Be On Your Own Team.

By: Jen Shoop

A few weeks ago, I solicited your life hacks, mnemonics, frameworks for living artfully and with more ease. Several of you talked about doing things for your future selves: filling a tall glass of water before leaving for a run, pulling down the blinds before going out for the night. Tender mercies. What will I need? What will see me through? What will feel good when I am later tired?

These thoughts reminded me that we are always raising future versions of ourselves, but when I adopted the suggestion to pre-fill a drinking glass before my morning run, I was surprised by the way it felt: more like a tiny high-five than a knowing glance. A satisfying, well-executed relay hand-off. What I’m saying, mainly to myself:

Find ways to be on your own team.

A few years ago, I was at an event with one of my very successful and talented friends, Alison Kenworthy, and I found myself introducing her to a new acquaintance. “Alison is an Emmy-award winning producer and has a wildly popular Youtube channel called Homeworthy where she invites us into fabulous homes around the world,” I said. (Or something like it.) I am sure the last thing in the world Alison wanted to do on “a night off” was talk shop (I recall we had just enjoyed a glass of champagne together, removed from the madding crowd), but when the acquaintance began asking her about Homeworthy, she rolled into the most compelling and dazzling description of her business. I’ve recounted this at least six times to Mr. Magpie in the years intervening. I was transfixed by her poise, her confidence, the way she spoke about her creative work almost as though it were someone else’s. I thought to myself, here is a woman who is on her own team. The experience charged me, and challenged me to re-think how I present myself when asked the complicated question: “And what do you do?”


+I had a similar come-to-Jesus moment in front of Caroline Kennedy many years ago, when I was struggling with imposter syndrome. Grateful for my gaffe.

+On making everything the most important thing.

+My greatest life lessons.

Shopping Break.

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+Above, I’m wearing one of the HHH Cosima dresses — one of my favorite styles for summer. I love the slightly longer smocked bodice.

+Fun under-$100 top to wear with white jeans this summer.

+Extremely tempted by this little crossbody in the red or blue stripe. I’ve been loosely on the hunt for a smaller bag that I can wear with my athletic wear in the morning, and these are so fun.

+This gingham ruffle print nightgown/cover-up reminds me so much of my Lake one, but it’s currently about half the price. Speaking of J. Crew, they are running an incredible sale this weekend, and it includes this ultra chic linen mini. All my sale picks from J. Crew here!

+This looks like the dreamiest pullover. It was just restocked recently — very tempted. In case you’ve never shopped at Negative before, they make some of my absolute favorite bras. All my favorite undergarments here.

+Retro style tees.

+The cocktail stirrers are seriously fun.

+These cute sandals from TB are on sale. I’d pick a fun color, like the kiwi!

+Dreamiest dress. When I was visiting Rome many years ago with my father, we walked by a Pucci store and I was drooling in the window. My Dad saw how excited I was by the styles, and said: “Let’s go buy you one.” We went inside, he looked at a price tag, and he said, “Maybe in another life.” Haha!

+Ordering my son this race car polo.

+Chic and well-priced side table.

+This romantic pink mini is up my alley. So cute.

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