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Ask Magpie: Styling Ugg Tazz Slippers, Fall Bags, + Thin Knits.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image via Jenni Kayne.

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Q: A dress for a 1920s theme school fundraiser-something that doesn’t feel too costume-y and could ideally be a classic wardrobe piece.

A: This is breath-taking but has a definitive art deco / flapper vibe. I also think a silk slip dress is timeless and feels 20s/Gatsby but absolutely modern. This Nili Lotan is divine. Other, less expensive options here, here, and here.

Q: Thin sweaters to tuck into skirts/pants.

A: I really love this “perfect turtleneck” from Talbots — perfect weight and amount of stretch. Everlane is also a great source for basics like this — consider this crewneck and this polo neck one. If you’re looking to make an investment in this category, I would consider the beautiful knitwear from Loro Piana and Gabrielle Hearst. I stylist recently mentioned that she tries to buy one investment sweater each season, and I love that strategy and was thinking that a classic cashmere piece from one of those two brands would be a smart investment, to be worn from now until forever!

Q: An armchair for my three-year-old son’s room.

A: A slipcovered style is smart so you can wash/replace the cover when (not if) it gets messy, and I feel like it could be moved anywhere in the house / grow with your child (doesn’t feel babyish). This Target one is also handsome and much less expensive, and this Namesake is a good price for a classic style if you’re more into a glider. I also like those chair and a half options if you have the space — perfect for cuddling up with your little one and a book! These kids chairs are cute, too.

Q: How to style the Ugg Tazz slippers.

A: I ordered those too! I’ll be primarily wearing around the house, but I think the key is showing ankle so it doesn’t look sloppy. They’d be perfect with the clean lines / structure of my new wide-leg crop jeans. I got them in the Benley wash and they are the COOLEST shade of faded black. I also like the Tazz with athleisure — a big guide to my favorite pieces here, but imagine with these sweats.

Q: Any chance for a good fall bag under $50?

A: YES! I just ordered myself a medium sized LL Bean tote — natural with natural straps (so all ecru) and had my initials done in the khaki brown color. I feel like this will look SO good with jeans and fall colors, like this tweed jacket.

Q: The Loewe flow sneakers look for less.

A: These!!! Have heard they’re super comfortable, too.

Q: Halloween pajamas for my son.

A: I ordered Hill these (on sale!), but I also love these ones — they’re unisex, so I’ll probably order those for my daughter. Lake also just launched a really cute pattern for the occasion — you might need to type in the word TREAT to access them! Other Halloween options I love for little ones: these and these.

Q: A dressy flat to wear with cocktail dresses. I can’t wear heels!

A: I am drooling over these satin Le Monde Beryls. These from The Row are also the peak of chic. And these have a tuxedo vibe that is elegant/appropriate. You might also find inspo in this roundup of statement flats — how amazing are these?!

Q: A belt to wear with jeans.

A: Splurge: Celine. Imagine how epic this would look with a plain tee and jeans?! Wow. More attainbly priced / what I’m eyeing: any of the ones from Nili Lotan. I’ve also been hearing good things about the ones from Janessa Leone and B-Low the Belt. If you’re not as into the trendy bigger buckle styles, this Frame one gives me Hermes vibes, for under $200. Would be chic belted over a thin cardigan. Budget: J. Crew.

Q: Statement earring for fall.

A: I really like this chunky jeweled pair from Dries Van Noten and keep imagining them with a silky slip dress or dramatic top like this. Also been seeing a lot of chunky gold teardrop style earrings — like these.

Q: A black wedding guest dress for a formal wedding.

A: This or this!

Q: Navy blue bag for fall.

A: I love this croc Little Liffner, this Demellier, this Celine, this Khaite, this Rue de Verneuil.

Q: A gingham rug for my son’s nursery.

A: This!!!

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  1. A request for next time: outfits for all of the upcoming evening fall social events on the cal. Adult-only, non-dress options? (e.g. parent socials,
    cocktail mixers, date nights in the city, etc.) thank you!!

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