Spring Sprucing: The Nest Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

Mr. Magpie and I have been watching loads of HGTV over the past few weeks, and we’re particularly keen on “House Hunters,” which is possibly the most formulaic show on television (narrator in every episode: “will it come down to price, location, or size?!”  UM, that’s just basic real estate.), but is so entertaining.  The kinds of things people come up with as “deal-breakers” are mind boggling and hilarious.  Really, you won’t buy a house unless it has a claw-foot soaking tub?  Or a window-sill deep enough for your cat to pose in?  (No joke, both of those were purported “deal breakers” for folks on the show.)  Mr. Magpie and I love throwing shade on people while watching this.  I know, I know, not the most positive of pasttimes, but…hilarious.

At any rate, it’s made me revisit our home with a critical eye and a deep desire to spruce things up.  I’ve been amassing quite the shopping list for pretty new spring-appropriate home decor and furniture finds, loosely inspired by some of these epic interiors:

The Fashion Magpie Pastel Interiors 1 The Fashion Magpie Pastel Interiors 2 The Fashion Magpie Pastel Interiors 3

I’m not even big into neutrals/pastels around the house (loads of orange, blue, green, gray up in herrr), but…I cain’t help myself.  Below, a few of my favorite finds:

+How gorgeous are these arched, upholstered headboards?  I love both colors, but especially that lilac hue (on sale for $498)!  Also — a good price for this kind of piece.  Our headboard cost over $2K…

+Fab oversized storage basket that you won’t need to hide — such a clever way to introduce color into a room while also keeping things tidy ($89).  Also available in a very cute laundry basket style.

+This coffee table ($519)!!!

+The prettiest bedding ($80+).

+A cute mini faux-succulent ($13).  Impossible to kill for those of us with a black thumb.

+I’d love to get these sumptuous white pique Euro shams with the most darling scalloped edges monogrammed in coordinating blue thread ($175 each).  I might be getting the look for less with these embroidered pique pillows — you can get them in a Euro sham size already monogrammed for $114 a piece.

THe Fashion Magpie Arched Headboard
The Fashion Magpie Upholstered Headboard


The Fashion Magpie Woven Storage Basket


The Fashion Magpie Pink Coffee Table

The Fashion Magpie Floral Bedding

The Fashion Magpie Faux Succulent

The Fashion Magpie Euro Sham

+I’ve wanted one of these retro-inspired Smeg toasters ($149) forever.  So unnecessary but so so chic.  Something you wouldn’t mind keeping out on your countertop…

The Fashion Magpie Smeg Toaster Blue The Fashion Magpie Smeg Toaster Pink The Fashion Magpie Smeg Toaster Silver

+These Kate Spade candles (3 for $45) look chic.

+Epic lucite coffee table (on sale for $599!)

+Caitlin Wilson has the PRETTIEST prints.  Love this for a throw pillow ($70+).

+Quite the statement mirror ($174)!

+Love these throws  in the most amazing shades of sorbet ($125).

+Great little bench ($126).

The Fashion Magpie Candle Trio The Fashion Magpie Lucite Coffee Table

The Fashion Magpie Caitlin Wilson Floral Pillow

The Fashion Magpie Curved Mirror

The Fashion Magpie Brass Upholstered Stool


The Fashion Magpie Pink Throw

P.S. Such a pretty shower curtain.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Sprucing: The Nest Edition.

  1. Hating the House Hunters couple is on one of my favorite guilty pleasures! Bonus points when the real estate agent hates them, too. Double bonus when it’s HH Int’l and the couple is in full blown Ugly American mode — there is a classic episode where a couple is touring the most stunning 9,000 year old riad in Morocco and the wife complains that the floors are kind of “slope-y”. But every so often the home buyers are sweet, and then it’s fun to root for them 🙂

    1. HAHA, I’ve seen that one. SO good. I love when the real estate agent has an attitude. Or, there have been a few where the agent seems like a total perv and we die laughing. Why are we the same person, Alison?

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