The Everything Shower.

By: Jen Shoop

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I mentioned this earlier this week, but I’ve been loving “The Everything Shower” concept that’s been circulating. If you’re new to the term, an “Everything Shower” is the kind that goes beyond just washing hair and body — we’re talking scrubs, masks, exfoliation, meditation, the works. The sort of grooming ritual you might undertake before a big night out, or a reunion with a significant other. (Vogue explains it in full detail here.) Frankly, ever since I heard the term, I’ve been thinking of other “everything experiences” I occasionally undertake — for example, “everything makeup” (not just the basics), “everything dinners” (a set table with cloth napkins, candles, and a plated dessert), and “everything grocery shopping.” Just this week, my husband — normally the shopping Spartan between us — returned from Whole Foods with four bags overflowing with produce and dairy. We’re talking the double long raspberry clamshells, two pounds of strawberries, ten champagne mangoes, four English cucumbers, eight limes, a dozen apples, and a partridge in a pear tree. I told him he’d just had “an everything shop,” and how did it feel? “I went wild,” he said. Ha!

There is something indulgent but contained about “The Everything Shower” concept that I’m drawn to. What’s in yours?

If I’m going all in, I first apply my hair strengthening oils an hour in advance. I am loving Anablue’s treatment oil and Mielle’s rosemary-mint strengthening oil. I apply roughly a dropper full of each to the scalp, saving a tiny bit to work into the ends, and then massage my scalp thoroughly and run a brush through my hair from roots to tips a few times. (By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it recently, do yourself a favor and buy a Mason Pearson brush — the best, and you’ll have it forever. I have this one, but Groupon of all places occasionally runs insanely good deals on them, as they are now!) Then I tie my hair back in one of these terry scrunchies discovered by Katie. (I had previously ruined a few silk scrunchies — these are my favorites; I swear they are just as good as Slip but less expensive — with the oils.)

I usually try to let the oil sink in for at least an hour, even longer if possible, and then I put on an audiobook (currently trying to make my way through Danny Meyer’s memoir, but I am finding the current section pedagogical in an off-putting way, in the same vein of the Swift lyric: “Did you hear my covert narcissism I disguise as altruism / Like some kind of congressman? (Tale as old as time)”) or podcast (a Magpie recommended Molly Sims’ “Lipstick on the Rim,” so I’m giving that a go), and hop into the hot shower.

On Everything Shower days, I like to apply Goop’s incredible Himalayan salt scrub with this scalp massager. The showers I use the scrub yield the best blowout days. Then I shave using boring old Gillette and my longtime favorite Billie razors. I’m still obsessed with the subscription model for this product — such a small thing, but so convenient to never have to think about buying razor blades. I also love the magnetic “stand” it comes with — you can attach it to a wall to keep it out of reach from small hands, but it just generally means you’re not yanking the razor off a bench after it’s been sitting in its own goop. For a time, I’d been using Hanni’s shave pillow, but it’s honestly a product best suited for waterless moments — think when you’re traveling/camping, or when you just need to quickly shave underarms/legs without getting in the shower. Brilliant for that purpose! Otherwise, I think it’s a bit wasted in a traditional shower.

After, I apply shampoo and conditioner. You can absolutely do the salt scrub and skip a shampoo and go straight to conditioner (sometimes I do this if I feel like my hair has been on the oily side), but in an Everything Shower context, I do the whole enchilada. My favorite everyday shampoos are Roz’s Foundations Shampoo and Conditioner (very similar in texture, scent, and result to Oribe, but less expensive and more lather) and Davines’ Oi shampoo and conditioner (you cannot beat the heavenly scent, and the conditioner is best when your hair is feeling ultra-dry — it’s rich almost like a mask!)

