Children's Finds

February Children’s Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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I am in the midst of doing some buying for my son, who seems to be down to a handful of things that actually fit him / aren’t stained. I picked up long-sleeved Lacoste polos in white and navy (50% off!) a few days ago and have been building carts elsewehere since. I’m also eyeing these ecru jeans, these shorts in basically ever color/pattern as we head towards warmer weather, these pistachio colored pants, this snap-button pullover, this submarine sweatsuit, some fun Nikes.

On the home front, we are planning to buy some new furniture for our children’s rooms. We’re specifically looking for new bookcases and proper desks for both children. Mini now has nightly homework which she tends to do at the dining room table (fine with us, as we can guide her and glance over her shoulder every now and then), but there have been occasions where I’ve wanted her to have a proper space to sit down and work. She’s also prodigiously productive on the writing and drawing front (apple, meet tree), and I’d love to honor that energy by giving her a designated space. I’m still in the researching phase, but I’m out of the gate drawn to this Jenny Lind desk and this stationary chair (her room is carpeted). I thought this bookcase was sweet but can’t tell if it’s too sweet and will feel babyish in a few years. The classic Cameron may be a better bet. I did contemplate the Jenny Lind bookcase, but bookshelves with open sides is a complete non-starter for me. We currently have bookshelves with open sides, and it’s a nightmare to keep the books actually on the shelves — they’re always sliding off! We’ve tried to use book-ends — nothing helps. For my son, I love these shelving units from Crate and Barrel, and they also have matching desk options. The Hampshire bookcase and desk are handsome, too. For his room, I like this classic chair, although how cool is this botanical print chair? I’m looking for non-toddler-sized seating, but these play chairs also caught my eye in my hunt.

For organization, I’m eyeing these bins and this organizer. We have so many art supplies, activity books, etc — I just need to get a handle on it all.

Also beginning to contemplate Easter. I’d love mini to wear this dress, but am guessing she’s going to summarily reject it, so need to do some more recon on options for the occasion that will pass muster with her. If you have an itty bitty girl, you must consider this sweet bubble! This would also be very sweet for the occasion. For my son, something like this top with pastel pants, or seersucker with a white oxford.

Target already has some really fun/cute little Easter basket finds, including the fuzzy wind-up chicks and bunnies seen at the top of this post. I’m going to try to keep the “little toys and whirligigs” to a minimum this Easter, though — they are so fun for the children to open but I’m getting tired of throwing away so many of these little cheapie toys that tend to clutter our home. We’ll be re-using these Easter tokens and then I might get them a few things that have longer legs or map to their artistic interests: some Ooly pastels and drawing pads, Usborne sticker books, a small lego or Plus Plus set, some pastel Magatiles.

P.S. Maintaining wonder as a parent.

P.P.S. Focus and the fibers of motherhood.

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4 thoughts on “February Children’s Finds.

  1. Hi Jen! I actually just wrapped up a big shop for my kids, from Vertbaudet, Zara and Ten Little. A new round of shoes, of course. My son wanted something pink, and picked out some pink poplin shorts at Zara he can wear with a white button down for Easter. I got him a pastel blue tee and shorts set in waffle weave, some sweat shorts in white and forest green, and polos in white and green. He also picked a hot pink t shirt with sort of a skater look and a bright red swimsuit for summer (I’m strict about bright visible colors only for swim). For my little girl I got a few floral bubbles, some tights, and then the next sizes up of her favorite floral overalls (sweatshirt fabric) that she wears over all the onesies handed down from her brother.

  2. Hi! I’m curious if you’ve tried sezane denim? I clicked on some of the new arrivals and am especially intrigued by the droit trousers! Also, have you tried anything from Varley? I’ve been consistent with my workouts (!!) and want to reward myself with some new gear.

    1. Hi Stacey! I have tried Sezane denim — the cuts / silhouettes / washes are incredible but I will say they (and all of their pants / bottoms) run really small. I go a size up, and they’re often still a tad snug. It might be a good idea to buy two sizes (next size up, and next next size up) in whatever style you like.

      I do not have Varley but have many friends and Magpies who love this brand. My neighbor (chic, trustworthy) claims their sweats are the absolute best.


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