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On My Radar: June 2024.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. My cousin asked me for pillow recommendations for a family room and I pointed her in the direction of either Pepper Home (especially love this pattern) or Pop o Color on Etsy. Both carry great fabrics/patterns but are much less expensive than the ones we’ve had custom-made via our interior designer. In making the suggestion, I discovered these cute Danika Herrick pillows in red, white, and blue and I can’t stop thinking about them…

02. It wouldn’t be summer without some fresh Lake Pajamas. I now have these blue pointelle ones in my drawer (seen at top) — ultra-lightweight and the blue color called my name. While I was daydreaming about the lake house writing haven yesterday, I thought of this set and how perfect they’d be for our trip to Deep Creek Lake later this summer…

03. Sephora just began to carry Fara Homidi’s viral lip palettes. I must admit that I am intrigued by the buzz and hype! Has anyone tried?!

04. Can’t stop thinking about this striped top and these matching striped pants for a major summer evening moment. Just so impossibly chic, I can’t deal. N.B.: I find Sezane’s pants run really small. Go up a size.

05. Net-A-Porter now carries Rue de Verneuil, and a great assortment of it. Perhaps this is because of my line of work, or my past as an entrepreneur, but any time I see a smaller brand make its debut on a big retailer, I find myself cheering. Like, big time! Big leagues! Also, I absolutely love this cherry red RDV tote — in line with my new red obsession. This particular shape/style reminds me of Hermes’ Garden Party bags.

06. I mentioned this recently, but this candle has been garnering quite a bit of positive attention. I love the idea of my home smelling like The Hamptons (!) I was just texting with some of our NYC friends, and we were reminiscing about one house we rented together in the Hamptons back when we lived in the city, and one of them said: “But remember how bad the cell service was?” and I said: “Part of the appeal, TBH!”

07. A great, well-priced bin for beer and soda during backyard hangs this summer. I also find these types of bins/buckets helpful for birthday parties and other miscellaneous children’s events, e.g., when you sign up to bring snacks for a sport or school event, or want a spot to toss lots of party favors, etc.

08. Clever little frosted cups for neighborhood walks and hangs. Would also make a great summer hostess gift. Conveniently 20% off right now!

09. The prettiest blouse. These are not inexpensive, but I have a few items from this brand and they are all spectacular. The patterns, the details, the heavenly airy material.

10. This white eyelet dress arrived and is absolute perfection. I feel so sexy in my Rixo pieces! They’re so beautifully cut.

11. Mentioned this collection quite a bit, but want to make sure you get your eyes (and possibly hands) on Doen’s red gingham pieces. They’re sure to fly.

12. I had the wrong link to this fun tomato necklace in Monday’s post — here is the correct one. Love all the whimsical pieces from this small brand.

13. These $60 mesh flats are trendy and FUN.

14. Everything Roundhouse makes is so charming — but especially these veggie plates.

15. These dreamy outdoor club chairs

What’s on your radar these days?

Side note: I just updated my promo codes page with some really good discounts at Spanx, Aurate, March Hare and more! Don’t forget I have a 15% off code to Mille, too!

P.S. The elegant, lopsided dance of motherhood.

P.P.S. That time my husband handed me an envelope containing the universe.

P.P.P.S. 3 A.M. parties.

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8 thoughts on “On My Radar: June 2024.

  1. Request for next Ask Magpie: light summer layers. I’ve been looking for light sweaters or jackets to wear over my summer dresses, both weekend and work, for first thing in the morning or when the air conditioning is too much. Everything I’ve considered either feels frumpy or too thick.

    1. YES! What do we wear over that Hill House Cosima dress? Also, sorry, but does anyone have a slamdunk summer date night outfit? Like, an outfit that’s realistic for being 38 and having had two kids, and easy to throw on for date at a neighborhood joint with husband/other couples but can be repeated a lot?

  2. Own and love those clever frosted cups! So fun and cheeky for happy hours with neighbors. On my radar is a Celine Panier hobo in raffia that I can’t get out of my head. If you can find similar for a fraction of the price that would be great.

      1. That’s the one! She is a little beauty! Thank you for the suggestions for less expensive alternatives.

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