Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 144: Christmas Shopping + Companionship.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: All Things Christmas.

I have been squarely focused on (last-minute!) Christmas shopping this past week. I had ordered virtually no gifts prior and it suddenly dawned on me that Christmas is only two weeks away! I was distraught to discover that several of the gifts I’d been planning to purchase for my children had sold out, but was able to track down most of them in other boutiques. Below, because they are too young to read, sharing some of the gifts I’ve purchased for them this year. (I’ll do a run-down of what I purchased for others/adults in a follow-on post, after Christmas, as many of my loved ones read this blog, but there are some major hints here!)

For mini: a teepee, a Daniel the Tiger sing-a-long toy, some new Maileg mice, some new Brio train parts for her set (especially excited about this one), and Buzz Lightyear.

For micro: a ball pit, a truck, a mini piano, keys, and this wobbly penguin.

And always several books.

A few gifts we’re giving to other children in our lives that I am excited about (some have already been included in this roundup): a doctor kit, autoblox, this snow disc, and an enormous floor puzzle.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Statement Necklace.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+This stunning LSF statement necklace.

+My plaid top — wore this to a holiday happy hour we hosted just last weekend! Easy way to look festive and on-trend.

+Leopard pull-on pants.

+Out and about slide slippers.

+Lace-trim velvet dress for a little one.

+The most adorable leopard sandals. (On sale!)

+Pretty Christmas wrap.

+Lovely laundry baskets.

Turbothot: Companionship.

The other weekend, we took the children to see the Richard Scarry exhibit at the New York Historical Society. At one of the tracks, the train started and stopped without notice — much to the delight of mini and a little pod of toddlers who began to cluster around her. When the train suddenly accelerated, mini turned to the little boy next to her and shrieked: “It started! It started!” This recurred each and every stall and start, and to the same little boy, who would squeal with glee alongside her.

It was a sweet moment to take in — and it startled me, too. When did mini transform into a social being? Montessori has a lot to do with it and I’ve observed her evolution during her playdates over the past year, too, from parallel play to turn-taking to imaginative play. But the fact that she had sought out companionship in her excitement moved me and reminded me of the deep satisfaction I find when I share something I love with someone else. Even something small — say, potential gifts for children on our Christmas shopping list. I usually delight in the recon and then present my top findings to Mr. Magpie, who up- or down-votes the entries as he sees fit. There is something deeply gratifying about watching Mr. Magpie’s face light up at the prospect of a particularly good present, and I can’t explain it other than to say that excitement is a bicycle built for two.

Post-Scripts: An OMG Dress.

+Now, this dress. OMG.

+A fun toy to throw in your car if you’re spending the holidays somewhere snowy.

+An epic gift if you have the space.

+A cute tweed skirt at a great price. Pair with your favorite black sweater.

+How cute is this quilted riding vest for a little lady?

+This dress reminds me of funfetti cake, in the best possible way. Want to wear for my birthday.

+A whimsical hairbow holder for a little lady.

+Eyeing these already…the kind of thing I know I’ll be happy to have on hand in advance of the actual dates.

+Well, this looks cozy for coffee runs and dog walks in the morning…

+Classic Vejas, 25% off!

+SO curious about this AirWrap thing. Has anyone tried it?! The price tag feels overly steep but…!

+If you’re looking for a game to play over the holidays: this and this get great reviews.

+Some musings: just put down the baby, praise for a normal day, and the evolutionary meaning of the phrase “3 a.m. party.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 144: Christmas Shopping + Companionship.

  1. “excitement is a bicycle built for two” — love this and so agree!

    My best friend just gave us Codenames & I’m excited to play it … have you played it before? I’m intrigued!


    1. Never played Codenames but the reviews on Amazon are nuts!!! Maybe will buy for next family reunion?! Let me know what you think.


  2. I have a friend who swears by the AirWrap — she told me that, not only has it changed her hair, but she’s done friends’ hair with it — and subsequently led five (!!) people to buy it. I just asked her again and she says she’s used it every day for the last year. I remain skeptical of the price, but making a mental note to borrow hers so I can judge for myself!

  3. Buzz Lightyear! My four-year-old nephew loves Toy Story, so this was a great find.

    As for the Air Wrap, I’ve been eyeing it, too, but a colleague told me to “read the reviews” before I invested. I decided to hold off, only because I wasn’t really sure if I would be adept at handling it.

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