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Mini Review: Lululemon Align Dress.

By: Jen Shoop

I’ve purchased a few fitness dresses and skirts this season for general active wear, and I was heavily drawn to Lululemon’s Align dress after hearing good things about it from a couple of different sources. I wore it this week for a walk with my girlfriend and then to chase the kids around, and found it super comfortable and flattering, plus it has semi-detachable shorts beneath that mean you do not need to take the entire dress off when using the facilities. (It’s hard to describe, but just trust that it works.) I sized up two sizes and found it fit perfectly. (I usually go up one or two sizes in Lululemon’s pieces, especially in the tops — I am narrow but find their sports bras in particular are extremely tight and even constrictive in the rib cage if I take my true size, and life is way too short to wear uncomfortable fitness clothes.) The padding in the bra area is removable, FYI, but I left it in, as I didn’t think it was as aggressive as the padding that’s come with other articles of clothing and it just felt like added coverage.

I have to say that I’ve never been a big athletic wear gal unless I’m working out, but I am finding a lot of use cases for fitness dresses and skirts right now. They feel a bit more feminine and polished than athletic shorts and a tee/tank, but they are just as functional. I’ve been wearing mine for walks with Tilly, my husband, and other friends; Saturday mornings when the children are running around the backyard and riding bikes; hikes; afternoons where we’re hanging indoor/outdoor. I had been hoping I’d carve out time to begin to practice golf, but that’s not yet happened — if/when I do, I’ll also wear them there.

Anyhow, just chiming in to let you know that this dress is an excellent one if you’re in the market. I also bought the Madewell flex dress, and I would rate the Lululemon one just a tad more highly because of the removable shorts function and overall fit/comfort. I slightly prefer the Madewell style’s neckline (I think the thin straps are more flattering on me, and less revealing, too), but the Lululemon one is more comfortable/less restricting overall — it has that patented Align fabric we all know and love — and I find the cut slimming and stylish.

lululemon align dress review
lululemon align dress review

Wearing above with my Naghedi tote, my Takeya water bottle, my Reeboks, this phone case, and an old high school hat – you can get a solid one in same hue here.

I shared more great fitness finds for summer in this post, but wanted to share that these budget-buy leggings and this tank are garnering some Internet love. I’m going to try the tank. I have been really enjoying wearing these running shorts, but they only work with a cropped tank/sports bra or they look super bulky/imbalanced IMO, and though I LOVE and regularly wear these racerback tanks from Beyond Yoga, I will say that they show sweat pretty easily and are not exactly moisture-wicking, so as the temperatures climb in D.C., I might need something more performance-material-esque. (I think the Beyond Yoga tanks might be optimal for yoga/pilates? I dunno – I am still wearing them because I love the colors, style, comfort, fit, etc, but wanted to flag. Any other recs for good fitted running tanks?)

Separately, as you may have noticed, I got my hair cut last Friday and am having fun wearing the style sort of wavy? My hairdresser (Ismail at George Salon at the Four Seasons in Georgetown) introduced me to this primer/protectant a few sessions ago and I find it makes my hair much easier to style how I’d like. It also dramatically reduces drying time!

And! While I’m bouncing around, in the back of this photo, you can see our bed made up in Boll and Branch bedding. The waffle blanket on the bed has been a Magpie bestseller this week, and you can get it for 20% off using code MAGPIE20. We also have these sheets, this duvet set, and these euro shams styled there — the code works on all of those items, too.

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10 thoughts on “Mini Review: Lululemon Align Dress.

  1. LOVE the haircut! So perfect on you!

    I have to head to Lulu this weekend so I’ll definitely try this on. I’m 5’7 so a lot of their items are really short on me. I’ll report back!

  2. Your hair looks fab! So fresh and fun for summer. I’m on the hunt for someone new to cut my hair in DC — do you like your stylist or others at that same salon? I’m in search of someone who beyond their talent is also friendly and engaging.

    1. Hi Sofia! I LOVE Ismail (“Ish”) — he is so easy to talk to, such a vibrant and kind and soulful person. I really enjoy our visits! I always leave with more than just a haircut. I have friends who go to other stylists there, too, and they get rave reviews across the board. STRONGLY rec that salon.


  3. LOVE your haircut! So cute!
    I tried on the Lulu dress and did not care for the v neck exposure but really didn’t like how the front part of the shorts just stops and its not a clean stop. Its like you put on a girdle and didn’t pull it up high enough. Kind of a muffin top feel I didn’t like as the dress did not lay smoothly. Huh?!! Just my thoughts

    1. Thank you on the haircut note!

      Oh no – I’m so bummed you had such a different experience with this dress! I wonder if it’s because I’m short that it feels like it fits me so well – I feel like the shorts hit at the right height on me? Maybe not the best for taller women? I will agree that the material is not “smoothing” or “sucking in” anything! It’s comfortable, though!


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