Honest Beauty Reviews: YSE Exfoliating Pads, SWEED Mascara, + More.

By: Jen Shoop

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This is a bit of an abbreviated honest beauty review installment but I really had to get some thoughts down on paper about a few products I’m completely obsessed with —

01. OSEA’s Ocean Cleanser. I’ve mentioned this in fits and spurts over the past two weeks, but this is my favorite cleanser I’ve used in a long, long time. I can’t explain it other than this: you put it on and you can actually feel your skin reacting to it? You end up with a scrubbed clean but not tight feeling — and just touching your face, you know how clean it is. I’m super impressed. It also has a refreshing (but light) citrus scent.

02. YSE Exfoliating Pads. OMG. These are fantastic. They are gentler than some of the other exfoliating pads I’ve used in the past, which leave my skin tingling for a spell. I can use these morning or night without irritation, and they give skin a great boost in terms of brightness. These are my “I look so tired but have no time for a mask” must-haves. If I’ve been up too late the night before, or didn’t sleep well, I’ll wash my face and apply this afterward for an immediate renewal/turnaround. If I have more time, I’ll use Goop’s Goopglow (full review here), but these are such a great instant fix.

03. Sweed Cloud Mascara. I’ve been on a new mascara high the past few months. I’ve tried three that have been excellent: Tower28’s incredible $20 formula, Westman Atelier’s Eye Want You, and now Sweed’s Cloud Mascara ($24). Being real with you, Westman is simply not worth it, as it is twice as much and I’d put it in the same results category as Tower28 and Sweed. Sweed is a tiny bit goopier with a thinner wand applicator — I think I might prefer Tower28’s just a tiny bit because of its applicator (and, $4 less), but still. The Sweed is really good and I do find it stays put the best of them all — rarely any problems with smudging/flaking/smearing.

04. RMS Beauty Kakadu Beauty Cream. This is amazing. It feels divine going on (has a light, almost whipped texture) and skin is glowy and resplendent afterward. I’ll put it this way: I also have a tube of Augustinus Bader Rich Cream that was gifted to me and I’m using RMS Beauty over it. Amazing relative to price.

05. RMS Beauty SuperSerum spray and Kakadu beauty oil. I currently have about 10 different serums / oils on my vanity that are completely unnecessary and redundant with one another, but I have fun mixing and matching depending on what I feel like my skin needs. Right now, I really love applying a vitamin C product + then this spray and oil applied one after the other. I feel like a glowy goddess. I am too vain to go out in public without a lick of makeup on (at least I’ll apply a tinted moisturizer!), but I have to say that sometimes I’ve ventured out with just this combo of serums and oils because my skin looks so happy and rested with it on. RMS has bundled its cream, spray, and oil into a package with a discount. Strongly recommend for a well-priced skincare lineup.

06. OSEA Undaria Body Butter. Deeply, richly hydrating. If you have ultra-dry skin, this is for you. I was able to banish a super dry patch on my ankle that had been stubbornly persistent for like a year with it. Between this and the marine cleanser, I’m deeply impressed with OSEA’s quality and results.

07. Not technically beauty, but Linnea Fields and Rosewater scents are absolutely divine heading into spring and beyond. WOW. These are such great, complex scents but for much less than a Diptyque / Trudon. They also come beautifully packaged with a little matchbox tucked inside the box. Great for gifting! 10% off with code MAGPIE10.

To keep it real, something I tried this month that I did not like: people have been raving about the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and other products from their line for so long but I really could not get beyond the scents? I think people love the quality/feel, but I found the scents overpowering. Feel free to disagree with this in the comments! Maybe I’m missing something…

P.S. My Everything Shower lineup. (Loved your comments on this!)

P.P.S. Long days of parenting.

P.P.P.S. An envelope that contained the universe.

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8 thoughts on “Honest Beauty Reviews: YSE Exfoliating Pads, SWEED Mascara, + More.

  1. I like the smell of Sol De Janeiro, but given how strong it is, I can’t imagine using it all over my body. I once applied as hand cream back when I worked in an office in an open floor plan environment and everyone around me began wondering what the scent was- it is STRONG. I typically use unscented lotion but would love to find a lotion with a light scent. Intrigued by the OSEA products.

    1. Yes, agree – for all over body, lighter on the fragrance side is better for me. I think you’ll love the body butter / oil from OSEA. It’s lightly, lightly scented with citrus but nothing dramatic.


    2. Weleda skin food has a light citrus scent and comes in a million different formulations! I like “light.”

      Favorite scented:

      Or if you want very scented (this is too strong for me but could use in place of perfume)

  2. Tower28 mascara is truly the GOAT.

    And I liveeee for Sol De Janeiro scent!! I love the pistachio note. They just released a radiance sunscreen and I’m intrigued!

    1. Totally agree on Tower28 – can’t believe price point!

      Good to know on SDJ. I really feel like I’m missing something – I know how beloved it is!


  3. I, too, did not care for the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I was all about it theoretically and loved the scent. However, it never truly moisturized my skin. In fact, it was the least effective body moisturizer I have ever used and I have tried many.

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