Big Little Lies.

By: Jen Shoop

…Two months later…

I finally finished Big Little Lies.

It should have taken me a few days to tear through, but I kinda had a major interruption.  I have to say, I’d probably add it to my list of favorite beach reads.  It was juicy and trashy in all the right ways, but with enough substance to make me think not only about our social conventions around marriage and motherhood and child-rearing, but also about violence and cruelty and whether these things are in-born and inherited or shaped through our interactions with the world.  The ol’ nurture vs. nature debate, which always catapults me into memories of high school biology, memorizing the details of Darwin’s travels and Mendel’s pea experiments.

As an aside: not to self-aggrandize, but I was always exceptionally good at biology.  I have a mind for short-term memorization–I can cram it full of definitions and theorems and equations in advance of a big test, but they then have a short shelf-life and promptly fall out the back of my head, making space for new, trivial, facts and fictions.  I always admire, by contrast, those people who can remember the finest details of an afternoon of their childhood bedroom or what they ate on that one afternoon three years ago at the cute little corner restaurant.  I wonder if this is a biological trait: some of us have greater strength in long-term storage, while others of us can stockpile boatloads of information for the here and now with no hope for remembering it come next month.  Or maybe we train ourselves to be stronger at one approach or the other depending on our needs.

And so, here we are, back at the old nurture v. nature crossroads.

What did you think?

I’m also about to start tuning into the HBO series based on the book and am tres excited.  (P.S. — I am also just starting this book, another chick lit suspense thriller in the style of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train.  I need light, airy reads right now.)

10 things I’m also tres excited about:

Pick No. 1: The Scarf-Handle Bag

A few seasons ago, Fendi started styling its purses with an elegant scarf wrapped around the handle.  I know this because my bestie snagged a maj Fendi bag (all the jealous eyes) and reported that she had been “upsold” into buying a coordinating scarf to tie around the handle, which was not really her style, but which we both obsessed over.  (And which promptly became her style.)  The snap shown below is actually of a Celine bag, but this is very much the Fendi steez:


Though the Fendi Peekaboo is on my lifelong lust list  (I want one in the largest size, in a fun and unexpected color, like blue or maybe this cool dove gray with the speckled tortoise-shell accent situation), it’s not in the cards for the immediate future.  Therefore, I was ecstatic to find this affordable little Sam Edelman lovely ($198)!

The Fashion Magpie Mia Pink PurseThe Fashion Magpie Sam Edelman Scarf Bag

Alternately, contemplating snagging this pretty pink crossbody from J. Crew ($98) and tying my own scarf (or this $45 lovely from Cuyana) around the handle.

Pick No. 2: The Lace Dress

Welp, this dress ($129) is the perfect answer to all your “what do I wear to that weekend event?” queries.  Perfect for brunch, christenings, garden parties (if one lives like the cast of Southern Charm…), fancy happy hours, etc.

The Fashion Magipe HM Seafoam Lace Dress

P.S. — J. Crew also has an eyelet asymmetrical top that fits a similar style profile for $98.

Pick No. 3: The Statement Earring

Y’all know how much I love my Rebecca de Ravenel Bon Bon earrings (and all of the more affordable lookalikes, especially the BaubleBar Crispins).  Well, I’m now obsessed with her “Hoop La La” earrings ($345).  This chickadee has le magic touch.  #Need.

The Fashion Magpie Rebecca De Ravenel Laeticia Hoop La La Earrings The Fashion Magpie Rebecca De Ravenel Laeticia Hoop La La Earrings 2

Pick No. 4: The Denim Top

Very into this denim tie-neck blouse from Gap ($59).  (I’m very into denim more generally R.N. — especially the joverall.)  It scratches an itch I’ve had since spotting this $325 Piamita denim statement top.

The Fashion Magpie Denim Tie Neck Blouse Gap The Fashion Magpie Piamita Denim Blouse

Pick No. 5: The Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

Love these cheery (and shockingly affordable) monogrammed cosmetic bags ($24 apiece).  What a great gift for bridesmaids, or for sisters, or for best friends…

The Fashion Magpie Monogram Cosmetic Bag

Pick No. 6: The Bow Top.

OK, sorry: more bows.  But how amazing is this $55 white bow-shouldered top?!  Love how it’s styled here, with light wash denim.

