Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 77: The Black Mirror.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Mini Golden Goose Sneaker Lookalikes.

I had to showcase another new pair of shoes I found for mini today (sorry for the trend): I had mentioned that I was sad that these Yosi Samra sneaks did not come in mini’s shoe size, and was therefore ecstatic to find Nicola Bathie point me in the direction of this precious pair from Zara (shown above on Instastory). Now she can coordinate with my Golden Geese.

The Fashion Magpie Kids Star Sneakers

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Peplum Blouse.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+Peplum white perfection.

+Vintage Chanel earrings.

+Chanel vibes for less.

+My new favorite hair tie.  (P.S. – You all were right!  I LOVE this thing.  Also, FYI, one order on Amazon comes with THREE hair ties.  I thought it was only for one and was thinking, “Better not lose this damn thing!”)

+Preppy scallops.

+A chic tweed slingback.  (Under $100!)

+One way to make lunchtime more fun for your kiddos.

+One of my favorite lip balms.

+The chicest baby gate known to man.

#Turbothot: The Black Mirror.

Earlier this week, you may have had trouble accessing my blog. This is because we were adding a security certificate to our site to add an extra layer of security and things became more complicated than they needed to be. Unfortunately, the installation process was beyond my own technical ken, so all I could do was sit back and wait for our developers to rectify the situation.

Having worked on technical products for three different start-ups, I know that site outages for various reasons are not uncommon. And I also know that though they are an inconvenience, many of us in the modern era have come to accept them as a routine, temporary happening: “Oh, that site’s down. I’ll come back later.”

And still I lay in agony. It was as though the basement of my house was flooded and there was nothing I could do about it. The feeling of possessiveness startled me: even though I knew we would be back up and running in short order, I felt a breathless, irrational anxiety.

Upon reflection, I realized that I felt this way because my blog is an extension of me, a space fitted to the contours of my evolving thoughts, sensibilities, experiences, fancies, aspirations, frustrations, failures. It is a mirror of me. It is my chronicle and my arbiter. So seeing an ugly technical error message serve up in lieu of the familiar look and feel of me – well, it felt horrific, like turning to look at my reflection and finding a robot in lieu of myself.

Black mirror indeed.

(Does anyone watch that show?)

#Shopaholic: The Midi Skirt.

+A great price on an easy-to-wear midi skirt that will go with EVERYTHING.  No, really.  Over a bathing suit!  With a frilly white blouse!  With one of those uber-trendy smocked tops (I’m eyeing this one, which looks kind of like a Brock Collection piece!)

+This book looks delightful for those of us who enjoyed Princess Margaret’s character in The Queen.

+I’m super excited to read this book after one of my book club members (I see you, J!) raved about it.   (I love a juicy bit of investigative journalism, especially on the topic of a potentially sociopathic female founder…!)  Also, are you reading along with next month’s book pick?!

+These phone cases are loud and proud.

+Super chic counter stools.

+I love this $24 Victoriana blouse in the white/ivory.  Very Veronica Beard!  I’d wear it under a pair of joveralls or with skinnies and a statement blouse.

+Might order a pair of these jammies and stow them away for mini while on sale!

P.S.  My curent makeup sitch.

P.P.S.  Beginning to think about fall.

P.P.P.S.  Possibly my favorite purchase of the past few months?!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 77: The Black Mirror.

  1. Those baby sneakers are so cute!! I’m not a sneaker wearer, though I could maybe be if I got matching mom-and-baby ones…

    I enjoyed Black Mirror, but definitely liked some episodes more than others. (The social media one from … the 2nd season?… was one of my favorites). But I definitely needed something light and fluffy afterwards to cleanse the palate. I’ve been watching “Take Two” with Rachel Bilson. It’s definitely not high-brow fare (far from it), but I miss “Hart of Dixie” and it’s enjoyable mindless summer fare.

    1. Oo, I have such a girl crush on Rachel Bilson. I’ll have to check that out during my next bout of sleeplessness 🙂

      YES – let these sneakers be your conversion! xo

    2. I was at Zara today and I couldn’t help myself, I picked up those sneakers! Still not sure if I’ll end up getting a matching pair…. who am I kidding.

      (The mom-and-me Keds are cute too… I especially love the Rifle Paper collaboration. But it’s a blessing for my wallet that they’re so patterned as we don’t have enough in my/my daughter’s closet to coordinate.)

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