Children's Finds

Target Run: January 2024.

By: Jen Shoop

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Target has so many great finds right now — a few favorites…

01. These sweatpants and this sweatshirt, which I’ve heard are similar to Spanx’s Air Essentials line.

02. Best heart-shaped melamine plates and bowls — I bought these a few years ago and love to use them around Valentine’s Day for the kids. Also an inexpensive way to present treats for the classroom without worrying about getting the plate/tray back. Incidentally, we use the bowls year-round specifically when serving up a two-part snack: popcorn in one half, apple slices in the other. It just creates a natural “half and half” serving option.

03. Dior-inspired sandals. (Compare with the real deal, for $750 more, here.)

04. Boxy-fit tee. Love the look — the silhouette reminds me of my beloved Margo.

05. Cutest socks.

06. Half-zip fleece pullover — the BEST colors.

07. Floral-pattern throw for your little one’s room. Reminds me in general ethos of a Chappywrap. (P.S. Chappywrap’s new arrivals are gorgeous! These make such good gifts, including (unexpectedly?) for men. Awhile ago, I polled my Magpies with: “What does your husband routinely steal / borrow from you?” The answers were split between skincare products and Chappywrap blankets! Ha!)

08. Brass accent task lamp, or this $20 raffia stick lamp (!!).

09. High-rise ribbed leggings and matching bra. The colors are so good! (ICYMI, I shared a recent review of my five favorite leggings here.)

10. Buy this little bunny (also comes in blue) now and tuck away for Easter baskets!

11. I featured these McGee & Co for Target new arrivals a few weeks ago — some have sold out, but there are still some major scores to be had. Still adore this lamp, this woven oval tray, and this wavy bowl.

P.S. Pouring from the center, not the rim.

P.P.S. On wintering.

P.P.P.S. Our journey with my daughter’s eye condition, ambylopia. Or: a story of my daughter’s forbearance.

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