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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 137: To Thine Own Self Be True and a $22 Dress.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The $22 Dress.

Every now and then I check out the latest dresses on Amazon from the vendor R. Vivimos, now famous for its wildly popular under-$30 caftan, which I wore all summer long. I have also loved its $32 Doen dupe. I am normally dubious of dresses so inexpensive, but with two little ones wont to smear peanut butter on my cashmere and drool all over my silk scarves, I am more open to testing budget buys these days. And this brand does not disappoint! The quality is decent for the price and the styles are great. Well — my latest acquisition is this $22 printed mini, which has a kind of Rhode-Resort-meets-LSF-meets-Reformation vibe. AKA: all the ambient trends in one place. I debated between black and blue for a long while before settling on blue. Black would be better with tights and booties, but blue just spoke to my soul.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Liner Jacket.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+I’ve been seeing these liner jackets all over NY. Love. Bonus for you: Everlane is running a free two-day shipping offer starting tonight at midnight for one day only. Jump on that!!

+This ruffle sleeved blouse is perfect for a night out with the gals. (Or night in with the gals.)

+The prettiest rain jacket (this brand gets rave reviews).

+Stylish shearling-lined boots for the impending mush of winter.

+Teddy coats are all the rage these days, and this is a good one.

+The cutest holiday dress. (Would work with a second trimester bump, I think!)

+Oscar earrings on sale!

+In love with these great everyday boots. They’d work with dresses (including the $22 one above!), jeans, leggings, etc.

#Turbothot: Be True.

Today, I feel compelled to share this famous line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”:

This above all: to thine own self be true.

So many of you indicated that you are inspired by authenticity in your responses to my “Getting to Know You” post (which, by the way, I’ve read and re-read many times — so many wise, thoughtful, elegant readers!) and I’ve been dancing with that theme in some of my more recent writings, whether I’m musing over why I see myself as one who “lives quietly” versus “lives loudly” or sharing some of the heartburn over weaning earlier than expected.

Even though I feel I’ve settled into my own skin in my mid-30s and spend a lot less time worrying about what everyone else is doing, sometimes I find myself in need of that Hamlet phrase when I’m feeling judged or uncomfortable in someone else’s company, which happens to all of us. And I thought I’d trot it out here and see if anyone else needed to hear it today, too.

You do you // you do you // you do you. Nothing more uncomfortable than contorting yourself to fit someone else’s expectations — or what you believe to be their expectations.

Post-Scripts: Fall Candles.

+I have been a devotee of Diptyque’s feu de bois scent for fall/winter for the last few years, but am intrigued by a friend who raved about the Cypres scent, which purports to smell like evergreen trees. Testing promptly. (Also love Nest’s holiday candle for a true Christmas scent.)

+Rothy’s does children’s shoes?! How cute are these?!

+OMG – I saw this striped sweater and tried to figure out how to buy it for myself before realizing it’s for children. So cute. (I was like, “What’s going on with the sizing here? Is this Dutch or something?”)

+I own and love these earrings in the neutral color (now on sale).

+I used this Pam Munson tote (now on sale, too) all summer long. It was ideal for carrying both kids’ stuff around when I had the stroller to hook it onto. And it went with virtually everything in my wardrobe.

+Loving all of the trendy sweaters and teddy coats from this label for mini.

+This is a great ($15!) dupe for the navy laundry bin I bought for micro’s nursery.

+Swooning over the cashmere sets for babies at La Coqueta. Zara also has some amazing cashmere sets (this for itty bitty girls, this for itty bitty boys) for about 1/3 of the price — thanks to Caitlin from Daily Cup of Couture for the head’s up over Instastory a week or two back! I should note that I have bought the cashmere sets from Zara in the past and they aren’t the greatest quality I’ve seen, but then again — they are wont to be stained and snagged anyhow, so…

+I am living for all of Gucci’s loud, herringbone-and-tweed centric pieces this autumn. It’s like 1980s Princess Di on steroids. I mean, YES to this jumpsuit, this skirt, and this sweater. Extra yes to this boucle jacket. It’s a mood and I’m so into it. Seeing all of this goodness has led me to dig out my vintage Chanel button earrings and a gold chain Chanel belt my mother gave me. Flossy.

+Everyone needs an oversized blanket scarf. I have a similar one that I like to layer over my camel cashmere crewneck for a tone-on-tone sitch.

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