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Early Access to Shopbop Sale.

By: Jen Shoop

Shopbop is running one of its incredible tiered sale promotions: 15% off orders $200+, 20% off orders $500+, 25% off orders $800+, with code GOBIG19.

Just make sure the item you’re buying is marked “Key Style.”

Below, what I’m drooling over:









P.S. A perfect excuse to spring for my pearl headband

P.P.S. D.C. and the parochial wild.

P.P.P.S. What does a perfect day look like for you?

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6 thoughts on “Early Access to Shopbop Sale.

  1. Yesss … love when Shopbop has sales! That LSF caftan is too good.

    I scooped up another pair of Vejas that I might actually save until the fall (!), as well as a couple of Hanes x Karla tees (the best best best). Love that they ship so quickly — my package arrives today and I am excited! xo

  2. Hi Jen! I’m going on a trip this coming March and am interested in upgrading my travel items. I was hoping for your input on a few things:
    1. Do you have a travel scarf you’d recommend that’s machine washable? I love the idea of cashmere scarves but worry I’ll be too concerned with not getting them dirty when traveling to enjoy using them. Plus there’s the issue of adding dry cleaning to my to do list post trip.
    2. Have you tried Away luggage, and if so, would you recommend it?
    3. You mention in a post on 10/2/17 (Ups + Downs: 8 Things I Always Travel With) an item from Truffle that you use to keep your passport and other documents in when traveling but the link no longer works. Could you let me know what the item is? I’ve been browsing the Truffle website after seeing the items on your blog over time but am having a hard time narrowing down which items to purchase. Thank you so much!

    Also, I asked you for planner tips a few weeks (months?) back and loved your advice about writing down everything, including reminders in advance. It’s helped me so much both at home and at work 🙂

    1. Hi Divya!! I’m so happy my suggestions resonated, and thanks for reaching out again.

      1. Oof this was a good one! I did not have a ready answer for this. Honestly, I just commit to washing mine upon return home — I usually just handwash with Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and leave to air dry on a towel instead of dry cleaning. I poked around for awhile looking for a washable wrap and didn’t come up with many good options, but a couple that did stand out to me:

      +I don’t know anything about this brand but I like the sporty/athletic feel of this wrap/sweatshirt thing: Kind of cool, no? It’d do best if you’re using it only for air travel days and not trying to double it up as a pashmina for evening wear given the cuffs, which are rather informal. But it is machine washable!

      +This $20 Target wrap — !! — maybe you’ll feel less precious about the wrap when it’s not quite so pricey? This one gets really good reviews and I like the size:

      +A little pricier but still not TOO spend-y: this $68 reversible BR style:

      +More of an investment, but people lose their minds over this White & Warren wrap: Doesn’t solve the problem of dry cleaning though…

      +Personally dying over this Missoni:

      Sorry there aren’t better options out there but I just did not see any washable cashmere wrap scarves worth sharing!

      2. I have not used Away luggage, but know people love them! We use Tumi. A bit less trendy of a brand but it stands the test of time. I would love to buy an entire set of Rimowa rollaboards…#goalz.

      3. Ooh – that should go to a clear document case that they seem to no longer carry. This is similar, though:

      Or this:

      Get the look for less with this:


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