Summer Fitness Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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I’ve been yapping a lot about Heather Robertson’s 12 Week Program, but I have been loving it, and finding it straight-forward to commit to. Most sessions are 35-45 minutes, require little equipment, can be done at home, are free (!!!) — and really deliver a good burn. I’ve already noticed a change in my muscle tone and overall strength since starting. Specifically, I find the hardest (most severely inclined) segments of my running route much easier to forge. I’ve been sore (in a good way) every single day since starting — my body feels worked out, challenged, toned, but not aching so badly I can’t walk or need a therapeutic soak afterward. It’s just the right level of challenge, and you can adjust as you need. I’ve been playing around with a few different weights, and sometimes use none at all, just relying on the resistance of my own body. Can’t recommend more!

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I’ve shared some of my fitness buys over the past few weeks, but a few of my favorite finds and products at the moment:

01. Beyond Yoga tanks, bras, and leggings. The colors are so good, the material divinely soft, and the fit is perfect. I like to mix and match colors for a cocktail effect. The other legging set I love is from Left on Friday (bottoms, top). It’s more stretchy, sheeny, and performance-like than the Beyond Yoga (which is a soft, brushed, heathered cotton), and it really moves with you.

02. I’ve been loving these bike shorts from Lululemon. The same magical Align material we all know and love. I also just ordered a pair from Beyond Yoga to try.

03. If I’m not wearing the Beyond Yoga tanks, I like these ones from Target (inexpensive, very soft material, good colors), these from Lululemon, these singlets from Tracksmith (so, so lightweight), these from Vuori (boxy/cropped), and some Lululemon tanks from years ago (similar here and here).

04. I keep adding new weights of Target’s inexpensive neoprene-coated dumbbells to my collection. I also have their yoga block. The colors are cute, and the prices are right.

05. For running shorts, I like Beyond Yoga’s In Stride shorts and Tracksmith’s Van Cortlandt shorts. Both are a bit on the longer side, which I personally prefer. The In Stride’s have a bike short-like lining on the inside. The Tracksmith are very breathable and have that great retro styling.

06. Resistance bands!

07. I have this gym organizer in my cart to help corral all my gear, including exercise mat and mat cleaning wipes.

08. I had been eyeing these ankle weights (some of her fitness videos suggest them but they aren’t needed) but this cool new fitness brand, Equipt, reached out and offered to send me theirs so I’m giving those a try.

09. These Nike Metcons are my favorite sneakers for doing mat work / gym-type fitness. They really stabilize your ankle. I hadn’t realized that running sneakers are optimized for movement forward (makes sense) but when you’re moving side to side doing lunges and the like, you really do need more support. For road running, I’ve been loving these.

10. Post work-out, after I’ve cooled down, I normally like to throw a sweatshirt on top. Moving from sweaty and hot to the cold A/C leaves me shivery! I love this oversized one from Left on Friday — wear it constantly! — but I also just ordered one of these lighter weight Spanx ones in the fun lemon-lime color for summer. (I really love the half-zip version I have — will be nice to have a summer color crew, too.). I also love these Prince half-zips from the recent collab with Target, and these $25 ones in the best summer colors!

11. I use my Takeya sport bottle most days, but I do understand the appeal of one of the straw type bottles for workouts at home!

12. If you’re a sport dress girlie, I love this one from Lulu and have already worn it this season. (Full review and notes on sizing here.) It’s a great “take a walk with the fam / chase after the kids / possibly run through a sprinkler” active weekend option. I also love the look of this one from Spanx.

13. I love the barely-there seamless sports bras from Splits59.

14. Great bag for schlepping all gym gear: Naghedi!

15. Socks: I like Nikes and these retro style Target ones. If I’m running, though, and it’s hot, I still wear my millennial no-shows.

16. For after exercise, I switch into silver Birks and make myself the green smoothie from this book, served in these tall glasses with these glass straws, and sit outside, relaxing. Never has our Vitamix been put to greater use. It is SO worth the investment — incredibly powerful. (Mr. Magpie also uses it frequently in cooking for pureeing, sauces, etc.)

17. A few other items I’ve been eyeing…








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4 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Finds.

  1. Another fan of the Heather Robertson’s program here! I just started week 4 and while visually I don’t see a lot of changes I feel much stronger overall. This morning I made a note to self to order heavier weights(!), it’s been years since I’ve picked up heavier weights so that was a nice note to start my Monday on.

    1. Amazing! I feel the same way. I also just feel tighter all over. I can’t see much of a difference in the mirror, but my clothes feel different on my body!


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