The Fashion Magpie White Bow Top ASOS 1 The Fashion Magpie White Bow Top ASOS 2 The Fashion Magpie White Bow Top ASOS 3

Pick No. 7: The Floral Jumpsuit.

You guys know I’m obsessed with all things floral for spring, and this TopShop jumpsuit ($95) is no exception.  Talk about stress-free dressing.  Slip into this puppy, throw on some sandals and shades, and you’re insta-chic.

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Floral Print Jumpsuit

Pick No. 8: The Hair Serum.

In my perpetual quest for better hair, I recently discovered that one of my favorite street style bloggers, Arielle of SomethingNavy, swears by GHD’s Smooth + Finish serum ($24).  Added to my trusty old list of tricks.  (Also, my mom recently commented on one of my posts bemoaning my hatred of blow-drying my hair to remind me about a micro-fiber towel she gave me in my stocking a few years ago, which she says works wonders for getting a lot of the surplus moisture out of your hair post-shower.)

The Fashion Magpie GHD Smooth and Shine Hair Cream

Pick No. 9: The Personalized Bangle

I’ve been looking for a personalized piece of jewelry to engrave minimagpie’s initials or name onto.  My first thought was a delicate Maya Brenner necklace with her initial on it.  Then I came across these amazing, elegant bangles ($76) from Etsy store Merci Maman with subtle initials engraved onto the edge.  Love the hand-written quality of the engraving.  I’m debating between the bangles shown below, or this disc necklace with her full name on it, or this heart-charm bracelet. And P.S.: these customizable earrings would make such a darling gift.

The Fashion Magpie Personalized Rose Gold Bangle The Fashion Magpie Personalized Gold Bangle The Fashion Magpie Personalized Silver Bangle

Pick No. 10: The New Label: Ganni.

Are you guys familiar with the label Ganni?  If not, you should be.  It’s another under-the-radar-but-with-maj-potential line that has been releasing some amazing pieces.  I first fell in love with it when I laid eyes on this velvet maxi (on sale for $307) over the winter, back when I was dying over all things velvet.  I’m considering snagging it and storing it for next winter now that the price has dropped…

The Fashion Magpie Ganni Velvet Dress

The Fashion Magpie Ganni Velvet Gray Dress

But, for something more season-appropriate, I love this bow-shouldered dressthis chic jumpsuit in its subtle but sophisticated “sand” color; and this sexy rose-print tulle top.  (Can you IMAGINE the latter layered over a black silk camisole, black skinnies, and some MAJ red lips?!  And on that note, I always reach for my Mac lipsticks when I’m going red.  They stay on for a loooong time.  Just make sure to moisturize first–I swear by this stuff, as you know–and use a lip scrub after.  Mac’s Ruby Woo red color has something of a cult following, but they’re all really solid hues.)

P.S. — Just snagged this for minimagpie’s Easter basket.  (I’m a mom now!  I buy presents for holidays!)  And speaking of Easter, Target always has the most fun little decor finds for holidays, like these marbleized Easter eggs.

P.P.S. — This floral, ruffled top ($75) looks much higher end than the price tag entails.  LOVE.



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4 thoughts on “Big Little Lies.

  1. I read Big Little Lies last month just so I could indulge in the series and so far it has not disappointed! The casting is divine (love seeing Reece as grown-up but more fun version of Tracy Flick and Nicole nails the effortlessly perfect but hiding a terrible secret Celeste), the plot deals with all kinds of good and important issues, and there is plenty of dishy fun. And the real estate porn…. They did a nice job of keeping things interesting for those who’ve read the book by changing things up a bit and adding layers. Very interested to see how it all ends next week….

    1. OMG, I’ve watched the first four episodes in the last 24 hours now and am hooked. The casting is unbelievable. I especially love Adam Scott — what an incredible performance! I had no idea he had this in him, having only seen him in Parks + Rec prior. ALSO. I love the slight twists they made to certain characters, i.e., Bonnie is so chic and cool instead of earthy-crunchy-granola. Makes her relationship with Abigail so much more believable! And, even though I usually think Nicole Kidman is botoxed to within an inch of her life, I’m totally struck by how talented and gorgeous she is in this role. Very much enjoying it!!

  2. LOVE! So busy- growth spurt! But wanted to thank you for the cookies- they work for both the palate and the breast, ha! And thank you for the daily blog updates ❤❤

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