Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones.

By: Jen Shoop

I thought I’d share a couple of gifts I’m eyeing for or have already given to loved ones — all of which are ~$100 or less. (Sorry if this ruins a few surprises!)

A HEREND BABY SHOE for a soon-to-be mother or grandmother. I gave my mother one of these a few years ago after mini was born and it was such a beautiful keepsake and way to say thank you for all of her care and concern. (A small Herend trinket box would also be lovely if you are at a different lifestage.)

A PASTA ROLLER (<<we own this exact hand-crank style) and our favorite pasta cookbook.

STACK OF APPETIZER PLATES and a favorite cookbook focused on entertaining. I use these little plates all.the.time — the perfect size for an afternoon snack, a makeshift spoon rest, a pat of butter and slice of bread. My MIL gave me this exact set for Christmas maybe six or seven years ago and I still consider it one of the most functional and delightful gifts I’ve ever received!

PIMA PAJAMAS. I know — pajamas feels like a bit of a trite gift but the quality of these pajamas are insane! I would love another set. A maternity pair would be lovely for an expecting or new mother.

A MONOGRAMMED CAMO TOTE BAG. I love this edgy update on a classic boat tote. Would be great for a new dog owner (keep all the pup’s essentials in there!), a student/teen, a boy mom, etc. For the more ladylike set, this gorgeous personalized tote from HillHouseHome!

OUAI SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER. My absolute favorite. They smell like heaven and leave hair so soft and lovely. This is the kind of thing I’d give my beauty-product-obsessed sister. Add-on: a fun barrette.

MONOGRAMMED COCKTAIL NAPKINS OR HAND TOWELS for a newly married friend or sibling or cousin. I was obsessed with my new initials as a newlywed and would have loved a set of either of these, both of which have an heirloom quality to them!

CLASSIC-FIT DENIM SHIRT FOR HIM OR FOR HER. These have a retro appeal that also feels very right now. (Ahem.) And with the recent release of that HBO documentary on Ralph — tres a propos.

A BANGLE engraved with a message, nickname, or date of personal significance.

PERSONALIZED TERVIS TUMBLER SET for those who are in the know. (If you’ve never enjoyed your nightly water out of a tervis tumbler, you’re missing out on something.)

A FAUX-FUR STOLE for a fashion-forward mom or sister. I love the colorblocking on this — it feels couture!

A BENRINER MANDOLIN for a serious cook. This elevates cooking/mise en place considerably but is not necessarily something you’d buy yourself on a lark.

MOLTON BROWN BATH SET. Trust me when I say this would be a great surprise (and you can’t beat that price!) I am in love with all of the MB scents and have given their hand soaps away as gifts to countless friends.

A PEARL-ENCRUSTED HEADBAND for a fellow fashionista.

SOL ANGELES JOGGERS FOR HIM OR HER for your Cali-cool-leaning friends.

BELIF AQUABOMB. The best gel moisturizer ever. I’m an evangelist.

STROLLER HOOK / CHARGING CABLE. For a fellow mom who essentially lives out of her children’s stroller.

A MUDDLER for a cocktail lover, along with Mr. Magpie’s favorite cocktail book. I love the vintage/hand-me-down vibe of the muddler. Mr. Magpie inherited his from his grandmother and it has a very similar look.

A HEAT PILLOW for an athlete or loved one with chronic aches/pains. Up the ante/go deluxe by adding a gift card for a massage.

ELEGANT STATIONERY for an old soul.

FLEECE-LINED MITTENS. I own these in the solid cableknit but love the fair isle! The warmest.

TERRACOTTA POMEGRANATE. These have something of a cult-following and are hard to find. Apparently you stow them in dressers/closets and they impart the loveliest scent!

OUT + ABOUT SLIDE SLIPPERS. I can imagine these having tremendous appeal for my SIL who lives in frosty Montana. Sturdy enough on the underside to tuck out to the car or trash bin in a flash.

THE COMFIEST, WARMEST SOCKS KNOWN TO WOMAN. I live in these in the winter.

A ST. FRANK X FOGGY DOG COLLAR for a new dog owner. Look closely at the dog modeling the collar — it’s our Tilly!

INDIA AMORY BOW NAPKINS for a traditional gal with a flair for entertaining and elegant tablescapes.

Christmas Gift Splurges.

If you’re looking to spend a little more…

APPLE AIRPODS and a personalized carrying case (obsessed).

STAUB COCOTTE. One of our absolute most-used kitchen items. THE BEST. We gave one of these to my brother as a wedding gift and to this day he mentions how much he loves and uses it at virtually every get-together we have with him.


OXO COFFEE MACHINE. Mr. Magpie makes us pourover coffee every morning but we have been debating the purchase of a machine as well because when we have guests, it’s a bit onerous for Mr. Magpie to brew coffee for so many people. I also would love to kick my habit of ducking out for a 3 P.M. latte and think that if I had an easy-to-use machine at home, I might just make it for myself! At any rate, this seems to be a well-reviewed contender.

COMPOST BIN. For your eco-conscious spouse or parent. This might be the most attractive compost bin I’ve ever seen.

LE LION PERSONALIZED SWEATER. To die for. Major investment piece — I would die for one! (More on the lovely founder of this label here.) Specifically lusting after this one in peony pink.


P.S. Stocking stuffers/gift exchange ideas: a good corkscrew in a fun color, a bottle stopper, sweater de-piller, Curaprox toothbrushes, Mr. Clean gloves, Crease Release travel-sized spray, padded velvet headband, puppy hand towels.

P.P.S. Gifts for babies and toddlers.

P.P.P.S. Lusting after this dress. Also love this. Guess I’m feeling Frozen blue these days?! Thanks to Nicola Bathie for the tip!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones.

  1. Sooo many good ideas here! I am particularly intrigued by the Tervis tumbler, the AirPods case (mine is enrobed in red silicone, which is fun and highlights visibility in my purses, but I’d love a monogrammed case!), and the Belif Aqua Bomb (which I’ve surely said to you 100 times, ha!)

    Definitely going to pick up the muddler set for my cocktail-obsessed boyfriend. Perfect stocking stuffer! xx

    1. Yay!! This was such a fun post to put together. All things I love, have gifted, or would love for myself 🙂 (Hint hint — in case Santa is reading.)


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