New Towels + Bedding for Home.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above via Marika Meyer, featuring my cherished Matouk Auberge towels (on sale!).

Happy Fourth! Hope you are enjoying some time outside with your loved ones!

I am in the market for new towels for our home and I had to mention that Bloomingdale’s is currently running an incredible promotion on Matouk towels. I already have a few sets of their Cairo style with the azure blue piping and they are my absolute favorites — I legitimately can’t wait for them to come out of the wash, as they are the softest, plushest bath towels. Currently, they are on sale for $68 for a bath towel, with an extra 20% off once in cart — meaning each is around $50. I am debating between more of those or adding this classic chain style to the mix. Then, of course, there are my beloved Matouk Auberge monogram towels, which I both own myself and have given as housewarming gifts to several friends and family members. For some reason, they are marked down even lower at Neiman’s to only $33 per bath towel (!) Kind of hard to turn down! (Side note: if you are a planner, this is a good promotion to buy ahead of time for a family member’s Christmas gift!)

At the same time, I have been eyeing a few other brands to mix things up:

+I’m drawn to Hill House’s personalization options. Their Marella style is very similar to Matouk’s Cairo, and I love the tailored, crisp vibe. I also like the idea of mixing them in with their striped towels in the children’s bath.

+These waffle weave towels from Serena & Lily would make me feel like I was living at the spa. Just add a teak shower stool and I’m set. Parachute (currently running a 15% off promotion) has a similar style, FYI — has anyone tried this brand? I feel like I keep coming across it.

+More minimalist, but I have been so impressed with Boll & Branch’s sheets, I am intrigued by their simple white towels. They look ultra-plush.

+Not for the bathroom, but I also had to share that I came across a four-pack of cabana striped towels in a great blue color for $50 that I think I will order for our new home, as I anticipate a lot of time spent splashing in the inflatable pool and running through the sprinkler after we move. I also find these towels handy in general for children — we use them to cover chairs while the children are eating, have “indoor picnics,” do water-based sensory play, etc. I also thought these more expensive printed beach towels were amazing! So fun.

+While we’re on the subject of bath towels, one of our most useful purchases in our small Manhattan apartments was a free-standing towel rack. Our bathrooms have been small without much extra space for spare towel storage, so it has been clutch! (Also a handy drying rack in a pinch…) I love this marble style I just discovered, but this one is classic, and this ladder style is chic and reasonably-priced. Along these lines: I shared some fun bathroom accessories in this post if you’re looking to make a change!

For bedding, I have had all-white linens — or white linens with a tiny bit of embroidery/piping along the edge — for awhile now. I find an all-white bed ultra-inviting and given the drama of our bed’s design, it made sense to me keep the linens a little quieter. We currently use Boll & Branch bedding, and I personally think it’s the best bedding we’ve ever had. I’ve used Matouk, Hill House, and Restoration Hardware in the past. B&B launders much better than Matouk (for some reason a total pain to iron — an observation corroborated by several Magpies!), is cooler to the touch than RH, and softer than Hill House. I will for sure be sticking with their sheeting whatever we do. However. I am kind of intrigued by the idea of buying a boldly patterned duvet cover and decorative shams whenever we upgrade to our King-sized bed (which I hope will be a four post or canopy style!) A few fun patterned duvet covers to contemplate:








These would go over my beloved Feathered Friends down comforter — the cadillac of down comforters, let me tell you.

I would also be remiss not to mention Yves Delorme and Frette as worth consideration if you don’t like Boll &Branch’s sheet styles — I do wish they had slightly more interesting designs on offer. In fact, the limited and basic styles are the only demerit I can think of for the brand! Yves Delorme and Frette are used in lots of high-end hotels, including at the beloved Carlyle in NYC. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but during my last stay at the Carlyle, I was so in love with the bath towels there (Yves Delorme’s Etoile) that I immediately ordered a set for myself. They are VERY soft (rival Matouk) but I found that they did not hold their color well in the wash, even after I’d followed the instructions of using a gentler detergent and laundering separately, which was itself kind of a pain to be honest. Maybe ordering in solid white is the way to go?

I also want to mention that several Magpies have raved about Comphy’s reasonable sheets! Worth looking into if you want a basic white set / for guest room / etc. It’s funny — several Magpies mentioned discovering these while renting AirBnB’s, and I noted a lot of comments on their site run along the same lines: “I first discovered these in a rental and have never gone back!”

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2 thoughts on “New Towels + Bedding for Home.

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I am overdue on some new towels! Do you have any suggestions for how to keep white towels both soft and white? I don’t know if it’s my skincare products, just age, or something else, but even bleach cannot get my five-year-old Pottery Barn towels pure white anymore. Vinegar used to help with softness, but that too has stopped being as effective.

    1. Hi Bridget! Great question. I have several older sets of towels that have befallen a similar fate. I have been able to keep my more recently-purchased sets of Matouks whiter and softer longer by more or less only laundering them together and avoiding over-drying. A Magpie reader wrote at some point that it’s really tough on different fabrics to be all jammed in together (performance fabrics with cottons, etc) and I truly think this has helped prolong the life/attractiveness of lots of my linens/clothes.


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