A Candy Themed Birthday for a Little One.

By: Jen Shoop

My girlfriend Jen just hosted a socially-distanced birthday party for her daughter outside that we sadly missed — but I was dying over the La Duree macaron cart she put together for it. Totally and unabashedly piggy-backing off her idea by starting to daydream about a candy-themed birthday for my own girl, turning four in three months! We won’t be having a party for it, but I am now planning to transform a little corner of our apartment into a candy cart for her to celebrate the day. The idea is quickly snowballing out of control, but I had to share so many precious finds I came across for the occasion, starting with this beyond adorable play candy cart and outrageously darling details like these candy-accented straws. OMG!

I always love Proper Peony birthday dresses for mini — this one is precious, as is this one, which mini wore last year. Also swooning over this hand-smocked ice cream style, this gorgeous handmade one (the pink and white stripe!), and this baby girl one that reads “too sweet” in hand-stitched embroidery along the bottom. Beyond! It is dawning on me that I probably do not have many more birthdays where my girl will tolerate such frou-frou-ness!


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8 thoughts on “A Candy Themed Birthday for a Little One.

  1. SO cute!! You may have already heard of them, but Miette in San Francisco is just the absolute most darling candy and pastry shop. You might get some extra inspiration from perusing their IG! And, definitely google “Miette San Francisco wallpaper.” I DIE every time I see it! And, when I found out Miette means
    “little crumb”, it became a contender for a daughter’s middle name 🙂 xo

    1. What a sweet thought for a future daughter’s middle name! Adorable! I do have the Miette cookbook and it is CHARMING. A friend of mine has a special affinity for a semi-similar concept — the Italian phrase “fare la scarpetta,” which refers to the act of mopping up the last bite of a dish of pasta with a scrap of bread. I mean, how Italian is it that they even have a phrase dedicated to the act in Italian? I think of the same thing as “miette” — the French so love pastry they came up with a word to describe the tiny crumbs left behind.


    2. Ahh that is amazing! Note to self: be more Italian in the New Year 😉

      In the same vein as Miette as a middle name, I also like Miel, which I’m sure you know means honey (in French and Spanish! ). You’re sworn to secrecy, but our girl name is Eloise ( my great grandmother’s name, and I think either Miel or Miette goes nicely 🙂 xo

  2. Adorable. Love all these ideas! I do need to plan a first birthday party for late February. Not sure I can justify going all out when it will likely just be us and grandparents…but she is a poor second child who hardly ever gets anything new just for her! Maybe a candy cart is called for.

    1. I know, too cute! I am having similar “reckonings” in the sense that I am thinking “well, if she can’t have the full party, why can’t she have part of the magic at home anyway?” Even if it is over the top…


  3. This is SUCH a cute idea! I may have to borrow it… my daughter’s already put in her cake request (strawberry cake covered in a lot of sprinkles), so it would match nicely!

    ( I love Ladurée too – my first macarons were from there, so they’ll always hold a fond place in my heart.)

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