Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 7

By: Jen Shoop

Happy Sunday, chickadees!  We are having gorgeous weather here in Chicago and it’s making me want to wear all the floral dresses…taking major inspo from this stunning street style snap:

The Fashion Magpie Spring Style

My Latest Score

I wore this dramatically-sleeved Zara top ($49) to date night with Mr. Magpie last Friday.  We left minimagpie at home with our babysitter for about 60 minutes, scooted up to Pub Royale on Division, and enjoyed some appetizers and a glass of sparkling wine.  It was lovely.  You can see me in the top here, although the photo is black and white, so the majesty of the marigold color doesn’t quite poke through.  Oh, and I’m wearing this lipstick in “Angela” (“deep orchid,” a rich pink — love the formula of this lipstick; it’s super pigmented and not for the faint of heart, but if you want a bold look, TRY IT!; it’s one of the few rich lipsticks that does not dry my lips out) and these earrings, also in yellow, which I’m getting quite a bit of mileage out of.  (Marigold, people!  It’s the new neutral for spring!)

The Fashion Magpie Zara Yellow Top 2 The Fashion Magpie Zara Yellow Top 2 The Fashion Magpie Zara Yellow Top 2

You’re Sooooo Popular

The most popular items featured on my blog this week…

+This turbo-strength foot balm ($32 for pack of 2), inspired by professional dancer and woman of substance Katelyn Baud.

+The CUTEST OTS top for summer ($59).

+A lovely striped dress for your weekend festivities ($89).

+The book I’m currently reading.  Fellow readers: thoughts?

+Two patchwork/boho-chic dresses got a lot of love from you ladies: this Ulla Johnson, and this more affordable OTS style.


During one of those late night feedings where I tumble down a dark Internet hole (I literally have no idea how I ended up where I did) while mindlessly watching sitcom reruns (I’ve been watching Fawlty Towers lately–do you guys remember that show, featuring a very young and very hilarious John Cleese?  My sibs and I LOVED it growing up and even used to act it out in little performances for my parents!  Dork alert.  I was always Sybil Fawlty and, hilariously enough, one of my sisters always ended up pigeon-holed into the role of Manuel, the server…if you know Christina, you’re laughing at this thought), I came across this article titled “Think Like a Bronze Medalist, Not Silver.”  The author’s provocation is that people that compare down instead of up are much happier–i.e., the bronze medalist is much happier because she thinks to herself: “Whew!  I almost didn’t make it to the podium!  YAY for me, I made it!” while the silver medalist thinks: “Damn, if I’d only been a half second faster, I could have won the gold.  [Eeyore face.]”


This piece felt foreign at first–I’ve always found myself straining to be the best, and this seemed to suggest a completely different paradigm.  Maybe he’s not so much suggestion we shouldn’t aim high, but that, once we’ve landed, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to those that have landed a bit further ahead, but should instead consider ourselves in relation to those who maybe haven’t quite made it to where we are.   Doesn’t this feel a little…nasty, though?  Almost putting people down to make ourselves feel better?  I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of self-validation through comparison, though perhaps I’m being a bit Pollyanna or naive or willfully ignorant in thinking that we aren’t always, in some way, level-setting against those around us, even if it’s not in a hyper-competitive way.  At any rate, it was interesting food for thought, and if for nothing else, it made me run through a brief mental exercise of re-calibrating how I think about myself as a businesswoman, as a blogger, as a wife, as a mom–maybe better to think of myself as a businesswoman in relation to the other women in my incubator program instead of in relation to women at the helm of businesses that are already at scale / in hyper-growth mode.

What say you, tribeswomen?


+I’m intrigued by this highlight + protect shimmer stick ($34) for DAT J.LO GLOW.

+These gingham flats (on sale for $49) are EVERYTHING.  I like the idea of pairing them with white skinnies.

+The prettiest hooded baby towel ($39) — love the floral print!  If you’re after a monogrammed style, check out this affordable Etsy find! (Great “welcome baby” gift — and P.S., more thoughts on amazing new mom gifts.)

+I need this top in the stripe ($59).

+How pretty are these scalloped sandals ($110)?!

+A gorgeous white eyelet dress for spring/summer at a fab pricepoint ($89)

+Dying over this adorable pineapple-shaped storage bin ($39).  I don’t even think I’ll use it for the nursery — I might use it to store items in our front living room!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 7

  1. Hi I am so interested in this Marigold top; do you know a item or reference number for this, they may not be in stock any longer…”I wore this dramatically-sleeved Zara top.”

    1. Hi there! I just looked it up in my emails from when I originally ordered it, and it was called: POPLIN TOP WITH PLEATED SLEEVES, reference number 0/2044/629/300/01. It looks like it’s no longer available, but you may have luck on eBay! xo

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