Kitchen Gizmos We Love.

By: Jen Shoop

Do you have a strawberry huller?

If you have young children, or just like berries, you need one. This pointed pincer tool deftly removes the leafy bits of the berry without sacrificing any of the flesh! I was probably throwing away $5 a week in strawberry tops that still had a decent amount of fruit on them prior.

Other little gizmos and gadgets we love:

+KUHN RIKON PEELERS. Ultra-sharp and the perfect palm-sized shape to really give you grip/control. [Ed. note: Per a Magpie comment on these, the Kuhn Rikon peelers are carbon steel, which rusts very easily. You need to wash and dry the peelers immediately after use. This is not a huge lift for us because we are already meticulous about doing this with our knives, but it might require some habit change if you are not in the rhythm of doing this while cooking! They also cannot be run through the dishwasher. These may be non-starters for some Magpies!)

+MAGNETIC MEASURING SPOONS. Above is not a prime example of the magic of this set, but you can nest them and they all stick together but they aren’t shackled to one another with one of those loops like most sets are. So you can just retrieve the size you want. Also LOVE that one side is narrow and one side is wide — the narrow actually fits into most spice jars.

+OXO SCALE. The pull-out screen is clutch when measuring large plates/platters/bowls.

+FELLOW COFFEE GRINDER. This has saved Mr. Magpie so much grief. He had been hand grinding for years (coffee nerd thing), but whenever we have guests, the hand grinder was such agony! This is very cleverly designed and well-regarded. I rarely make the coffee but had occasion to the other day and it was a cinch to use. Even a coffee ignorant person like me can do it, and it takes like five seconds. Plus, looks cool enough to leave out on the counter.

+THERMOPEN INSTANT READ THERMOMETER. We use this allll the time. Currently $20 off! A really good gift for any grill/protein enthusiast but I also use frequently for baking.

+SHUN KITCHEN SHEARS. We have two sets of these in our kitchen drawer and they’re in near-constant use. They are really strong/sturdy — have even used to cut through chicken bone before — and you can use the pointed ends as intended (as a screwdriver) or as I do — to pierce those damned air-tight tops on peanut butter and spices. There are so many other functions. Apparently also a bottle opener and nut cracker! The blades come apart easily for washing by hand (do not place in dishwasher or they will dull).

+SHUN “TOMATO” KNIFE. For some reason, we call this a tomato knife, but it’s labeled differently online. I know there are a few fellow enthusiasts of this style of knife. THE BEST for slicing bread, baked goods, pastries, and, yes, tomato without “squishing” the goods. It just slides right through, sort of like a serrated knife.

+WINE STOPPERS AND CHAMPAGNE STOPPERS. Inexpensive and so handy — the champagne ones by this specific brand (Fantes) really keep sparkling bubbly even a few days after opening. They are made in Italy and I’ve given them to so many people at this point tucked in with a bottle of wine/champagne. For some reason they are only sold in packs of 2 or 3 at the moment but trust me – you will be obsessed, too, and will happily gift the spare to a friend/hostess/neighbor/etc.

P.S. More kitchen favorites you might not have.

P.P.S. A dish to feed a crowd, and a playlist for the party, too.

P.P.P.S. Shopbop favorites. Heads up that they are running an additional percentage off sale starting today. Lots of great finds!

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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Gizmos We Love.

  1. OMG, that “tomato” knife is exactly what we need! I thoroughly trust Shun (we have their chef’s knives and those shears) — so glad to have this rec!

    Also eyeing the strawberry huller! We’ve served at least $10,000 worth of strawberries (or so it seems) to our kids during the past 10 years and I’m sure I’ve wasted a decent portion of that by cutting them with a paring knife!!


  2. My friend invented that strawberry huller when she was working at Oxo! It’s the best,

    Another one of my staples is the Oxo “mini measuring cup” — the 2oz jigger that I’m almost certain I found via you. Makes mixing cocktails (or measuring multiple tbsp of liquids at once) such a cinch.

    1. OMG how cool?!?! Please let me know I am a huge fan girl.

      I LOVE that mini measuring cup. We have several and I can’t imagine mixing up cocktails without it!


    2. OMG this so cool, Virginia! I’ve long thought working at Oxo would be a dream job. Their products are consistently top tier and so well designed!

  3. Love both the strawberry huller and measuring spoons, both of which I purchased after you recommended them a while back. I typically don’t love kitchen gizmos (usually go back to not using them) but can’t imagine not having the strawberry huller! Unfortunately, purchased several of the peelers, and while they are amazingly sharp, I just could not get them to not rust within a week of having them. I ordered from Amazon so not sure about authenticity.

    Unrelated, recently discovered Dent Market in Georgetown. Extremely thoughtful curation of food items. Think you would like!

    1. Ah! I should have mentioned the Kuhn Rikon peelers are carbon steel, which rusts very easily. You need to wash and dry immediately after use. This is not a huge lift for us because we are already meticulous about doing this with our knives, but it might require some habit change! They also cannot be run through the dishwasher.

      Glad you like the huller!!! It’s fantastic.

      Thanks for the tip on on Dent Market – will check out!


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