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What You’re Shopping For: Rapid-Fire Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

I have been focusing these past few WYSF installments on broader subjects I receive a lot of inquiries about — work attire, everyday dresses, weddings, etc — but I do also receive a lot of one-off questions. Trying to tackle some of those here today, in rapid-fire succession.

Q: Bag strap you’ve attached to your sherpa pouch. (Seen above with my Kule tee and Toteme cardigan.) Under $10 and lots of options. Quality is better than price suggests.

Q: An interesting coat. I’m so tired of the ones I have. This Ganni is fun. This Mango coat has sold out twice this season — a handful left in XXS. (Inspired by Toteme.)

Q: The planner you always rave about? This inexpensive guy. I live my life by it.

Q: New designer sunglasses. Love these Pradas.

Q: Work pants. Try these and these. Two different silhouettes. More work ideas here!

Q: Good leggings. Like a broken record: I love Lululemon Aligns (in a great new spring pink color). Less expensive option: these. I own multiple pairs. More fitness wear here.

Q: Birthday party dress for my daughter. This is fun.

Q: Raincoat for my son. Love this Amazon one. Really good colors, great quality, and love the striped lining.

Q: Boots for a trip to Europe. These are on-trend and can be worn with dresses or jeans. For something a bit more sophisticated, try these.

Q: Gift enclosure tags for kids. Have and adore these. Pro-tip: write all of your children’s names on it (e.g., ours say: “Emory and Hill,” or you could go with “Shoop Family” or “Shoop Children”) so that you can use them no matter who is going to a birthday party.

Q: What to read next? My tsundoku pile here. (Mixed in with a few books I’ve already read.). I just dowloaded The Marriage Portrait – heavily influenced by my Magpies.

Q: Last thing you bought? Will end here. I just bought this $25 polo sweatshirt from Target. It caught my eye in the store because it reminded me of my new Alice Walk half-zip, which I have worn an embarrassing number of days in a row over the past few weeks. It is great for layering, love the color (I got ice blue), and just makes me feel a tad more dressed up than if I were wearing a regular sweatshirt. The Target one obviously has a different silhouette (cropped) but I just loved the style, color, detail. Couldn’t be happier with this impulse buy!

P.S. Home organization favorites — you all loved this post!

P.P.S. If you’re a visual shopper, you might enjoy scrolling through my shopping feed here.

P.P.P.S. Fun sweaters.

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4 thoughts on “What You’re Shopping For: Rapid-Fire Edition.

  1. Hello! If you are still checking comments- I am looking for a good-looking tray to corral my 6-year olds “objets” (marbles, cut paper, lone legos, handful of coins) where he leaves them on top of the dresser. Maybe something in navy or navy/red?

    Thank you!

    Mary P.

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