Goop Beauty Favorites + Reviews.

By: Jen Shoop

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I’ve become an enormous fan of Goop Beauty over the past few years. It started with the GoopGlow Microderm Exfoliator (full review here), which a friend of mine sold me on by telling me “I always have to have a back up for my back up.” I’m addicted to it! I use it every few days, and especially if I’m trying to refresh myself before going out in the evening. There is really nothing else like it — instant facial! The exfoliator is my top recommended beauty product from the Goop line, but I’ve gradually added to my collection, and have come to rely on several other products as well.

Sharing my other favorite Goop Beauty products below:

01. Goop Glow Serum. Back in stock, finally! I was out of this for a few months and SPRINTED to re-up when they re-released it earlier this month. It has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C you can find on the market, plus hyaluronic acid. For my skin, Vitamin C is the most consistently effective way to achieve radiance and glow. I’ve described it elsewhere as “turning the lights on.” I have tried and loved several Vitamin C products from other brands, and think this Goop formula is one of the best, alongside Biossance’s oil and Maya Chia’s Super Lift. (If you aren’t a fan of oils / runny serums, the Maya Chia is nice because it’s more like a lightweight lotion, but similarly effective.) If you’re on a budget, look no further than Mad Hippie’s $30 formula. Excellent, too – I’d put it in the same category as Goop, Biossance, and Maya Chia (and I’ve tried a lot of Vitamin C products!) What draws me to Goop’s formula is the hyaluronic acid component — I recently had my makeup done and the artist applied hyaluronic acid to my skin first. I really noticed a difference in my skin’s texture / brightness / suppleness (?) because of it.

02. Goop Himalayan Salt Scrub. The antecedent to a great hair day. I use this any time my hair feels oily and especially in the summer (get rid of all the chlorine, sand, sunscreen, sweat, etc.) A staple in my Everything Shower lineup. Christophe Robin has a similar formula but I’ve gradually come to prefer Goop’s — I love the way it suds/foams up and volumizes somehow.

03. Goop Colorblur Cheek Balm. Similar in concept to Merit but a little less oily and more pigmented — and with noticeably longer staying power. I love the Merit balms so much (colors are fab, and they are fool-proof when it comes to application — easy to layer, blur, blend), but I will say they don’t last all day. Goop sticks around, but you must be a little more precise with application. You can still apply with fingers, but you need to dapple it. I especially love the Afterglow color. I know it looks dark in the photo but it yields the prettiest cold weather flush. (I’ve elsewhere described this as a Winona Ryders-running-through-the-snow kind of effect.). I have almost all of the colors!

04. Goop Nourishing Repair Body Butter. A really good, heavy-duty body moisturizer. Scent-free for those sensitive to perfumes. I personally wish it came in a scented option, too, but this stuff is really effective for dead-of-winter dry skin. I went through two tubs of it this winter – I’d layer on top of my Hanni products (in-shower splash salve, post-shower water balm spray) in the dryest winter months. My feet and ankles are always especially dry and I needed something intensive.

05. Goop Luminous Cleansing Balm. One of their newer products — I love this. I’m a huge fan of using a balm to remove all makeup as a first step, and then washing with a cleanser. I also like the formulas from Elemis and Farmacy, and Goop’s is somewhere between the two in consistency — not as oily as Elemis or as dry (?) as Farmacy.

06. Goop Clean Nourishing Lip Balm. If you’re a balm girl, you need this. The pink is perfect for everyday wear — the sweetest kiss of color with a great moisturizing texture. I keep these in most of my handbags — easy to apply on the go — and a great alternative when I’m not wanting to have a glossy lip. (Otherwise, I wear my UBeauty lip plasma — reminder you can get 20% off with code JENSHOOP. If I want matte color, I am totally hooked on Trish McEvoy’s Easy Lip Color in shade Gentle.)

While we’re talking Goop, I have to say I’m deeply impressed with their in-house clothing line, G. Label. The pieces are spendy but the quality matches the price, and everything is meant to be “an upscale basic” you can wear a zillion ways. A few of my friends have bought their knitwear on my rec, and love it. (Two of my girlfriends own this Noah cardigan, which I also own and adore.) I find the cardigans run pretty snug/small, FYI (I own two of their cardigans!) Otherwise, the pieces seem to run TTS. This sweater, which I own in the fuchsia color, is spectacular!

Not Goop, but I’m already heavily testing the products from my OSEA order and please can you run and try this cleanser? My new favorite favorite. I’ve been looking for an everyday cleanser like this for awhile — this takes the cake. You can sort of feel it grabbing at your face — I can’t describe it any other way? — but it doesn’t leave skin unpleasantly tight. You can just tell it’s working. I love the scent. A perfect 10. (10% off with code MAGPIE10 — and as a side bar, if you spend $90, you get a free body essential mini duo now through 3/24.)

P.S. Loved learning how you handle skincare while traveling. (Comments are fascinating and pull us in lots of different directions! Just goes to show there is no one right way to do anything.)

P.P.S. My last batch of “honest beauty reviews.

P.P.P.S. What do you eat for lunch?

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8 thoughts on “Goop Beauty Favorites + Reviews.

  1. Also addicted to Goop Glow, can’t say enough good things about it! Gwyneth created a less expensive line for Target and it includes an exfoliator I’m interested to try to see if it might be close in effect (since it’s a LOT less expensive). Any chance you’ve tried it Jen?

    1. Hi Kathy! I tried a few of the items from that line for Target and was meh on them. This feels like a case where you price reflects quality — like, a so-so face-wash, a so-so exfoliator…I would personally skip!

      Not sure if others tried and were more positive on it though?


      1. Thx! I’ll stick with the Goop Glow.

        I will tell you one secret – Vanicream face cleanser (from cvs etc) is amazing! I have tried every luxury one out there it seems and nothing is as gentle and works as well as Vanicream….my dermatologist recommended it, thankfully. I’ve been using it for a year.

  2. OOh, thanks for the recs! I love, love goop’s dark spot exfoliating sleep milk. Highly recommend adding it to the list.

  3. I have become an evangelist for Goop haircare! I was struggling with really dry, dull, frizzy hair and a round of highlights in January sent me over the edge. On a whim I decided to buy the full “Gwyneth’s healthy hair kit” from the Goop website and it has truly changed my hair in two months. I have been religious about applying the pre-wash hair serum for 20 minutes before every shampoo, and also rotated in the salt scrub and hair mask every 3-4 washes, otherwise just using their regular shampoo and conditioner. Gwyneth might get ridiculed for her high brow taste but she also really values her reputation so when evaluating new products I knew she wouldn’t put something out there that she didn’t believe truly works, and even still it has exceeded my expectations! This has made me want to rotate in some of her skincare too– I am pretty married to my routine but might swap out my Vitamin C to try hers next time!

    1. 100% agree with your view on Gwyneth — I just knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong with her skincare! Too much on the line! She has also publicly said she hates makeup but loves skincare and I just felt her passion in my bones. In Gwyneth’s beauty products we trust…

      Yes, please try her Vit C! I know it won’t disappoint. Good, real, hard-working stuff that delivers.


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