigued…


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