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Recent Favorite Snags — All Under $160.

By: Jen Shoop

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Do you follow any fashion substacks? I really love enjoy ones from Jenny Walton, Megan Alida Strachan, and Becky Malinsky. They have a pared-down earnestness to them that appeals — sometimes, just a numbered list of things they’ve enjoyed wearing recently. I play around with permutations here, of course, but today, following the Substack model with a straight-forward numbering of items and why I love them. I own all of these (or they are en route to me as we speak) and they spark serious joy. A few are even duplicate purchases. Reviewing them, I realized how I’ve been enjoying playing around with darker colors and funkier silhouettes lately. I’m a floral girl at heart but — it’s fun to play with fashion, to go through seasons, to try new things on. A woman contains multitudes!

Below — 16 recent snags I’m excited about.

1 // SKIMS LACE TRIM BRALETTE — I’d wanted something a bit saucier than my True & Co, which remains one of the most comfortable and flattering underthings I’ve ever worn — but just so darn matronly? This Skims fit the bill.

2 // ADIDAS SAMBAS — These are some of my favorite shoes for the season ahead. I actually bought in the silver green color and shared alllll the details about sizing, styling, etc here. A stylist recently shared that creating a memorable fashion look often involves contrasts — and she often advises picking “the most unexpected shoe” to achieve this. So, you think about the shoe that seems perfect for the outfit, and you run in the opposite direction. I’m still digesting this suggestion, but I do think it’s been interesting to play around with pairing the sneakers with unexpected things — crisp white shirtdresses, dressy blazers, etc.

3 // LAKE PAJAMAS RELAX SET — The absolute dreamiest pajamas you’ll ever put on your body. The material is soft and ultra swingy/stretchy. It’s what I put myself to bed in after a long/challenging day.

4 // G LABEL REX SHIRT — I’d been wanting a long denim overshirt to wear this fall, and couldn’t believe my good fortune in finding this heavily discounted one from G. Label. It has SUCH chic lines. The hem in the rear is a bit longer and I love the Mandarin collar. You can get the look for less with this.

5 // GOOP DRY BRUSH — I’ve been hearing about the benefits of dry brushing for years now. One more item in the arsenal for those days I’m needing a little extra self-care/self-love — the kind where I’m taking care of myself as though sick.

6 // UGG TAZZ SLIPPERS — I majorly fell prey to street style and sellout factor. There were only three left in my size when I checked out, and they won’t arrive until October, but I locked ’em in. I love wearing slippers around the house in the winter and these randomly spark joy. More sizes here, and they will ship immediately. (I have a pixie size 5 foot.)

7 // L. L. BEAN MEDIUM BOAT AND TOTE — I bought a new one of these in the medium size with regular length straps in the natural/natural option (totally ecru, no contrast straps) with my initials in the khaki color as an everyday tote. Mr. Magpie has gotten a ton of use out of his Hunter’s Tote (same size, same style straps, but waterproof — his is the all green colorway) — he used all summer as his pool bag and then took on our recent trip to Maine as his carryon with just a book, phone, charger. It seems like the perfect size.

8 // PARIS SWEATSHIRT — Another heavily-documented purchase that I’m thrilled with and must keep sharing!

9 // MADEWELL WIDE-LEG CROPS WITH RAW HEM — Madewell sent me a few pairs of jeans to try and WOW are these fantastic. I absolutely love the length, the raw hem, and the wash is insanely chic. Take one size down from your true size.

10 // APPOINTED TASKS NOTEPAD — OK, this is not a recent buy, but it is my most-used notebook for quick scribbles, micro-lists, and “I just gotta get this on paper somewhere.” I love the dimensions and the top binding is a gift for lefties like myself. I’m nearly done with my first and will immediately reorder, probably in bulk. BTW, you can get 10% off with code MAGPIEBYJENSHOOP.

11 // AIRBROW — Seriously, this product might just be my favorite beauty discovery this year, and there have been a lot of incredible beauty discoveries/breakthroughs this year. This product is so easy to apply, holds brows in place without leaving them stiff, and fills/shapes so well. I’m ecstatic.

12 // JENNI KAYNE EVERYDAY SWEATER — This hasn’t technically arrived yet, but the number of people who chimed in to RAVE about this well-priced knit when I mentioned I’d ordered it startled me! More sizes and colors here.

13 // BIRKENSTOCK SHEARLING ARIZONAS — I’ve been wearing daily at my desk…!

14 // MINI CROSSBODY — Well-documented in these parts, but just in case you missed it the previous ten times I’ve shared: this $62 bag is SO cute and a great “inspired by” style if Hermes’ $30,000 version is not in the budget.

15 // FALKE COZY SOCKS — I need to up my sock game. I want to try styling socks with loafers/Birks/Sambas/etc this year and a few of you raved about the brand Falke. I started with these ultra-soft (not at all itchy!) socks in the perfect heathered taupe color and these “roll tops” from the same brand, which I think might be just the ticket for styling with most fall footwear.

16 // AUDIBLE SUBSCRIPTION (not seen above) — Also not technically a recent buy, but I did cancel my subscription for nearly a year, trying to instead rent audiobooks from the library. Honestly, I encountered a lot of frustration and lapses in reading with that mode of book use. It’s awesome you can rent through your local library but I found the return cycles and the wait times totally out of sync with how I read and what I want to read at any given time. Anyway, I went back to Audible and it’s just the perfect cadence. You get 1 audiobook credit a month, which just about syncs with how quickly I make my way through one.

P.S. Who are you when no one’s looking?

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