Honest Beauty Reviews: RMS SuperNatural Radiance Serum, Cocofloss Toothbrushes, Goop Vitamin C, and More.

By: Jen Shoop

RMS Beauty SuperNatural Radiance Serum SPF 30. (CLEAN) If you buy one item from this collection of reviews, let this be it. I am obsessed with this. I didn’t even know I needed this in my beauty routine? I apply it as the transitional step between skincare (cleanser, serums, moisturizer if needed) and makeup, and it acts like a blurring, radiance-enhancing, priming layer of SPF. I sort of consider it a “spackle” for makeup — it helps everything lay nicely on top but it also offers sun protection. It is SO good. I really like it for my exercise mornings, when I can apply it as the last layer before I head out the door, and I won’t be embarrassed if I run into a neighbor because it is like your natural skin “but better.”

Cocofloss Toothbrushes. I was excited to try these because Cocofloss changed my dental hygiene game! (Cocofloss is infinitely better than the standard glossy floss you buy at the supermarket. It really gets everything out from between your teeth, and my dental hygienist raved about it, too. The floss has been CRITICAL while I’ve been using Invisalign, as teeth are constantly shifting and flossing is a must.) Anyhow, the toothbrushes are great — they are really soft (which my dentists have been recommending for years, as the softer bristles are much better for tooth enamel) but designed to get into every nook and cranny. I trust this brand because of the quality of their floss and if they say “these toothbrushes are 16x more effective at cleaning between your teeth than a standard toothbrush,” I’m inclined to believe them. Still, I find them very similar in experience/softness to the Swiss brand we’ve used for years, Curaprox, which are about 1/4th the price. All in, I’m not sure worth the money relative to Curaprox, but then again, hard for me to truly assess the impact Cocofloss brushes are having on my oral health myself?

GoopGlow Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum (CLEAN). I know SO many of you are die-hards for this product, and I am also a big fan after trying for the past few weeks. My neighbor actually talked me into this product — she RAVED about it. I love Vitamin C products — I find Vitamin C to be the single-most important ingredient in achieving glow and luminosity in my skin — and this has probably the highest concentration of Vitamin C you can find on the market (20%). It’s also clean, and that appeals to me in my current efforts to “clean up” my makeup/skincare routine. This serum goes on like a lightweight oil — very thin/runny — but also absorbs very easily into skin. It is odorless, which is fantastic, as some of the vitamin c products that come heavily touted have a weird copper-like scent that I find cloying. I don’t see a huge difference in results between this product and my longtime favorite, Biossance’s Vitamin C oil, which is also clean and considerably less expensive, but the Goop serum is nice because it also includes hyaluronic acid (hydrating) and I might prefer the feel of the serum a tiny bit relative to Biossance? Still, both are excellent options.

Olio E Osso Shave Oil. (CLEAN) Absolutely obsessed with this elevated shaving product. Smells fabulous and leaves skin so gorgeously hydrated. Also makes shaving a breeze! Much more luxurious experience than your standard foam shave cream! A reader asked whether the oil “runs all over the place” / “leaves the shower floor slick,” and no to both. You pump out a tiny bit and it absorbs right into skin. A fantastic way to elevate your shower routine!

Olio E Osso Lustero Glow Body Oil. (CLEAN) I really doubled down (tripled down!) on the Olio E Osso products this summer, as I ordered both the glow oil and the classic body oil. I’m mildly obsessed with this woman-owned clean beauty brand, all of whose products are small-batch and hand-poured. They are truly beautiful products with a high-end, luxurious feel and I love the design of their labels and bottles. The glow oil is fabulous for giving you that candle-lit, slightly bronzed glow — perfect for bare shoulders in summer. I will note that this product can stain clothing if you are not careful. I applied all over and then lounged in my favorite Weezie short-sleeved robe and now the Weezie robe is permanently stained with pink-orange oil splotches. For that reason, I ordered the classic oil, which is colorless, and I use that post-shower, and then (carefully!) apply the glow oil once fully dressed, and rub well into shoulders/decolletage. If picking one, go with the classic body oil!

Kosas Air Brow. (CLEAN) This arrived only a few days ago but I LOVE IT. Thank you to all the Magpies who recommended! I find this to be very easy to apply thanks to its tiny little applicator — you can really fill the areas that need filling with precision. I also ordered the Westman Atelier brow pencil (also clean) but find myself reaching for the Kosas every morning. I will report back on the Westman after I’ve given it a fair try but my initial impression was that I needed to practice application with it, as the first go had me coloring way outside the lines of my brows.

