The Magpie Report: October 25.

By: Jen Shoop

Last week’s report was fun (thanks for the messages letting me know how much you like this format and my 5 Quick Lists, too!)

01. Have you heard about the beauty line Hanni? I learned about this brand via my friend Nan, who shared that this brand is perfect for “lazy girls” (ha!) because many of their products are meant to streamline and simplify showering routines. For example, their cocoon bar is a cleanser and moisturizer in one (and also boasts a gentle pH, so safe for cleaning intimate areas), and their shave gel is rinse-free. They’re widely known for their weighted razor, which purports to give the closest shave imaginable (a how-to here — these are not your standard Gillettes). I’m officially intrigued.

02. These cuffed wide-legs from Agolde have been majorly trending this season — they keep selling out! I found them fully stocked in all sizes here in a great wash. Note: these are a better choice for a tall Magpie. I’ve heard they run long and I think you’d tamper with the style if you hemmed. (The model shown on site is 5’9.) Images below via The Madison Rae and Nicole Cassidy. Love the look! For us shorties, these two pairs of Mothers are incroyable.

03. I’ve mentioned this a few times, but UBeauty launched a new tinted super hydrator last week and I got my hands on a tube. It is wonderful. I’ve been trying to sit on my hands to prevent myself from writing too much about it until I’ve used it thoroughly for a few weeks, but — wow. This product is excellent! Delivers hydration, deep glow, and the slightest bit of coverage (sort of evens out the skintone). I took a shade 01, but they have a handy little “shade finder” on their site where you can input the color you use in a product from a different brand, and they’ll let you know the closest match.

04. Damaris Bailey launched her holiday collection on Tuesday and wow, wow, WOW. Swoon! I think I need this dress for Christmas. It’s now at the very top of the list. You can see me in one of her gorgeous summer dresses here. It might be my favorite dress I’ve ever worn. The tailoring! Also love this red bustier top.

05. Stationery line Dear Anabelle launched a fun holiday paper collection. I love the naughty/nice gift tags and placecards. This reminds me that a few of you told me you bought the cheeky “superlatives” place cards I shared in my Thanksgiving post for your Thanksgiving tablescapes! That same brand also has pretty velvet ribbons for any number of uses for the holiday season that are en route to me now. P.S. My gift closet must-haves here.

06. Goop’s new, affordable clean skincare diffusion line! I mentioned this a few times this week, but many of you have been messaging me about this, including my sister, who texted me to say:

I love (!) Goop’s house beauty line, so immediately ordered the scrub, hoping I could find something that sort of approximates their wonderful microderm exfoliator. I’m currently writing this from out of town so stay tuned for a review next week.

07. I’m a little grinch-y about decorating for Halloween. We do pumpkins, a few bats in the front window, and a garland of ghosts at the fireplace, but my children keep asking when we can put an inflatable in the front yard. Do you go all out?! Mr. Magpie and I were talking about how short this phase of our lives is, in the grand scheme, where our children freak out over skeletons, ghosts, inflatables in the front yards of our neighbors. Please share your thoughts/sources. I might be convinced to do some of those poseable skeletons next year? (I’m starting to see some sites, like Grandin Road, marking down their Halloween decor — a good time to buy now for future Halloweens.) In lieu of proper decorations, I just bought a bunch of last minute goodies for my children, including these funny little skeleton pops. (I’ll give them each one and send the rest in for them to give to some of their friends, or maybe mix in with our candy bowl for trick or treaters.)

08. I somehow missed J. Crew’s holiday collection and there are so many fabulous finds! This satin mini is in my cart. Imagine with Gucci tights and platforms or pumps! Also swooning over this OTS situation. Looks like something by Altuzzura? Imagine with a statement heel (the ones they styled it with are fab) and a red lip and big earrings. YES.

09. Born on Fifth launched her collection with Dillards! I thought this bow-front jacket was a chic way to get the Saloni look for less. I think I’m going to buy these tartan platforms. Imagine with an LBD or velvet trousers? So good!

P.S. More fab showstopping holiday finds here.

P.P.S. Chic workwear.

P.P.P.S. Fall home finds and some of my household favorites/repeat-buys here.

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