Under $50 Thrills.

By: Jen Shoop

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Under $50 thrills

Little upgrades to zhush up your Monday…

01. A new iPhone case. Love the shadow lettering on this one.

02. A pretty mug for morning coffee.

03. Roz root-lifting spray (just launched last week!). I need all the help I can get with volume, especially while I am growing my hair out and can’t wait to test this.

04. Salt cellars. I mentioned this last week, but these chic little salt cellars arrived for our finishing salts and they spark joy — seen above.

05. Table topics for the family — a great way to spark conversation on a weeknight.

06. Our favorite toothbrushes.

07. Fun hair claw.

08. Orgeat syrup for making mai tais.

09. Brass rechargeable stick lamp.

10. Hermes-inspired sandals.

11. Blockprint nightlight. (I bought one of the designs from this company for my children’s bathroom — so chic and I love the soft glow it affords them in the middle of the night!)

12. Most comfortable underwear ever ever ever ever ever.

13. Striped Target tee.

14. A new chic lunch on the go option.

15. Aesop incense sticks.

16. Hanni weightless body oil (OBSESSED).

17. Heart notebook. These are all I use for drafting by hand!

18. Decorative matches.

19. Kaweco pen.

20. Leuchtterm mechanical pencil.

P.S. Home organization favorites, and recent Target finds.

P.P.S. How do you handle chores in your home?

P.P.P.S. Winter can have its own kind of beauty.

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6 thoughts on “Under $50 Thrills.

  1. Your Maldon box looks like ours, ha! Our lives must be well-seasoned 😉 I got a similar salt cellar last year, along with a butter keeper for my fancy Irish butter, and I looove them even though they take up precious counter space.

    That night light is so cute! We just have a cheap Amazon multipack of nightlights and this is making me wish we had upgraded.

  2. Hi Jen! How do the cocofloss toothbrushes compare to Curaprox? I have switched to Curaprox based on your recommendation a couple years ago and love them. Every time I switch to the regular drugstore ones (even “ultra soft” ones) my gums protest!

    Also, $45 for one pair of underwear — whoa. They better be really good, haha. May I recommend Uniqlo’s AIRism ultra seamless underwear — I have been using these for years and they are SO incredibly comfortable and under $10!

    1. Hi Mia! I’d say they are VERY similar…almost identical in terms of bristle softness. But for some reason Mr. Magpie slightly prefers the Cocofloss ones so we’ve gone in that direction. I do think the shape of the head is a bit easier to maneuver with the Cocofloss? Maybe?

      YES the underwear are crazy pricey. I have one pair that I eagerly wait to come out of the laundry basket each week!


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