RMS Beauty Straight-Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara. (CLEAN) I bought this as a Prime Day deal and it’s currently (as of time of writing) still heavily discounted (40% off!) there. I am medium on this product. I would reach for my tried-and-true Armani all day every day over this mascara, but (!) I will say that it’s a clean beauty product and it does deliver a nice, inky, thick coat, which tends to be my preference over super-natural looking lashes. I don’t love the applicator (it’s a little thick and therefore easy to smudge above/beneath lashes if you aren’t careful) and I find the formula clumps and flakes a bit. It’s squarely in the middle of the pack for me. If you are looking for a great clean mascara, you must try Ilia. It’s my favorite daytime mascara — not as dramatic and inky as Armani, but it does a great job lengthening lashes for a “are those extensions?” kind of result without looking over the top.

Goop Tinted Lip Balm. (CLEAN) This, in the peony pink, is an actual perfect lip product. Glides on like balm but leaves the most gorgeous pink pout!

Christophe Robin Sea Salt Hair Scrub. This is not really new because I’d used this years ago and then sort of forgotten about it, but hallelujah was I glad to rediscover this product this summer! Lots of sweat, SPF, chlorine, etc, and this hair scrub gets it all out. It might sound off-putting to apply a scrub with salt granules in it to your hair (will it ever come out?!) but this stuff really works and trust me, all the granules do come out, leaving roots springy and scalp clean and happy.

Heeta Scalp Massager. If you really need a deep clean, use this scalp massager to get the salt scrub (or any shampoo) into a good lather. I needed this mid-summer after using the new Goop shampoo/conditioner duo, which (see next note) I really liked at first but then found it left too much build-up/protein in my hair and was weighing it down. The scalp massager got everything out!

Goop Shampoo + Conditioner Duo (CLEAN). I really leapt at the chance to try this new clean shampoo/conditioner duo — there aren’t many clean shampoos out there that have gotten a lot of press/praise/enthusiasm. The first few uses, I was obsessed. The shampoo lathers gorgeously and hair feels soft, hydrated, detangled immediately after. However, I think because of the protein in the products, it really weighed down my hair by the fourth use or so, and I felt like I couldn’t get it out of my hair. I have very fine hair so this might be a better product for those of you with thicker hair that can stand up to the protein in the formula. I would avoid if you are like me!

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush. Still playing around with this one — SO many rave reviews on this TikTok viral product from Selena Gomez’s new line. I’d heard you need to go light on application as the product is heavily pigmented, but maybe I’m playing it too safe? My other hunch is that I need a different brush or applicator to apply, because the one I’m using seems to absorb a lot. Anyway, the few times I’ve tried this so far, I’ve liked it but not been, like, ga-ga over it. Going to continue to play with it, but it is hard to top my beloved Merit blush balms (clean), which are SO easy to apply and come in really fabulous colors. I love the way Merit products are all fairly sheer and buildable. My only gripe with the Merit blush balms are that I don’t think they have great staying power — I feel like I need to reapply every few hours. Rare Beauty promises to stay put. However, I did just purchase Milk Makeup’s beauty setting spray (clean) on the recommendation of a few Magpies and am hoping this seals in the Merit blush a bit better.

Wander Beauty Blush/Illuminator Duo. I rarely use the blush side (see notes above on my preferences there!) but the illuminating side is SO GOOD. OMG. I love a highlighter, but this one is extra. It’s so easy to apply — a quick slick over cheeks, on tip of nose, etc! — and it makes skin look absolutely flawless. I am a total sucker for an illuminator/highlighter and have raved about a ton of these, but this one is my current favorite. I also do like to toss this in my pool bag for a quick touch up of blush and illuminator post-pool without having to apply anything else. Very compact!

SuperGoop Glow Stick. You all know how obsessed I am with SuperGoop’s Play sunscreen — everyone in my family uses this. The Glow Stick is fantastic for applying to my children’s faces — it glides on like a dream, which is so nice because my children are always wiggling and whining during this process. My only caveat is that because it glides on so easily and is totally clear (no white cast), you have to be careful about thorough application! The white cast of some other competitors can be handy because you know where you applied! I also love the stick for myself, and keep one in the pool bag for quick, mirrorless reapplication. You can currently buy a GlowScreen / GlowStick duo at a discount here. Both of these products are incredible!

Jillian Dempsey Eye Masks. Holy moly! These are FANTASTIC. I’d never used an eye mask before, but these really work if you are struggling through a morning with no sleep and want to look more rested for a special event / meeting / etc. I’m not sure how they work, but they truly do brighten the entire area and leave your skin looking dewy and hydrated. They are pricey so I am doling out carefully for emergency situations. STRONG rec.

