Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 5

By: Jen Shoop

Well, we took a little hiatus from my weekend vibes series in light of our recent arrival, but I’m BACK!  I actually just re-read my last weekend vibes post and got a little misty-eyed–oh, the excitement, nerves, and surrealness of the day before mini arrived!  I can’t believe I was bopping around (er, dragging my very very pregnant self around), getting my hair blown out, picking up my mom from the airport, tidying up my house, completely unaware of what the next few weeks would be like.  As I tried to articulate earlier this week, in many ways, I’m relieved, and in other ways, I’m deeply nostalgic.  But mainly, I’m happy.  Such a confusing cocktail of emotions.  Onward.

The Fashion Magpie Reading In Bed

My Latest Score

I haven’t bought a statement necklace in like 34 years (er, 2), but I was drawn to the whimsy of this pom-pommed style ($34), which I anticipate wearing with a bright, patterned blouse like this or this (epic bargain buy).  I think that you need it paired with something bold and printed because it runs the risk of looking a little…dinky?…without something else to play with.

The Fashion Magpie Gaudalupe Pom Necklace

You’re Sooooo Popular

The most popular items on my blog this past week…

+This tie-sleeved sweatshirt ($59) — SO cute.  I especially dig the striped one for a fresh take on that nautical preppy vibe.

+This precious Monica + Andy “cuddle box” ($79).  I LOVE their stuff and have bought several pieces from them for mini already.  This would make a great gift for a newborn.

+This stunning striped spring dress (under $80!!!)

+My must-have nursing nightgown ($39) from Gap.

+This gorgeous dark floral pillow cover ($32) — quite the Etsy find, eh?!


Have any of you seen Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy specials yet?  Mr. Magpie and I watched the first one and were deeply impressed with the craft and heft of the underlying social commentary.  His humor is often off-color (not for you, mom…), but for a meaningful reason.  He never lampoons to be nasty, or to be vindictive, or even to be funny–he is carefully, masterfully interrogating race relations, gender, social media, and generational differences.  Sometimes he’s articulating (often counter-cultural) perspectives, but more often that not, he’s provoking thought.

He makes a particularly interesting point about the fact that younger generations of Americans have been de-sensitized to tragedy because it is so bountifully accessible to us through the media.  He asks: how can we truly care about the terrorist attack yesterday when we’ll read about another one today, and two more tomorrow, and then there’s the humanitarian crisis over here, and the earthquake over there, and–it becomes too much for any one person to fully emote around.  I don’t know where this observation leaves us: we can’t in good conscience tune out the media, or selectively tune in.  And how can we, or why would we, roll back the tide of technical advances that have brought us here?

And maybe that’s what growing up is all about anyway: the absence of pat answers and easy solutions.

But regardless, Chapelle will have you sporting your thinking cap.

And also, laughing really hard.


+I can’t believe these elegant Parson’s chairs are only $150/pop.  Would look so chic around a dining room table–I’m actually contemplating buying two in the blush pink color and positioning one at each head of the table, and then mixing in my classic brown wood chairs around the rest of the table.

+This striped, bow-shouldered one-piece from J. Crew is nothing short of summer perfection ($110).  Jennifer Browne, this is so you.

+Live for this striped linen blouse ($88), especially paired with a white midi skirt ($158)!  Very Diane Lane…or some other elegant movie star that frequents the Mediterranean in the summer time.  You need to wear this while strolling around dirt roads with a straw basket and espadrilles, the sky an unremitting, cloudless cerulean blue.  (Can you tell I’m dreaming about a vacation?)

+Such a cheery end table (on sale for $66), especially in that daffodil yellow color!  Spruce up your living room!

+More bows for ya: I LOVE this sweet Aritizia top ($75) in the blush pink.

+This $59 blue-and-white peacock scarf would be the perfect springtime accessory.  I see myself draping it around my shoulders while wearing a sweet LWD, or wrapping it around the handle of a straw tote, or even styling it as a sarong over a bathing suit.  LOVE its generous size and chinoiserie coloring.

+At the TOP of my lust list: this UNBELIEVABLE white asymmetrical summer dress ($442).  I really, really, really need this for summer.  And if the price tag leaves it out of my reach, I’ll settle for this lovely lacey number instead for $120.  So sweet.

+Dying over these mini pinatas ($30 for 4).  Cinco de mayo is right around the corner…

Mini Shopaholic

+Love the oversized bows for a toddler (or older) mini from Etsy store PoppyBows.

+Just ordered this striped set for mini from Zara ($35).

+LOL.  This Star Wars hair brush is amazing.

+Talk about the coolest high chair ever ($450).  Also, holy $$$$$.

+Have read very good things about this uniquely-designed infant bottle ($29), which is supposed to prevent colic and very closely mirror the experience of breast feeding.  P.S.  Is anyone else shocked and appalled at the cost of some of these designer bottles?!  I feel like a bottle should cost $2.  We use these Philips Avent ones (P.S.: more infant must-haves here), which are at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but still pricier than I’d ever think!

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    1. MK!! Holy cow, what a find! (EW, am I a mom now for using the phrase “holy cow”? Sick.) I love that frilly little top.

      And, glad to hear someone else out there reacted similarly to Chappelle! Was so impressed!!

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