Amazon Household Favorites + Repeat Buys.

By: Jen Shoop

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My Internet friend Mary recently shared some of her favorite Amazon household buys and I loved the opportunity to peek in on some of her must-haves — the unsung heroes that we depend on. Today, following suit by sharing sharing some of my household favorites and repeat buys.

01. CURAPROX TOOTHBRUSHES — We’ve used these since my dental hygienist in NYC told me that soft bristled toothbrushes are best for preventing damage to the tooth enamel. I recently tried Cocoflosses‘ toothbrushes, which are very similar but much more expensive. We love both.

02. KUHN RIKON PEELERS — Ultra-sharp with the perfect palm-sized handle. So easy to wield! The secret is that you MUST hand-wash these and dry immediately after rinsing, because they will rust otherwise — they’re made of carbon steel, which makes them very sharp.

03. CABANA BEACH TOWELS — I find infinite uses for these with children. Great for laying out beneath sensory play, for mopping up messes, for the occasional living room picnic, etc. Not so precious you care if they get stained, but these do hold up surprisingly well.

04. SORBUS CLEAR BINS — We use these in the fridge, pantry, freezer, and utility closet. THE best for organizing small batches of things.

05. COCOFLOSS — Just the best. Try and you will never go back. I especially like the coconut flavor.

06. CALDREA DRIFTWOOD ROSE COUNTER SPRAY — As if Jo Malone herself cleaned your kitchen. Smells SO good.

07. WETBRUSH — My favorite brush for my daughter’s thick hair. It really detangles and grabs hair, but is gentle. I have bought so many of these to stow all over the place — in her bathroom, her bedroom, the pool bag, downstairs by where I typically tie her hair back in the morning.

08. BECKHAM HOTEL COLLECTION PILLOWS — Have a great fill but super comfortable/pillow-y to sleep on.

09. EARTH RATED BAGS + BAG HOLDER — A must for any dog mom.

10. FULL MOON TRAINING TREATS — Tilly goes wild for these.

11. RAEL LINERS — My sister recommended these to me. Love that they’re made from organic cotton, unscented, and chlorine-free. She wrote: “If you can’t tell your sisters, who can you? But also would want to have found these sooner.” Passing that on to my Magpie sisterhood, too.

12. MOLTON BROWN RHUBARB ROSE HAND SOAP — My longtime favorite for using in our powder room.

13. KITCHEN TOWELS — These have made the biggest difference in reducing our household waste footprint. We use so few paper towels nowadays! We just use these like you would a paper towel and toss them in a wire bin when spent. I clean the towels every few days (or as needed). They’re super absorbent and inexpensive.

14. MR. CLEAN GLOVES — I cannot live without these. I do most of the dishes in our house since my husband does all (!) of the cooking, and my weekly manicure habit would suffer terribly without these. They are lined with a kind of soft fleece that prevents that disgusting latex glove smell from spreading to your fingers, and insulates your hands a bit from hot water.

16. OXICLEAN WASHING MACHINE CLEANER TABLETS — These are SO good. I have become proactive about using these around once a month, but sometimes I’ll also feel like the washing machine tub is smelling a little funky and one of these solves the problem in a single cycle without leaving an overly astringent smell.

17. LIBER & CO ORGEAT — We like several of the syrups from this brand. This orgeat is particularly delicious and enables us to enjoy our Mai Tais. (P.S., Thanks to the Magpie who urged me in the comments to seek out dry curacao — it really does complete the cocktail.) The grenadine from this brand is also wonderful. These would make a great gift for a cocktail enthusiast!

18. HELIUMS HAIR TIES — These have the perfect level of stretch and hold for my daughter’s thick, full head of hair. They do not snag and they come in tons of colors that match a range of different hair shades, which is nice — they can blend in! Somehow, we go through a pack of these every few months. Where do they go!?

19. CHIP CLIPS — These are my favorite. Love the different sizes and matte pastel color options.

20. BONA HARDWOOD CLEANER — Our favorite for caring for and cleaning the wood floors throughout our house.

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6 thoughts on “Amazon Household Favorites + Repeat Buys.

  1. Love all your tips and writings! Saw your pillow rec’s and it reminded me – might you have recommendations for pillows that go in shams? I have king linen shams and need pillows to fill them out well (not for sleeping on per se).

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the lovely note. Honestly, if they’re just for decorative purchases, I just order something inexpensive off Amazon that will fill them out. I’ve used Utopia brand ones for a few such instances —


      The only tip I have is to make sure the insert you order is 2″ larger than the pillow’s reported dimensions. So if you’re filling a 22×22″ pillow, buy the 24×24″ insert. It makes them look full and professional – not sad and deflated.


  2. I love the idea of the kitchen towels and pledge to try and do the same. Paper towel holders are such an eyesore and this seems to be a great option. Now just need to find space under the sink!

  3. 2nd vote for those towels! Bought them on your rec, and they’ve held up really well this summer. My husband even noticed!

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