Next, I apply the unsexy but necessary Replenix Glycolic/Salicylic medical-grade acne wash (this really works) before Molton Brown’s body wash (I especially like the Rhubarb and Rose and Heavenly Gingerlily scents). Molton Brown has such gorgeous, rich scents, and an insane lather — a bottle will easily last you six, eight months, maybe longer! Finally: Hanni’s splash salve in-shower treatment. You apply to wet skin out of the direct stream of the shower and it transforms your skin into that of a silky-soft goddess. If you try one thing from this absurdly detailed post, you should try this. It’s insane! (OK, this and the Goop salt scrub — both incredible, category-defining products.)

After the shower: towel off and switch into my Weezie robe, then apply Hanni water balm spray (like a spray lotion) and oil (truly invisible and non-greasy) and towel dry my hair. After, I spritz hair all over with dpHue’s now-retired leave-in conditioning mist (I’m so sad they’ve done away with this product, but you can still score a few from this boutique!) and spritz the ends with Davines all-in-one milk. The former does great things for the softness/texture of my hair, and the latter detangles, primes, protects (and smells divine). I air-dry for about an hour before styling with hot tools — I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and it takes forever to dry.

If I’m going out for the evening, I use this time to apply a face mask (my favorites here and here — both still on sale as a part of Clarins’ Friends and Family sale!), but otherwise, I apply a thick layer of cream (I’m currently absolutely losing my mind over RMS’ Kakadu Luxe Cream, which is rich but also has a silky finish — leaves skin perfectly primed for makeup) and embark on my usual cosmetics routine.

Then comes heat styling my hair! I have been using and loving the t3 Airebrush — a step up from the Revlon — and I apply Roz’s thickening spray (not yet released, coming soon) from root to tip and then their root lift spray just at the roots at the crown of my head. I have major issues with volume and these help, and do not leave hair weighed down/greasy. You can be surprisingly heavy-handed with it!

Running through the (already elaborate) routine, I still feel I’m missing a body scrub and body cream, and I think I’m going to try both from OSEA — this salt scrub, this body cream. (This brand was recommended by a few beauty bloggers recently, and when I mentioned them on Instagram earlier this week, they offered up a promo code: 10% off with code MAGPIE10.) I also think I’m finally going to order the Crown Affair hair towel people have been raving about.

OK. Now share your favorite Everything Shower products, rituals, etc! How could I make mine more everything?!

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15 thoughts on “The Everything Shower.

  1. I don’t have any Everything Shower recs (because that’d require time to take one vs the usual rushed wash n’go, hah!), but I love the idea of applying the “everything” concept to other acts!

    Your mention of Meyer’s memoir caught my eye – I have it queued up to read next, as I just finished Will Guidara’s Unreasonable Hospitality, which is in the same culinary and literary universe as Setting the Table. I devoured Guidara’s book (all puns intended) as a commentary on leadership, the food industry, and how to proceed through life in general (that is, with a fervor for service to others – however you personally define “service”), and highly recommend it!

  2. I wish I had product recs and am taking notes on the above! Isn’t it fun when culture coalesces around these unspoken habits and names the ritual? When I first became a mother and felt very housebound and rumpled/unkempt, I would use those unpredictable nap times during maternity leave to take what I called “spa showers.” I saved all my Sephora samples and would use the hair masks, scrubs, extra-hydrating lotions, etc. It felt so luxurious! It made me feel like myself again in a lot of ways.

    1. Sarah—“ Isn’t it fun when culture coalesces around these unspoken habits and names the ritual?” That’s it exactly!!

      I will say in the days before motherhood, nearly all my showers were “everything showers.” Now they’re a spa treat, as you’ve said! I dim all the lights and I usually have a special snack for after. Gotta take self care where I can find it!

    2. I love the way you phrased this (as did Kelly!): “Isn’t it fun when culture coalesces around these unspoken habits and names the ritual?” Yes! Such a great way to capture it. (What else falls in this category, I wonder?)


  3. My Everything Shower routine: I start by turning on the shower hot and steamy. Then in the basin add drops of Doterra Eucalyptus oil. It clears the sinuses but also is calming, it’s like having eucalyptus having off of your shower head.

