Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 189: Last Minute Halloween Surprises + Being a Bodega Santa.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Last-Minute Halloween Surprises.

I went above and beyond this year attempting to make Halloween special, as mini has been very into the holiday this year and I don’t quite know how to respond when she talks about saying “trick or treat to everyone.” (She has already told me what she wants to be for next Halloween: Spiderman. Ha!) She lost her mind when I surprised her with a second pair of Halloween pajamas (these — and, now is a good time to buy a pair or two for next year, while they are only $22 plus free shipping with code FAMILY) and went wild when she came out of her bedroom to find these bats all over the windows (the spider version is still in stock and can be delivered by Halloween!) I was surprised that micro was very into the bats as well! Multiple times a day, he runs over to them, points at them, and says: “Ooooohhhhh!” The final few additions to my Halloween surprise train:




And, for Hill, I bought him this Batman Little People set after realizing I have all these little goodies (bath bomb, sticker books, slippers — all details here) for mini but only a book for him. Ah, second children. Anyway, he will love opening and closing the car and he’s always clutching a few Little People in his hands! Still available for delivery in time for the holiday if you order in the next day or two…

P.S. These gingham halloween treat bags (I bought Hill the orange one) are now on sale — in case you want to buy for next year!

You’re Sooooo Popular: A Sporty Tote.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This sporty tote — on sale!

+The Revlon one step — still on sale at Prime Day price for $29!

+These tweed combat-style boots.

+These precious children’s chairs (20% off with code LOVEHOME).

+Oversized cashmere waffle-knit sweater.

+Le clog.

+Chic python flat — will go with everything and j’adore the pointed toe. ($129!)

+Corduroy baseball hat.

+The best dry shampoo.

Weekend Musings: On Being a “Bodega Santa.”

I loved this post on Cup of Jo about being your loved one’s “Bodega Santa” — that is, “a member of your household who goes to the bodega for something you need and comes back with a variety of random/unnecessary treats.” I have to say, I am the queen of buying “random and unnecessary treats.” While “words of affirmation” is definitely my own love language (some well-timed praise from Mr. Magpie can entirely transform my week), I for sure communicate love to other people by showering them with gifts and treats, and during this pandemic, that has meant a freezer that is never without ice cream bars. Klondikes, Turkey Hill ice cream sandwiches, Haagen Dazs squares, Wegman’s house-brand chocolate peanut butter sundae bars, Snickers ice cream bars — you name it, I’ve bought it, much to the delight of Mr. Magpie, who would never purchase such indulgences for himself but will optimistically root around in the freezer after dinner.

What about you? When was the last time you played bodega santa in your household?

Post-Scripts: The Ulla Sweater.

+Can’t stop daydreaming about this loud Ulla Johnson sweater.

+These dramatic pearl earrings are so up my alley.

+Fun tartan puffer vest. I’d pair with black everything else and some edgy combat boots.

+More tartan greatness for holiday activities/festivities.

+Cute striped children’s tee for $5.50!

+This nightstand just makes me happy for some reason.

+So many great holiday finds at Target this year. They are already selling out of stuff if you can believe it (?!) I waited too long on the stocking holders I wanted from them (no longer available to ship), but went with this similar set instead.

+Is this dress amazing (on sale)?! Ahhh! A few of you have asked for family portrait dresses in warmer climates and this would be so epic.

+Adore this heart cable knit crewneck sweater for a little one.

+Fun striped pillows to refresh your living room or breakfast nook — love the gold colorway especially.

+Adore these fun letter patches to apply to just about any bag or even a cosmetic pouch like this.

+Attractive and inexpensive storage tower for a laundry room, children’s room, playroom, even a large bathroom (for towels).

+These dolls are so darling!

+This quilted headband immediately made its way into my cart.

+Sweet gift enclosures.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 189: Last Minute Halloween Surprises + Being a Bodega Santa.

  1. Yep! That’s me all right. Where have I been? I have never heard of this term. Now there is a name for my actions! I tell you what I’d love to get my hands on a box of Wegmans Peanut sundae bars! Sadly it probably won’t happen! I’ll settle for Klondike bars or a pint of Jenni’s ice cream almond brittle which I hide in the freezer!

  2. My husband is our “bodega Santa.” He does most of our grocery shopping and often comes home with a treat or flowers from Trader Joe’s! Always brightens my day to know he’s thinking of me.

  3. My 17 year old is definitely our Bodega Santa! Just yesterday evening I asked her to run to the store for a couple of ingredients and she came back with those and some fun cookies for dessert just “because they looked delicious”- she was right!

  4. Haha, I am DEFINITELY a “bodega Santa”. One of the things that (oddly?) brought me comfort after moving from NYC to Boston was the fact that we have multiple bodegas in my neighborhood! Haha. There’s also a mini Target not too far away, which makes getting treats easy. But yes — I’m big on treats, even if it’s just in the form of going to Whole Foods for our weekly grocery run and coming home with 3 flavors of ice cream and a Ripley’s card game that was on sale, like I did recently!


    1. Yes!! Love all of this! A Target just opened recently on the UWS literally around the corner from my old apartment, which was closer to Columbus Circle. I am both jealous and relieved that it opened when it did or I’m sure I would have spent way too much time there! They always have good/fun flavors in things like Milano cookies. Can’t resist…

    1. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and I use it only one or twice a week. I haven’t noticed any additional damage since using it. I do think it helps if your hair is already mostly dry either from air drying or traditional blower though.

    2. Hi Ana! I had heard that, too. I haven’t had an issue with it, and I literally use mine every other day, which is probably not the best for my hair! Maybe this is because I always use a heat primer on my hair before using it — right now, my favorite is Davines Oi Hair Milk, but I also love DryBar’s Prep Rally.


  5. In case anyone else is on the fence, need to share that after years of being a skeptic that the Revlon dryer could do anything for my very difficult curly hair, the $29 price tag convinced me to try it and OMG you weren’t kidding!! I was stunned at what a great blowout it gave me, AND how fast it was— I looked salon good after 10 mins. I have a drawer full of $$$ dryers that take at least 20. I’m a convert and fellow evangelist now!

    1. YAY Gina!!! I’m so excited to hear this! It still brings me tremendous joy. I used to avoid blowdrying my hair at all costs because it took SO LONG and my arms were always tired, etc, etc. Woohoo for Revlon.


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