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Fruit Cup.

By: Jen Shoop

A long-standing bugaboo between Mr. Magpie and I is my use of the phrase “fruit cup.”

He insists that “fruit cup” can only refer to those pre-packaged Dole containers filled with syrupy, soupy lumps of colorful…stuff (is it really fruit??), and that the correct term for a bowl of sliced fruit is “fruit salad.”

Which is why I stubbornly insist on calling it “fruit cup,” for now and forever.

I also (according to Mr. Mags) mispronounce “Twizzler” and “kindling.” I guess I introduce an extra syllable in both words — “Twizz-ell-er” and “kin-dell-ing”–but at least I say “crayon” properly (“cray-ahn” — have you met people that pronounce it “crown”?!)

On the other hand, for a long time, I mis-pronounced “bratwurst.”  (Ha, can you tell I live in the Midwest, where I have multiple occasions within the span of a few months to say “bratwurst”?!  All of you Californians are probably squinting in disbelief.  But, yes, I live in Illinois, and we eat lots of beef and pork out here.  Don’t ya know.  Wouldn’t be surprised if mini’s first word is “meat.”  And P.S., will she have a Chicago accent?!  AHHH!)  At any rate, I could never quite get “bratwurst” done, for some reason introducing an “h” into the word, or transposing an “s” — referring to it as “bratwurth” or “bratswurst.”  #Embarrassing.

But, these little slip-ups are often cause for laughter and even endearment (Mr. Magpie once told me he hopes I never pronounce Twizzler the right way)–though not as much laughter as my sister’s routine botching of colloquialisms gives way to.  She is highly intelligent, articulate, and well-read, but she consistently screws up common turns of phrase.  Case(s) in point: she once said I was “beating a horse to death” (instead of “beating a dead horse”), and another time referred to a man running on the side of the road in a gray, form-fitting sweatsuit as “Rocky Bullwinkle” (instead of Rocky, the boxer).

At any rate, this post is not meant to be about linguistic faux pas, but rather, about fruit-inspired fashion, of which there are many funky-cool options on offer at the moment.  Take it from these ladeez:

The Fashion Magpie Fruit Print Street Style 1 The Fashion Magpie Fruit Print Street Style 2 The Fashion Magpie Fruit Print Street Style 3

Yessss.  Note how these ladies prevent themselves from looking like clowns by pairing these fun/slightly juvenile prints with sophisticated add-ons.  This is how the true chic peas do it.

Below, my favorite fruit-cup-inspired fashion centerpieces:

+This Isolda dress (on sale for $524) would be the toast of a summer BBQ.  I loveeee.

+Lemon tree earrings ($58).

+Charlotte Olympia fruit kitty flats ($655) — love the rattan fabrication!  So chic with some simple jeans and a white button-down.  HELLO.

+Stella McCartney citrus swimsuit ($245).

+The coolest popsicle molds ($19).  Curious about making boozy popsicles this summer…

+Lemon clutch ($75).  Would look amazing against denim — a jean jacket over a LWD, or a denim dress!

+This garland would set the mood for a little outdoor shindig ($17).

+Cheeky beaded fruit earrings ($20/set) from Etsy!

The Fashion Magpie Isolda Fruit Print Dress

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Lemon Tree Earrings


The Fashion Magpie Charlotte Olympia Fruit Kitty Flats


The Fashion Magpie Stella McCartney Citrus Swimsuit


The Fashion Magpie Popsicle Molds

The Fashion Magpie Lemon Straw Clutch

The Fashion Magpie Meri Meri Fruit Garland


The Fashion Magpie Fruit Print Earrings

+Not for the faint-of-fashion-heart, but how EPIC is this banana-print MSGM top ($381) and skirt ($684) combo?!  Or, you could just go with one or the other: just the top with a simple white skirt or pair of light-wash jeans, or the skirt with a white tank tucked into it?!  AMAZING.  Loud and proud, ladies.

+Maybe PERFECT with these Aquazzuras ($775)?  DIE.

The Fashion Magpie MSGM Banana Top

The Fashion Magpie MSGM Banana Skirt

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura Passion Sandals

+Or, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a pool this summer, check out these AMAZING pool floats from SunnyLife.  I love the banana float ($60).  Daiquiri, please and thank you.

+Love this pineapple-print one-piece from Onia ($195).

+And how about these adorable banana earrings ($200)?  Again, a little goes a long way…so if you’re wearing something as wild as these badboys, keep the rest of the look toned down.  Maybe pair with a breezy white top ($106) and some espadrilles ($120) for a splashy but chic look.

+This asymmetrical top from hot line Rosie Assoulin ($1,695) is MAJ.

+On the subtler end of the spectrum, these gold pineapple-inspired drops ($98) from Lele Sadoughi are fun.

The Fashion Magpie Banana Pool Float

The Fashion Magpie Onia Pineapple Swimsuit


The Fashion Magpie Mercedes Salazar Fiesta Banana Clip On Earrings

The Fashion Magpie Rosie Assoulin Top

The Fashion Magpie Lele Sadoughi Pineapple Earrings

+These fruit-adorned clutches are everything ($173).  I especially love the neutral one.  (Or, get the look for less with this $58 steal.)  Not shown below, but this watermelon-adorned clutch is also amazing.

The Fashion Magpie Serpui Marie Fruit Clutch 1 The Fashion Magpie Serpui Marie Fruit Clutch 2 The Fashion Magpie Serpui Marie Fruit Clutch 3

+Finally, I’ll just conclude with this EPIC EPIC EPIC D+G pineapple-print dress ($2000).  Wow wow wow wow.  BUT WE CAN GET THE LOOK FOR LESS WITH THIS $100 STEAL.  YAHOOOOOO.

The Fashion Magpie Dolce and Gabbana Pineapple Print Dres


P.S. — How adorable is this pineapple-print toddler bedding ($98)!!?!?!?  I loveee.  Also, these fruit-print bibs (3 for $20)!!!

More Fruity Finds…

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5 thoughts on “Fruit Cup.

  1. I have to say, I’m with Mr. Magpie on the use of fruit cup … but I’m with YOU on adding an alleged extra syllable to Twizzler! I do the same – so funny. And my sister-in-law definitely says “crowns” for “crayons” … ::covers ears::

    How much do I love that Stella McCartney swimsuit? Let me count the ways… I already picked up a summer swimsuit from Onia (not the pineapple one, sadly!), but if I hadn’t, the Stella would totally be on my list.

    1. LOL. Twizz-ell-er twinzies. I know, that Stella beaut is an epic one that will likely haunt me forever if I don’t make the plunge. Just like this scalloped Miu Miu swimsuit I passed on a few years ago that I still daydream about!

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