+Not beauty exactly, but beauty adjacent — I have to call out a few of the little accessories seen in the photo at top. I love this slightly ridiculous terry headband for washing my face / applying masks just out of shower! This shell claw clip is so fun for half-up-half-down and looks like it cost a lot more than $10; this marble tray is fantastic for corraling all my skincare products in one place on the counter without looking like a huge clutter; and this scalloped toothbrush holder sparks serious joy for me for some reason.

My question for you Magpies: do you have a clean cleanser you like? I really liked Youth to the People’s formula (a great lather, leaves skin squeaky clean, and I love the scent), but am keen on trying something clean next. Recommendations?


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22 thoughts on “Honest Beauty Reviews: RMS SuperNatural Radiance Serum, Cocofloss Toothbrushes, Goop Vitamin C, and More.

  1. Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser is one of my all time favorites, I go back to it again and again. Also, I love posts like this, I never get sick of them.

  2. Also! Would recommend looking into Acure products (at Whole Foods and sometimes Target) as a somewhat lower price point. I’ve really liked their glycolic-lactic acid face wash for my normal level skin that often has a couple of hormonal breakouts along with their brightening scrub – the combo of chemical and physical exfoliants has been helpful for me!

  3. So many intriguing cleanser suggestions in the comments, love it! I did just want to throw in a quick cautionary note that the Supergoop glow stick is unfortunately not water-resistant or waterproof – so I loved it too, but unfortunately had to stop using it because we live in Florida and my kids are constantly in and out of the water. It is good for a day of water-free outdoor play though! Just wanted to give that heads-up since you referred to having one in your pool bag.

    Thank you, as always, for the wonderful content!

  4. Re: cleansers — not sure this is “clean” but as someone who has had recurring eczema, hives, etc, I stand by good ol’ Cerave! Particularly the hydrating cream-to-foam formulation (not the regular hydrating one) because I feel like it REALLY cleanses (esp. to wash off sunscreen). It’s supposed to take off makeup, including eye makeup. I hardly wear makeup, but my SIL does and she uses this same cleanser. I also tend to go for a lower priced cleanser because it stays on the skin for the least amount of time, and I’m more willing spend on serums, eye cream, sunscreen etc.

    But! I am intrigued by the cleanser recently released by ILIA, that is supposedly good for sensitive skin as well (fragrance-free, etc).

    1. Thank you for both of these! Sometimes the classics (Cerave) just can’t be improved upon. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I use the Farmacie makeup remover which is so effective it’s ridiculous and the Biossance cleanser which I love because it comes in a pump bottle, smells great, and feels amazing!

  6. I see a lot of Goop products on this list, so I would be remiss not to recommend the Goop Malachite Cleanser! It is clean, and I love that it comes in a pump instead of a tube (little things I suppose, ha!). It also smells great and I feel like it gets my skin squeaky clean without being drying. Big fan!

    1. Ooo thank you, Joanna! I’ve slowly but surely become a…Goop-head? Ha. So many great products. Thanks for the tip!

  7. As always, love hearing your thoughts on a variety of new products! Definitely a few in here that I’m going to check out now.

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as clean, but I am next level obsessed with this Skin Medica cleanser:

    My dermatologist recommended it to me and I promptly purchased and ignored it on my shelf for months, thinking it can’t really solve everything and I’m fine without it. Then one day in a moment of desperation I remembered I had this and within 2 uses all of my problems were solved. Truly love this cleanser and it’s a forever repurchase for me now!

    1. WOW – words of PRAISE. I remember this brand, too, from when I tripped and split my forehead open (!!!) and the plastic surgeon I consulted with recommended the scar gel from this brand. It seems very reputable / medical grade. Thanks!!

  8. Clean face cleansers: True Botanicals balm for removing make up and Tata Harper refreshing for a second cleanse or for morning (I started using this in my early 40s when my skin got dry).

    1. Ooo thank you…I used and loved Tata’s regenerating cleanser for years but started to feel like it was too much exfoliation. Think I’ll try the non-exfoliating cleanser instead. Thanks for the reminder!


  9. Thank you for all this detailed information. Did you ever end up trying the Goop Microderm Glow Exfoliator? If so, I’m curious how you found it.

    1. Hi Anne! Yes, I did, and I can’t believe I forgot to include in this roundup. It is EXCELLENT. I love it so much I bought a small size to take with me on the limited travel I have this summer. It’s both a physical and chemical exfoliant and I love that you get both that refreshing sensation of washing off all the granules and feeling like your skin has had a good deep scrub AND the chemical results. I personally use it before a night out or sometimes the morning after a night out when I feel like I need a big scrub / refresh, but it’s gentle enough to use a few times a week. Really love love love.


  10. I love Oseas Ocean Cleanser! I actually apply it dry, rub in, and rinse off. It has a really pleasant texture (not foaming, not a gel, somehow something else?) and smells great. I actually really love most everything I have tried from Osea!

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