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Mini Review: Dorsey Necklace Review.

By: Jen Shoop

Earlier this year, I read a lot of hype about new jewelry label Dorsey, a brand known for its lab-grown diamond necklaces and most notably their “Kate” riviere tennis necklace style, which has been a bestseller since the brand’s launch. The team at Dorsey reached out and generously offered to send me a few styles and I couldn’t wait to test them out. I promise you, these necklaces stand up to the hype. They are incredible, heirloom-style pieces that are indistinguishable from true diamond pieces that would cost thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars more.

Dorsey Kate Riviere Necklace.

The Dorsey Kate style is iconic. I selected the shorter 15″ length, and when I first wore it to my birthday dinner, my mother did a triple-take: “Did you get something new?!” she asked, her mouth agape, gesturing to my necklace. She thought I was wearing diamonds — this, coming from a woman with a considerable fine jewelry collection and discerning eye. She couldn’t believe when I told her they were lab-grown sapphires, and that the necklace cost under $400! The two questions I field most frequently when I wear the Kate: 1) does it flip around? and 2) do they look “real”? On the first matter, I never have an issue with the stones flipping around while I’m wearing them. It does take a minute to figure out how to put the necklace on so that the stones are facing up / in the right direction, but once you have the hang of it, I’ve literally never looked down and seen my stones facing the wrong way. On the second point, yes, they look real. They are visually indistinguishable from true diamonds. They are, after all, real gem-stones! Just lab-grown white sapphires. They are sparkly and glittery. I’ve had many people ask after them!

I’ve tested styling this necklace up and down and tend to prefer to wear it styled “up” with cocktail dresses and the like — especially when I have bare shoulders, so it really shines and does not interfere with necklines! — but have seen many chic peas style this with t-shirts and jeans to great (ultra-fashionable) effect. I will say I found it easier than expected to style with other metals and gems — I often wear with gold and/or pearls, and it always looks “right.”

Dorsey Clemence Necklace.

This may be a surprising opinion, but the Clemence necklace is my favorite Dorsey piece I own, and the one I’d recommended purchasing if you are only buying one. I find it much easier to style on a daily basis than the chunkier/more dramatic Kate — just a matter of personal style preference, but I think the daintier Clemence is easier to layer with other lightweight gold pieces, and also love the look dressed up, on its own. It feels delicate and sweet, and it hits the perfect part of the neck/collarbone. I took it in the 16″ length. In general, I think taking the shortest length available in the Dorsey styles is advisable; I feel like the shorter lengths feel more modern. The only downside I can think of when it comes to the Clemence is that the clasp has a really small, tight opening that is difficult to maneuver if you’re alone. I’ve done it (many times) but it is slightly irritating, so I often just leave my Clemence on and swap out the other jewelry stack pieces!

I think the Clemence would make a spectacular gift for a bride on her wedding day, and the Clemence bracelet would be such a sweet gift for a bridesmaid! I’m eyeing the bracelet myself. Would be a lovely addition to my daily wrist candy.

dorsey clemence necklace

Dorsey SmallHeart ID Necklace.

I absolutely adore and treasure this engravable tiny heart pendant. It’s more substantial (in width) than it appears on the site, and has a kind of alluring weight to it that makes it feel different than most of my other delicate jewelry. I frequently layer this with my Clemence and/or my Jane Win Petite Hearts necklace and will not remove the stack for days on end. I even sleep in these pieces! They are lightweight and comfortable. They also have a larger heart necklace that I’m eyeing (would make such a chic stack with the smaller one) and a bracelet version that would be a lovely push present / milestone present.

dorsey heart id necklace

Dorsey Pieces on My Wishlist.

I’d love one of these simple but elegant single-stone bracelets or one of their new cocktail rings. All of these would make spectacular gifts.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Dorsey Necklace Review.

  1. Jen – I adore your recommendations, and find myself following them often. However, in case any of the other readers purchase from Dorsey, I wanted to provide a warning that they are not a good company. My husband purchased a Kate bracelet for my birthday, the sizing was incredibly off (how is that possible when it’s just inches…?) and I needed to return the bracelet two separate times. The second time, Dorsey accused me of ruining the clasp on the bracelet and not notifying them of it before sending it back to them. I of course did not even close the clasp as I knew instantly the bracelet was too small ( In any event, their customer service is not communicative – will not respond to many emails, will not provide a phone number. I highly caution any of your readers who may be interested in this company to look elsewhere – I think we are now out the money from the bracelet and will not receive the exchange I ordered (but who knows because they won’t respond). Find a different jewelry store, support local. I sure wish I would have!!

    1. Oh no! Elizabeth, I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope you get refunded / exchanged soon. I am generally team “squeaky wheel” — keep emailing!!

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