A Fab Party Dish.

By: Jen Shoop

A few weeks ago, Mr. Magpie and I hosted a family gathering. We dubbed it “happy hour” and wanted to offer a semi-substantive appetizer without being too fussy or too involved. Enter Serious Eats’ Sheet Pan Pizza, an approximation of the renowned Prince Street Pizza in Nolita, which Mr. Magpie and I loved so much when we lived in NYC that we made multiple meccas downtown for the sole purpose of grabbing a slice of their Sicilian-style pies, which says a lot if know the context: getting there involved a 35-40 minute subway trek and the the Prince Street location has no seating and often a line around the block and then you must just stand there eating it like an animal on the street, with no place to perch. It’s as unglamorous a dining experience as they come, but damn is that pizza good. We were skeptical — especially about the use of sliced deli mozzarella — but Serious Eats’ version is surprisingly close to the real thing, with a focaccia-like oily crust (praise God for those corner pieces) and a spicy, chunky red sauce. It is toothsome and satisfying and, if your are like my brother-in-law, you may find yourself eating half the sheet without thinking about it.

It was, in my opinion, the perfect dish for the occasion. Mr. Magpie made the dough earlier in the morning and baked the entire pie midday and just slid back into the oven before guests were about to arrive. It reheats beautifully. It’s also substantive, impressive, and serves a sizable crowd. We sliced ours into small squares and arrange on white platters so that they were easy to grab and eat while standing with a glass of wine. And, I mean — who doesn’t like pizza?!

We loved it so much we just remade it last week for ourselves. Mr. Magpie doubled up on the amount of sauce he made and just froze the extra for future batches. He prepared the dish but insists it was fairly straight-forward/not particularly advanced, so don’t let the specter of making the dough intimidate you.

Had to share — a great option for a casual holiday gathering, or for a family meal, or for a random Saturday night when you have a hankering for New York’s finest.


+Another fun meal idea.

+A light weeknight meal. This dish skews towards summer but frankly I eat it year-round. Just writing about it now I taste the tang of the lemon and the crunch of the pistachio and…! I might need to whip up a batch.

+Some holiday baking recipes I love.

+Notes on entertaining at home.

+My favorite drinkware.

+At your next party, slip into something feathered! After publishing this post, I discovered this fur-trim, pearl-buttoned cardigan which is just the chicest way to test the trend without going all in. Currently in my cart. I’m imagining wearing over a black watch tartan wool strapless dress from Ralph Lauren I’ve had since college (!) that I’ve worn nearly every holiday season since.

Shopping Break.

+Sephora’s holiday promotion is open to VIB card holders starting today (use code YAYHOLIDAY). I shared all my top picks here, but wanted to add that this stunning Gucci eye palette is included and would make such a fabulous gift…or treat for yourself. Like, even just as decor on your vanity! Spectacular! There are also two really cute little gift sets that would be good for a teen girl or beauty lover in your life at a great price: this LaNeige duo and this Sugar Lip set.

+Now THIS dress is ready for NYE. J’adore!

+I’ve never ordered anything faster than this well-priced set of spiral red taper candles — $18 for 12?!?! — and perfect for holiday tablescapes.

+Speaking of candles, I have these hand-painted tapers in my cart as a possible hostess gift. My mom would love these!

+H&M has two fabulous sherpa bags to consider — this clutch, which I would wear sans chain (if removable) or tuck inside the bag (if not removable) and this shopper. Both under $35 and giving me major Stand Studio vibes for a fraction of the price.

+I don’t need new house slippers (still absolutely living in my Birdies from last year) but I keep coming back to these in the green. The peak of chic!

+Fab, loose-fit velvet dress — would work with bump or post-partum!

+These low-heeled, braided velvet sandals would be a smart buy for a holiday wedding. You could wear them all night without complaint! Love the idea of them peeking out from beneath a satin hem.

+Another great gingham top similar to the Emerson Fry style we all love, but 1/3 the price.

+This jingle bell wreath is adorable and only $60! Great value for something you can pull out year after year and not worry about browning on the door!

+This red maxi (under $200) is SO chic for holiday.

+Just a reminder that we may be in the final few days to order your live garland in order for it to arrive for the Thanksgiving table. Apologies if I’m being redundant, but I ordered a magnolia leaf one last year and thought it was the best bang for my buck because, unlike cut flowers, the garland lasted from Thanksgiving through Christmas and made the dining room look festive for over 30 days! The garland does brown and crisp naturally but it looks super chic all the way through. This year, I tried the olive leaf and myrtle just for comparison’s sake.

+More holiday finds here.

+Adore this ladylike jacket in the chicest blue shade. More jackets along these lines here.

+This dining table looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest but is $1000, which feels like a pretty reasonable price!

+This ByTimo midi is still calling my name. Love it paired with croc or suede boots.

+Speaking of cord, these straight-leg cords are such a good deal (currently under $50) and are SO on-trend in terms of cut and color. I love all three colors! I ordered in the burgundy.

+Another on-trend silhouette: this half-zip sweater. Would layer over a tissue turtleneck.

+Ponchos are impractical in truly cold weather because they don’t play nicely with coats/outerwear, but for lounging at home or on days in the 50 degree range, they can’t be beat. I have several that have been in heavy rotation. So easy and comfortable and flattering. I love this J. Crew style!

+This shop is THE source for statement sconces in designer fabrics. An easy way to update your bedroom/dining room/living room/etc, and not as expensive as you might think.

+This $110 cage bag looks like almost identical to a style from Rosantica that costs $1,400.

+This metallic tweed dress is festive without being over the top and kind of reminds me of something that Twiggy would have worn in the 60s. So good!

+This Mason Pearson comb is a handsome addition to your man’s stocking.

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