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Ask Magpie: Children’s Book Recommendations + More.

By: Jen Shoop

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Rapid round of answers to your shopping questions on the heels of this morning’s more themed one:

Q: New children’s books. All my top picks here. Inspired by the above to read Where the Wild Things Are tonight, but my list has more off-the-beaten-path recs.

Q: Sneakers that can be dressed up but also support a spontaneous jog when on walk. Of course I love my Daybreaks. I have also heard the very trendy Chloe ones are ultra-comfortable/cushioned.

Q: Dress to wear to a Baptism, under $200. This Tuckernuck.

Q: Outfit to wear to Disney. A Hill House Ellie with sneakers and — c’mon! — something from Stoney Clover with a Disney patch. (Your little might need this or this?). She loves a theme! (And I’ve heard you can’t forget the stroller.)

Q: Maternity photo dress. A breezy dress from Thierry Colson or Parterre.

Q: Newborn pic outfit for mom. Same as above! Another option: a Julia Amory shirtdress.

Q: Gift for sister’s 30th birthday. A set of pajamas, a fun tote bag from The Jacksons, or festive coupes.

Q: Jeans for short legs. (25″ inseam.) 26″, but these are fantastic. I would size up one size. I found my true size a tad snug. Alternately, look for pairs with raw hems and cut the hem yourself. That’s what I did with these — currently my most-worn pair of jeans!

Q: Luggage tags to differentiate our Away luggage. These!

Q: Toddler girl swimsuit with sleeves. Minnow! (More children’s swim here.)

Q: Solid colored, high quality cover-up. 9Seed.

Q: Pretty spring jacket (maybe quilted?). Antik Batik!

Q: The planters in the photo you posted on Instagram. Ballard!

P.S. Read last week’s rapid-fire WYSF post here. Do you like this format?

P.P.S. The Whole Sky Is Yours.

P.P.P.S. Love the comments on this post. SO FUN.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Magpie: Children’s Book Recommendations + More.

  1. Just wanted to chime in on kids’ books. My kids are 2 and 4 and their favorite book is Dory Fantasmagory. It is about a mischievous and imaginative kindergartener. It is honestly hysterical to read even as a parent. It’s a ‘chapter book’ but with enough illustrations to keep little eyes interested. My kids have been really loving using a bookmark to hold our place each night. I can’t recommend it enough!

    1. Oo, thank you for this! It looks right up my daughter’s alley. I just added one to cart. Agree on the bookmark obsession — my daughter LOVES placing it!


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