    Then I was my hair with Doterra’s new Shampoo bar, while I scrubbing my head I use a scalp massager for a little extra. Then I add some of Doterra’s daily conditioner. The Doterra products have essential oils for hair growth and strength. I too have thin straight hair but it does have a little wave to it.

    For the body, I use a soap from the Middle East from Amazon, which only contains a couple of ingredients. It’s good for my sensitive dry skin in the winter. It comes in a big bar so lasts a long time and comes in a four pack.

    Before I towel off I use beauty counter’s balm for all while still wet. Then gently towel off. Wrap my hair up. Then add Doterra’s rose serum, while that soaks in I add a Christopher Robin spray to my wet hair. Some days I also add some eye mask while I’m getting dressed. Once dressed I brush out my hair, heat style it with products and apply my quick makeup routine then end with the finishing touch which is always jewelry. Then it’s off to conquer the day.

    1. Tell me more about Doterra! I’m not familiar with that brand — how did you discover and what do you like about it? Love finding new brands.


  4. I’m much more of a minimalist when it comes to products, but the one thing that really makes something an “everything” shower to me is trimming/filing my fingernails and my toenails when I get out. I don’t get pedicures or manicures, so I do my own nail maintenance. It really makes the experience feel complete to me.

    1. Love this – and love that you bundle this practice with a shower. Makes it feel like part of a grooming package versus something you have to remember to do a la carte.


  5. Be careful using any type of salt scrub. The salt will be more drying on your skin. Sugar scrubs won’t dry you out. Definitely giving the Hanni products a go!

  6. I love this routine and question!! I’m so curious about how others do daily things, like a grocery shop or laundry.

    My everything shower:
    I bring my kindle in, first of all. Shampoo with Rahua or Kristin Ess and use my tangle teezer wet brush to work Olaplex conditioner through. I let it sit 5-10 minutes while I read. Fresh Strawberry Sugar Scrub (the face on in glass jar, not the body one in the tube) on my face, neck, and upper arms. Eau Jonzac soapless body wash (a large pump we all use, even the babies). Scrub legs with a washcloth to exfoliate. A second shampoo and brush through with the brush. Wrap hair in two of those same Kitsch scrunchies! Love them. Peppermint hydrosol (infused scented water) to freshen and cool heated skin. Vea Olio spray (a vitamin E based oil, bless French pharmacies) on my whole body, then on with my robe. Nécessaire deodorant roll on (acid-based, I use after every shower). Byoma face spray, hyaluronic serum everywhere, Caudalie vinoperfect serum on cheeks and forehead, CosRx Squalane everywhere except legs (I skip if I’m doing a Wander Beauty eye mask). I move to my bed, put Kai lotion on both feet and put on socks. Then I lay down a towel and use my Braun SilkEpil to epilate my legs while I watch a show. Then back to the bathroom to take my scrunchies out and dry with an old T-shirt, then I put my hair in a loose braid with one of those coiled hair elastics that looks like telephone wire. Change into fresh PJs. Brush my teeth with baking soda, then opalescence, floss and use Listerine and tongue scraper. Kai gel deodorant stick. And I wear perfume at the nape of my neck to bed, usually Margiela Replica Coffee Break or Jacadi Baby. I might add some Belif True Cream or Weleda if my skin feels dry.

    1. I love the detail and thoroughness of this routine, right down to the dental care! Amazing! Can you tell me more about Rahua / Kristin Ess products? I’m not familiar — what do you like about them?


      1. Rahua smells amazing, if slightly medicinal, and leaves my hair feeling so clean. My first shower at the hospital after my daughter was born I used a travel size of that! Kristin Ess is at Target, and you can get good basic clarifying shampoo with no scent in a giant pump bottle. I like her French hair pins as a Deborah Pagini dupe, and I use her pomade for postpartum flyaways for a really slick ponytail look.

        1. Thank you! I love the specificity of this memory: “my first shower at the hospital after my daughter was born.” Wow! Muscle memory there!

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