Sale Season.

By: Jen Shoop

Overnight, mini outgrew virtually all of her clothes. I was in denial about it (“can’t we just squeeze by with her size 18-24 mo until the next season starts?”) and then Mr. Magpie informed me her leggings were more or less cutting off circulation (!!). Whoops. Then I was faced with the not-so-pleasant reality of rebuilding a winter wardrobe. Specifically, I needed more warm, casual outfits; I have dresses out to wazoo (and many of them still fit; I prefer a short length anyhow) but for 39 degree stints at the playground, or testing out her new scooter, or field trips to the museum, I really needed more pants with cute tops and sweaters.

Thankfully, it’s sale season and I have scored a ton of amazing finds for her at a discount. Below, my favorite finds, but first — I am heavily drawn to Zimmermann at the moment and have found some insane deals on this high-end label, including this splashy heart-print blouse (seen above), this floaty floral, and this elegant summer dress.

Discounts for Minis.

+Janie + Jack: I cleaned up at their sale event (also, I’m a sucker for free shipping; Prime has literally changed my genetics and I’m borderline allergic to paying for shipping, which is ridiculous, I realize). I snagged these riding pants, this quilted vest, this Gucci-esque bee-print top, this jacquard top, and these leggings.

+Items I loved but were sold out in her size: this quilted bomber, this quilted jacket, these pom flats, and these boucle sneakers (#chanelvibes). Also, if I hadn’t already ordered this coat (so darling in person!), I’d have been all over this mini Jackie O number.

+Finally, I am dying to order this for mini and this for micro but trying not to get too crazy pre-ordering — who knows with sizing?!

+Polo: Currently running an extra 40% off all sale. We did a big haul for Mr. Magpie last week (standouts: boot socks, washable cashmere sweaters in a few colors, and chinos in some wintry hues), but I also stocked up on cable-knit sweaters, leggings, and polos for mini.

+Children Salon: Red jeggings, Mayoral peter pan blouses, Mayoral faux fur vest, and another peter pan blouse. I can’t believe the prices — less expensive than styles from H&M in some cases, and far better quality.

+Saks: This aran knit sweater, this plaid two-piece set, and — currently in my cart — this non-practical dress set. But the plaid! The scottie dogs!

SO — I think we’ve got “winter play” wardrobe in suitable sizing covered at this point. I have to say I admired my own restraint; I wanted to buy her ALL the dresses and pinafores but I really committed to buying mix-and-match pants/tops, and I mainly stuck to my goal, which is truly a first for me.

I will admit to buying this for Valentine’s Day. I actually sized down to 18 months for this one (while every other thing I ordered for her has been 2T or even 3T in some pants — she is TALL!) because I find Cecil & Lou runs really big and I prefer a shorter fit on dresses. (Meanwhile, I’d love to be wearing this and these for the occasion, but wouldn’t fit into them.)

I’m also eyeing a couple of pieces from TBBC’s sale section: this for next Christmas, this for next Thanksgiving (how sophisticated with a huge chocolate brown bow?), and this for school next fall.

P.S. Mama’s Gotta Enjoy Sales, Too…

And because I can’t help myself, a couple of sale finds I’m considering for yours truly:

+This splashy Saloni (extra 40% off)!

+Golden Goose high tops. (Won’t I be kewl dropping mini off at school in these downtown?!)

+Fluffy satin mules — perfectly impractical.

+A really pretty, frothy dress in an elegant color.

+This velvet jumpsuit for next year’s holiday party circuit.

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9 thoughts on “Sale Season.

  1. Thanks for the children salon tip. Just ordered a bunch of basics for next year! But I find myelf wondering, what is the adult version of children salon? The deals are incredible!

    1. Yay!! I know, right?? So glad you found some good pieces. I wish shipping were a bit more reasonable, but eh! I figure buying a big batch of things once a year on sale legitimizes the cost. So glad!!

  2. I ended up buying several dresses and swimsuits from Sal e Pimenta due to your post last week! (Still no luck on getting her to wear anything but her Natives though, sigh).

    I have those riding pants and vest from J&J – they are SO cute. I too have way too many dresses and still not enough play clothes for the babe. For more casual dresses, I’ll just pop some leggings or tights on underneath (especially if they get too short and are more like tops but still fit across her chest), since I have problems finding tops I like for her. Sometimes I like Tea Collection and have found it wears well, but not sure whether it fits with your aesthetic.

    (And I feel the same way about shipping!!)

    1. YES, eagerly awaiting my S&P shipment, too. I’m actually thrilled I ended up buying them when I did because we decided we are going down to Florida next month and I’ll have her swimsuit game ON POINT. 🙂

      Good to know about J&J! I can’t wait for those pieces to arrive (also, epically slow shipping…!) I had ordered a few things from them when mini was really little and was so-so on the quality up close, but decided to give them another chance and am glad you wrote in to assuage my concerns 🙂


  3. So many good picks here, especially for the littles! That tip about Children Salon is much appreciated — I love finding good brands on sale for around what I’d pay at a fast fashion retailer.

    I went a liiiittle crazy at Need Supply when they were running an extra 20% off of already-generous markdowns last week. So much good stuff to be found there! I’ve found that their house brands (Stelen, Farrow, etc.) tend to be poor quality, but they can have great deals on third-party brands — I got a new pair of white jeans from GRLFRND for $35, for example, along with some Baserange underwear (my favorite) for very little $$.

  4. I’m curious how you would style the high top sneakers? I have a pair in mind for myself but I’ve never been sure what to wear them with? Regular jeans or cuffed?

    1. Hi Jessica! I would wear them with skinny jeans (not cuffed or cropped) and probably an oversized sweater — I like the silhouette it creates, a la this chic pea: I saw a woman walking into my building with the most amazing GG hightops the other day. She wore hers with a pair of athletic leggings, a long camel coat, and a Celine crossbody, and I have no idea where she was coming from (yoga? errands? a lunch date?) but the mixture of styles seriously worked on her. I literally stared at her for a long time. So, you can also “dress down” your sneaks and pair with athleisure, too! Ha.

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